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X FACTOR -Celebrity! It's the FINAL! *****SAT 7.10pm*******

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Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 17:35:58

Yes, even earlier than last week. That is



I'm sure you are all really excited. grin

This is who is left, and what they are singing.

They will be performing 2 songs each- no 'celebrity' duets, seeing as they are <ahem> celebrities.

The first one will be their choice of Christmas songs

V5 -All I Want for Christmas
Max & Harvey -Last Christmas.

Jenny Ryan - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Megan McKenna - One More Sleep.

Then perform their favourite track of the series so far.
Megan - (Original track) This Once
Jenny -Edge Of Glory
V5 -Bad Guy/ Taki Taki
Max & Harvey -Kiss You.

For some reason, I got it into my head V5 had left hmm. Although I knew Try Star had. One has been ill, and they may have perform as V4 though grin.

It's all very geared up to Megan win , I think- although I am looking forward to Jenny doing 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas'

The Pussycat Dolls have reformed , and will be performing. I bet you can't wait.

Gone are the days of big ticket stars like Beyonce showing up to this gig grin.

See y'all later.


dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:11:00

What's with the super early final!?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:13:33

Will Nicole's backup dancers be allowed to sing?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:13:56

Not sure, It's like they aren't even bothered about the audience figures anymore. It feels very early for something that years ago used to be 'event' tv.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:14:48

Other than the stupid curl, Jenny looks beautiful. Nicole's boobies look painful.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:16:17

They have fans?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:17:42

dillite there didn't seem to be many of them.


Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:08

This lokks a bit mimed .

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:38

Poor Mariah.... First it's a crisp ad, now this

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:52

Hi thanks for the thread Raahh

That's a big hat!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:19:31

Bit of a kick in the teeth for the one whose name I already forget .

You know, her from Love Actually .


dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:19:59


Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:20:32

That did not sound like 5 live singers at all.

Especially as 2 days ago, one of them had no voice.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:21:24

Well, tonight 5 of them sounded like shit so maybe it was live

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:22:24

dillite grin The one who was on her ewh othey kicked off the other week ,who sang this on Love Actually as a child.

I can't remember her name grin.

But she cried when they booted her off- I think she genuinely thought this show was her way back into the industry. Poor thing.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:23:24

dillite very possibly.

After a whole series, I'm still none the wiser what an 'influencer' is.

I'm too old for this shit grin.

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:24:21

What's with the big bow? It's all a bit Alice in Wonderland tonight confused

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:25:41

Evening Jane

Join the celebrations for the final thread.

I am trying to get excited, but as has been the case all series, something is lacking.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:26:02

I wonder if Jenny's Aunt is there?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:28:32

She probably is. I hope she is! Did anyone sing after v5? I was washing up, it seemed more fun.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:28:56

They wheeled Ricky back out.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:23

We've been robbed of the big tour buses with the names on , and the families and friends, in far flung parts of the UK, and beyond.

It has been woefully devoid of Nans.

And as I type that - Jenny is in Bolton, with babies.

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:34

dillite you haven't missed anything. Sorry.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:46

No hired warehouse at an undisclosed location. Jenny actually gets to meet people she knows. And who know her.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:31:47

Washing up sounds more fun than V5.

There has been no more singing.

Til now.

Just ads.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:32:28

That's a lot of bow.

Beautiful staging.

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:32:39

It's a bit too early for Christmas. Bah humbug.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:33:17

Are there really only us 3?is this what Xfactor has come to?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:33:49

I'm glad she met real people.

I like this.

She does look like a big pressie, but I don't care. V5 soundee crap, Max and Harvey will soynd manufactured, and Megan be boring.

I want Jenny to win, just because it will piss Simon off.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:33:50

Is that Jenny's aunt?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:34:46

Louis looks very frail tonight? Or is it me?

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:35:19

Probably all watching Strictly. I just checked to see what time it started not knowing it was already on.

I wonder if that was Auntie

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:35:36

It's NEVER too early for Christmas Jane.

I have been watching Hallmark movies since July October.

I have been at the Christmas markets, I have my 20th Manchester mulled wine Christmas mug.

I am putting my tree up tomorrow, I make NO apologies.


ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:35:59

Hey all, I had abandoned the show completely, as it is just too bad!! Didn't think anything could be worse than the original xfactor, but Simon Cowell has achieved it.

Forced to watch tonight as dd has insisted we watch Strictly later, as she is out. It is as bad as I remember!!

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:36:08


Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:36:57

I did worry that the time would throw people.

Or they just wouldn't care grin.

That's why I thought we needn't a final thread, if that' her Auntie, she looks like her.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:37:15

That is not what I imagined Aunt Jenny to look like!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:37:58

More ads.


JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:38:01

Good to have you here Platypus

MyNewBearTotoro Sat 30-Nov-19 19:38:41

Eugh. I feel I’m just watching this out of duty and to kill time before I’m A Celeb. It’s not even December so definitely too early for a Christmas themed episode in my eyes. Not really sure how they’re going to drag this out til 9pm.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:38:57

DH has now turned over to Worlds Strongest Man hmm
Don't know what is worse, tbh

GrapefruitGin Sat 30-Nov-19 19:41:04

Checking in. Voting for Megan, she’s the only one who is genuinely motivated to do this as a career imo. I’m also sad that X factor is just not the same anymore!

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:41:41

What's with the dreadful Chanel perfume ad?

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:41:56

Big idiots pulling trucks about! He says we can switch back in 5 minutes. The will to live is slowly ebbing away from me!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:41:59

I used to love watching World's Strongest Man, back in the day when Geoff Capes was on it. That was a real 'Boxing Day' thing in our house.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:43:49

dilite is that the new one with Jared Leto? or a different one? old I didn't get it that break.

It's not a patch on the old one of him in the bath. <shallow> .

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:44:38

Platypus, did you piss DH off in some way and he's now punishing you?

oh here's the obligatory school visit.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:45:21

This man's head looks like it might explode. It's disturbing.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:45:29

Now I know very little about Max and Harvey. Judging by this clip, their fan base is very young. They seem very clean cut and a bit dull really.

Nothing exciting.

They just seem a bit lacking in personality.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:45:46

raahh no, I think it's the one with Lily Rose Depp where she sits on a box and takes crap and a snow globe.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:46:27

I am expecting a choir of children to appear, I will feel cheated if they don't.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:46:53

dilitte he said the xfactor was hurting his eyes and ears. And obviously he has a real interest in how you pull two trucks along...

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:47:11

raah they appeared almost on due.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:48:02

Oh, that one.

That's even worse dillite grin.

Bute none are as bad as the Dakota Johnson swimming one. I've said before, it makes me want to throw the dog at the tv.
And I LOVE my dog.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:48:35

Simon's new show is starting on Monday, isn't it?

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:48:44

You lot will need to keep me informed as to what is happening!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:49:06

Did he do a heart with his hands?

Just. No.

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:49:24

Did Louis say exshitement?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:49:31

Oh yes, the dog piss pond full of corpses perfume. It's bad.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:50:22

dillite I think so- the band thing.

At least if it is on daily, it is easier to avoid. grin.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:50:25

Platypus, there was a bunch of kids dressed in white and dancing to other two kids singing Last Christmas.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:51:23

Jane there's shite in there somewhere grin.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:51:40

I'm back! Finally wore DH down with my withering gaze. I missed Bill and Ben, were they any good?

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:51:50

Who's your woman doing the interviews?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:52:33

Those Suzuki ads are so cringeworthy.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:52:42

Max and Harvey make me almost miss Jedward.

That makes me resentful.

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:54:39

Jedward were fun. My predictive text knows Jedward confused

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:54:49

Platypus they were forgetable. And they had a choir.

And they made me think Jedward were robbed.

That's how bad they were.

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 19:55:00

Bloody hell, got caught out by the even earlier start!
Mind you, I was having fun playing balloon tennis with DS grin

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 19:55:32

Has anyone been any good so far? (ha!)

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:56:22

Oh God, xfactor: The Band?????

Simon is milking it to death!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:56:54

She is wearing a wooly hat indoors.

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 19:56:55

Megan's teeth are possibly even whiter than Rylan's.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:57:00

Essex is not a town

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:57:30

raah sad. It's a sad day when you start missing Jedward!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:59:17

Noisy I liked Jenny- because it's one of my favourite songs, and I'm bored by the other 3.

And it's just obvious it's a set up for Megan to win.

That was not a great start though.

This is a Leona song, isn't it?

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 19:59:48

We had 5ive to switch our lights on. Except there were only 3 of them. I didn't go, but the local paper were very enthusiastic about them hmm

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:00:08

And when you start on the melisma, you are getting desperate, madam.

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 20:00:18

It is indeed a Leona song. Sung much better by Leona.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:00:39

3 of 5ive.


oh dear.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:01:37

I actually really like it by Leona, an underrated Christmas banger, as Scott Mills said the other day.

That was melisma filled crap, though.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 20:02:35

I know, Raah grin. I bet they would have loved to get Essex, but nae luck!!

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 20:03:35

I think that proved that Megan's not very good at uptempo

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 20:03:44

A nana!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:06:34

Oh- I have the Jared and Lana Del Ray ad now- it's not Chanel, it's Gucci.

I do love me a bit od Jared. Not fussed which bit.

Robbie William's Christmas album sounds dreadful.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:07:38

Noisy didn't it just. She started off very badly, and couldn't pull it back.

The80sweregreat Sat 30-Nov-19 20:08:41

Hello! Been watching strictly where Craig dressed up as Dolly and actually gave Karim a ten.
What have I missed?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:10:00

Doesn't bode well for the album that Megan has already written will release. It will be super dull. She is no Adele. One boring song after another. I think she will be a one album deal for SyCo, and ditched before whatever Simon dreams up for next year.

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 20:11:00

Oh what a treat for us all. Wonder if they are singing live? (haha) Still missing half their clothes I see...

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 20:11:18

80s in all honesty, you have missed very little.

The Pussycat dolls have reformed, by appearing to sing an old though.

In less clothes than Little Mix.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 30-Nov-19 20:11:38

80s shhh! I'm not allowed to watch Strictly till dd gets home!
I'd say you have missed nothing. Lots of people who can barely sing in tune.
Is it just me or are the Pussycat dolls not a bit old for that look now?

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 20:12:14

Sound problems

TheFairyCaravan Sat 30-Nov-19 20:12:19

I've just flicked over from Strictly and it seems Nicole has forgotten to get dressed 😮

Roussette Sat 30-Nov-19 20:12:35

Ye gods. Nicole in a g string wailing. Helppppppppp

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 20:13:02

DD is not impressed with their lack of clothes.

TheFairyCaravan Sat 30-Nov-19 20:13:16

My DS2's 23yo girlfriend is here losing her shit about their outfits

Roussette Sat 30-Nov-19 20:13:33

Blimey. What enhanced breasts (being polite here).

NoisyBrain Sat 30-Nov-19 20:13:55

All I can think of looking at those outfits is 'thrush'

MidnightMystery Sat 30-Nov-19 20:14:09

I think Nicole is stunning!
Are they mostly miming though?

TheFairyCaravan Sat 30-Nov-19 20:14:32

Simon is enjoying it hmm

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