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Saw the best parenting program on MTV last night.......

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mumtodd Wed 22-Aug-07 14:13:00

It was called My Super Sweet 16. OK, so I'm joking - it's not really a parenting program but it did make me think about dd and how NOT to raise your kids. In the episode I saw a girl was having a 15th birthday party which was costing her parents a fortune. She threw a major strop and yelled and screamed at her mother for buying her the wrong car!!!!! Can't remember the make but something truly luxurious and very expensive. She was 15!!!! She shouted and belittled her mother in front of all her friends and the woman took it all as if she had done something wrong. Well, I suppose she had - she raised her daughter to act like this and accepted it.

southeastastra Wed 22-Aug-07 14:24:21

it's mad isn't it. spoilt little moos. all those american real life shows make me wonder what sort of adults they'll become. the parents seem to act 18 too (have you seen the hulk hogan one!) shocking

mumtodd Wed 22-Aug-07 14:29:40

It reminded me of my 13th birthday. All I wanted for ages was a pair of those boot style trainers that were really fashionable back then. Of course I wanted the NIKE or Adidas ones my friends had but my mother got me a pair of cheap unbranded ones in the market. I was really disappointed and do you know what I did? I thanked her sincerely, put them on and wore them til they fell apart because 13 or 14 IS old enough to understand the value of things and we were not well off and my parents were doing their best for us. Spoiled brats make me angry.

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