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Astronauts and's a Letherbridge Christmas

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FuzzyPuffling Tue 03-Dec-19 14:10:27

Here we are....

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 19:00:11

Full grin

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 18:59:48

This thread is

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:06:20

I liked Emmerdale when it was a farming programme. And they milked cows. And Amos ran the Woolpack.

Oh - he's got his sandwich board out.

FuzzyPuffling Fri 10-Jan-20 16:02:23

Here's your new thread.

FuzzyPuffling Fri 10-Jan-20 16:00:49

I am old enough for the Dr Who's assistant malarkey. In black and white.

Sorry I missed it today. The sun was shining so I painted about half the garden fence. The other half will have to wait. I am knackered.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 15:59:25

(I am not old enough to have watched that Doctor, just the repeats grin)

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 15:58:01

I had to go out, sorry. Due to spending all morning watching tennis blush.

So I am catching up now.

I probably last properly watched Emmerdale when Joe was in it- and I was still at school grin

And I thought it was clever that his name was Mr Troughton- like the actor who played Doctor Who. Frazer Hind was his companion, Jamie. grin

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 14:12:56

Well Raah can make a new thread when she catches up this evening grin

LIZS Fri 10-Jan-20 14:10:25

Empathy, haha

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:10:05

Oh here we go, they'll be shagging again in a minute.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 14:09:43

This is quite funny
Daniel a feminist ha ha ha ha

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:09:09

This gets more and more WTF.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 14:04:50

Princess Valerina should definitely visit 👑

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:04:20

Squeeze him in, what amongst the massive queues of patients.

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:03:20

Val should visit.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 14:02:31

Sid and Jimmi - hardly a cheerful pair

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:01:37

Well that was predictable. Poor Joe.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 14:01:14

Yes the cell looks quite big

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 14:01:08

Daniel must be reading a self help book for compulsive gamblers.

LIZS Fri 10-Jan-20 13:59:58

Awful jacket for Sod. That cell looks quite spacious. Presumably Pandora was campaign man's wife.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 13:56:43

Jimmi is going to struggle with this

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 13:53:26

Yikes we're in urgent need of a new thread

SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Fri 10-Jan-20 13:52:25

As the assistant gringringringringringrin

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 13:51:46

What's Daniel up to ?

SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Fri 10-Jan-20 13:51:35

Learning a language gringringringrin

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