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Gold digger, is it worth the time

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Deadposhtory Mon 13-Jan-20 17:29:14

I rarely watch dramas but I really loved it. Ending was a bit rubbish

CoffeeConnoiseur Sun 12-Jan-20 16:40:28

Just came on to see if there's a thread about this, I'm also at the episode where the brother has turned up and Benjamin has had his fake panic attack - there isn't one single redeeming likeable character in the whole programme.

Dieu Sun 05-Jan-20 22:26:59

I really enjoyed it, but I'm in the minority clearly grin

IcedPurple Mon 23-Dec-19 15:24:04

I liked the first episode but thought it got progressively more rubbish. If they had made it - as the title suggests - all about finding out if Ben was actually a gold digger or not, it might have been good, but instead they had to make it all about her boring children and ex. Ben and Julia's 'relationship' never rang true for me, not because of the age difference only but because there was absolutely no passion or chemistry between them. That a supposedly intelligent woman would fall for that is hard to buy. Might have been OK as a 3 or 4 parter but dragging it out for so long and featuring her annoying kids so much was dull.

covetingthepreciousthings Sun 22-Dec-19 16:54:51

Tbh if you've already watched 4, I would watch the last 2 (?), if you'd only watched 1 or 2 I wouldn't say continue though.

BethPorter Sun 22-Dec-19 10:35:13

It was okay. I would say yes.

Oblomov19 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:56:34

No. It was poor. Ok. ish. Just about!

KellyMarieTunstall2 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:48:04

Don't waste your life, it's tripe imo.

formerbabe Fri 20-Dec-19 17:45:13

I enjoyed it but the ending disappointed me...we both said "is that it?" The twist didn't seem to have any relevance to their relationship and was no explanation for their relationship either.

GeorgeTheFirst Fri 20-Dec-19 17:41:56

I enjoyed it until the ending let it down. It was preposterous that his background was what they showed it as

Knickersinonehand Fri 20-Dec-19 17:02:26

Nah, they tried to do a few twists throughout but it wasn't working, all the characters were annoying and self absorbed so you weren't rooting for anybody. Thing is it's frustrating to have invested time then give up. Me and DH kept saying, should we watch the next one? we did in the end but put it on in the background for "viewing fodder" while we were having our tea.

Egghead68 Fri 20-Dec-19 13:04:31

Not imo.

SapphosRock Thu 19-Dec-19 08:49:45

I watched it for the brilliant Jemima Rooper (Della) the rest was zzzzzzz and could have been covered in 2 episodes rather than 8.

NewName73 Thu 19-Dec-19 08:05:26

I can't believe I watched it on a week-by-week basis as it was broadcast.

It was utter shite.

Nice house in Devon though.

MadamBatty Thu 19-Dec-19 08:03:13

I read the thread on it to see what happened in the end. Didn’t like the characters & thought the whole thing dragged

Dozer Thu 19-Dec-19 07:56:36

No, poor!

curlyrebel Wed 18-Dec-19 22:05:36

I agree with you all! I watched it to the end even though I didn't like hardly any of the main characters and thought the story was pretty flat. It didn't improve. Disappointing for a BBC drama.

supercalifragilistic123 Fri 06-Dec-19 07:21:44

No I wouldn't bother

Snugglepiggy Fri 06-Dec-19 07:20:05

I finished the last episode last night and overwhelmingly thought I'd wasted several hours.I actually felt very little for the main characters and maybe it's me,cared less and less about what happened to them-Julia and Ben in particular-as it progressed. I can't quite work out why but recently few of these BBC family type dramas have disappointed -or even annoyed me-recently.I will forgive them for airing the sublime Girl Haji though.

NoSauce Thu 05-Dec-19 15:24:51

Probably not. Very weak ending imo.

SentimentalKiller Thu 05-Dec-19 14:42:14

I know I'm late to the party, watching on iplayer
I think I'm on the 4th one? Where Benjamin's brother turns up and Leo tries to get his parents back together. I am finding it pretty boring and don't like the main characters
Is it worth continuing. Julia seems to play a terrible part, flat and lacking emotion

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