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The Baby Has Landed

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Sotiredsomuch Wed 27-Nov-19 21:05:02

Anyone watching?

I love stuff like this.

vivacian Fri 06-Dec-19 09:31:24

There really is something going on with the mum-of-five. I think that watching her and her family felt the most intrusive for me.

lazymum99 Fri 06-Dec-19 10:03:46

It’s not the fact that she has 5 children it’s that they are so close together in age. Cannot give any time to any of them. Even the singing with one of them seemed to be rushed.
When the day speed read the story it actually reminded me that there were more than a few occasions where I must have sounded like that and I’ve only got 2.

lazymum99 Fri 06-Dec-19 10:04:13

Dad not day

thesuninsagittarius Fri 06-Dec-19 16:35:49

I think Syler is doing a great job. It's so hard, the first couple of weeks with your first. Everything is a bit of a shock and it takes time to get to know your baby. I think she'll be a fab mum, her own mum is lovely and supportive and that's exactly what she needs. Mo is finding his way through a completely different culture and that can't be easy. I think they will be fine, and how adorable is baby Ace? Gorgeous!

titnomatani Fri 06-Dec-19 16:36:23

* I cannot understand the parents from the family with 5 kids going out to guides and scouts to spend time with other people’s kids rather than their own, I found that terribly sad when their own children are so young.*

Good point 👍🏻

1moreRep Fri 06-Dec-19 18:58:41

i'm watching this with my dds (10 and 8) and it's really bringing back memories!

i love the back stories of all the couples, loved the emotion of the visitors to baby ace in hospital. Also no adjusting to a new culture is fascinating and he stepped up. I loved sylers mum, the family is a tight unit which will be a huge help.

The family if 5 crack me up, the chaos!! i love how honest it is!

love love love the gay couple and their story! i don't think they think the babies are accessories they are just excited!

love the super hero family, their boys are so adorable!!!

Sleepthiefismyfavourite Sat 07-Dec-19 14:46:52

I have a large family, but with bigger age gaps.

I would love my family to be like Sylers, so close and supportive.

I often wonder how you raise children to want to be around you as adults. Most families i know tolerate their parents and see then only when necessary. I really want dont want this for my children

vivacian Sat 07-Dec-19 18:01:23

I think secure attachment and whilst they are children, being the kind of person they would want to be around if they had any kind of choice. Avoid unhealthy dynamics like symbiosis?

I am alway envious of the Sidiquis on Gogglebox and their relationships.

Namenamename1 Sat 07-Dec-19 22:26:30

I’m watching, and really enjoying this!

Surprised by people’s reactions to Syler’s mother. I think Syler has a great family, so much support. Her mum just wants to make sure her daughter is looked after by Mo. I like her mum!

Also totally in love with those two little boys, Elijah and Ezrah (if I’ve got their names right) and thought the way their parents diffused their argument was brill. The younger one wanting to sleep in his parents’ bed broke my heart - I was so happy when they let him go in.

steakandmantoo Sun 08-Dec-19 19:32:55

I feel really sorry for Mo. He tries so hard and does way more than what would have been expected of him in his home country and to those who would say "well he's not in his home country blah blah blah" he shouldn't have to sacrifice all of his norms. Just as a woman shouldn't have to sacrifice all of hers either.

Namenamename1 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:29:52

I don’t feel sorry for him! Seems like he has a pretty good deal to me! I know that they’re irritated by him, but he’s not very modern. And even though he comes from Egypt, he knows the modern way. Also seemed to me like he was just tolerating /ignoring the grandad who was giving him good advice.

Anyway I reckon they’ll get there eventually.

Loving the programme, looking forward to the next ep.

CiaoMay Mon 09-Dec-19 06:24:18

Caught up this morning on the show and this thread. Stray thoughts:

.Anyone else wondering if Syler received breastfeeding support? I've had great support but reading her comments about the lack of info about safe sleeping I'm wondering if this was something that was lacking too? She seems like such a lovely mum and seeing her pump out quite a decent amount (looks like it was before her milk had properly come in from the colour) and think it was nothing and she wasnt producing enough broke my heart.
.I found the surrogacy thread a bit uncomfortable and hope we get to follow both families.
.Ezra and Elijah are absolute stars!
.The family of 5 gives me heart palpitations! They seem loving but also like they're trying to prove something with all the kids and the crazy schedules.

IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory Mon 09-Dec-19 08:47:47

I have to disagree with the “they seem loving” comment about the family of 5. And yes I know it’s all edited but the only “loving” scene I saw was the mum giving one daughter a hug and kiss at bedtime. Everything else was rushing and stressed and basically looked like a herd of ducks trying to herd cats. Dad “reading” to one child was shameful. hmm, toddler screaming for mum when they came back from hospital and being ignored by everyone in favour of a photograph. Children being passed off to grandparents days after a new baby arrives, not to give mum and dad a rest but so they could get out to prove to the world they’re superheroes and can do their hobbies with a baby attached to their nipple.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 09-Dec-19 12:39:53

Children being passed off to grandparents days after a new baby arrives, not to give mum and dad a rest but so they could get out to prove to the world they’re superheroes and can do their hobbies with a baby attached to their nipple

Or to do something they enjoy? Nothing wrong with going to grandparents.

IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory Mon 09-Dec-19 12:41:54

If the rest of what we were seeing was lots of loving interaction with the kids then it probably wouldnt have even come up on my radar. But added in with everything else it’s just another sign of thing being not very great for those kids.

SleepingStandingUp Mon 09-Dec-19 12:57:25

Just catching up on this but my twins are planned to arrive this week and all the hooky newborns are making me squeamish and all the crying in making me panicky 😂😂😂😂

Agree those two boys are little darlings, telling Mommy not to cry and getting her a tissue etc.

Mo needs to grow up, reckon he'll get there but it must be a bit change to him instincts and how he was raised himself

MyDcAreMarvel Mon 09-Dec-19 13:02:37

I thought the same re Syler and breastfeeding , for colostrum that was loads in the breast pump. I did wonder why she did not use the internet to fund out safe sleeping advice and breastfeeding information.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 09-Dec-19 13:17:55

I know,that was LOADS of colostrum!

hotcrossbun4321 Mon 09-Dec-19 14:01:13

The mum with 5 kids who said that family life should be chaos, and always seemed to be busy-busy with hobbies reminds me of someone I know closely, and it doesn't necessarily provide an ideal environment for kids - they need personal attention and security. The leaving the baby on a table surrounded by knives said a lot IMO.

LolaLollypop Mon 09-Dec-19 14:36:34

I read somewhere that Syler is only 20 so maybe that's why she didn't know where to look for BF advice. I also doubt her mum BF her as I haven't seen the mum assisting with that at all. My mum didn't BF me and was very bemused when I said I was going to try with my daughter! Thought it was a load of extra work for me!

So just pointing out that not everyone has the knowledge or support regarding BF.

Tiredandgrumpytonight Mon 09-Dec-19 14:43:05

Her age shouldn’t affect whether or not she can look for breastfeeding and SIDS advice surely?

I was 18 when I fell pregnant with my first and was certainly aware of safe sleeping etc and would have been given all of the same info as an older mum.

Sorry, not meaning to come across confrontational at all flowers

LolaLollypop Mon 09-Dec-19 15:03:06

@Tiredandgrumpytonight - depends on the person I guess. Personally I wouldn't really have known my arse from my elbow if I'd fallen pregnant at 20. I felt much more knowledgeable about what to expect when I finally did, age 34.

MyDcAreMarvel Mon 09-Dec-19 15:13:14

I had my first baby at 20 , the internet was only really available in Internet cafes, educational institutions at that time. I had the Miriam Stoppard book and a few copies of Mother and Baby. I still knew about safe sleeping etc.

Tiredandgrumpytonight Mon 09-Dec-19 15:24:11

But if you had fallen pregnant surely you’d still have wanted to find out how to keep your baby safe?

I get what you’re trying to say but I think that if she chose not to seek out that information then it was down to her as a person rather than her age.

Plus she lives with her mum so you’d have thought her mum would be advising her but maybe she was and it was outdated info re safe sleeping.

IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory Mon 09-Dec-19 15:35:27

I had DS at 19 in 2005. I didn’t have internet but I definitely still knew about feet to foot (of cot) and blankets etc. I did do swaddling, I can’t remember if that was recommended or not back then but my mum was a midwife and showed me how so I’m guessing it was ok then? Should add that I knew about feet to foot and blankets without any input from my mum. (We didn’t talk for most of my pregnancy)

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