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Where has my ITV2 gone?

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madhide Tue 21-Aug-07 19:38:48

Have a freeview box and for some reason can't get itv2 at the moment. Last week it was working fine and now tonight when we want to watch the bourne it won't work!

Anyone got the same problem?

whoops Tue 21-Aug-07 19:39:39

I think you need to reset it as they have shuffled the channels around due to C4 + 1

madhide Tue 21-Aug-07 20:10:57

how do we reset?

whoops Tue 21-Aug-07 20:14:08

I think you do it by searching the channels again

madhide Tue 21-Aug-07 20:18:23

thanks whoops will give it a go now my dh is so cross about the whole thing!

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