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Alright boomers, Lord Sugar will see you at 9pm

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dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 19:05:42

Only ugly tattoos are allowed tonight.

Strawberrypancakes Wed 27-Nov-19 19:06:35

What’s the task!?

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 19:09:10

Marking my place to watch later 😁

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 19:14:54


Can't wait to see the candidates turn into music industry moguls and experts. Pete Waterman move over

Figgygal Wed 27-Nov-19 20:27:37

I've renamed tonight Thomas watch
Can't wait

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 20:31:35

I couldn't remember what the tonight's task was! I can just about remember my own name. I can't wait to hear their nightingale voices 😱👹🤯😤

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 20:47:10

Oh god the singing. Recently watched some of the first ever series - the difference is quite startling. The tasks now are absolutely bonkers and don’t really demonstrate... well, anything grin

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:01:55

The only thing that the tasks these days demonstrate is just how incompetent people these days are. And that the incompetence pays money.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:02:08

Checking in. They are all arses now, aren't they?

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:03:10

Thomas in his pants speaking French...

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:03:17

A half naked Thomas! Panty pudding alert!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 27-Nov-19 21:04:22

This task sounds particularly horrific.

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 21:05:12

Panty pudding grin that made me laugh.
Here we go...

RozHuntleysStump Wed 27-Nov-19 21:06:29


dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:07:11

Is there anything that Lottie hasn't done in her 19 years of life? She's a wine expert, a bike expert, a music expert, a food expert, a bullshitting expert, a snobbery expert, a librarian, a moral superior.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:07:20

Hahaha at Lottie and her fucking Viola!

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:07:36

Scarlett's face grin

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:07:53

Lottie annoying me already

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:09:36

If this is how the professionals sing.... our contestants are in good company.

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:10:17

That wasn't Gabriella from Made in Chelsea was it?

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 21:10:25

Jesus Christ Lottie is SO annoying and superior. How has she found the time to become an expert in EVERYTHING

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:10:33

Isn't it just privilege and private school with Lottie? So huge confidence in skills acquired through what she's tried, not necessarily commensurate with talent?

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:11:15

I cannot cope with this it's so cringe😂😂😂

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:12:39

I can't see anyone being a good business partner to Alan sugar except Scarlett she is the only professional one there

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:13:52

I like Carina

Seeingadistance Wed 27-Nov-19 21:14:11

I feel like my insides are trying to cringe their way out of my body!

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:14:21

I like Umbro lady's hair

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:14:50

Thomas seems to think that he's at a market stall.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:15:35

I've been in the music industry for 15 years? By that token, I have been in the food industry for 47 years because I have been eating for that long!

SachaStark Wed 27-Nov-19 21:15:46

Did Lottie just say she’s been “in the music industry for 15 years”?!

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:16:01

"I've been in the music industry for 14 years" isn't she like 19/20 hmm does she mean she started strangling a cat playing the viola when she was 5?

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:16:04

Carina's parting seriously bothers me. It reminds me of my cheap knock off Barbie partings from when I was little.

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:17:08


peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:17:10

Thomas is having a nightmare so far

Figgygal Wed 27-Nov-19 21:17:50

She's such a bullshitter

EggysMom Wed 27-Nov-19 21:18:01

Thomas may have lost this task due to his bull-headedness.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:19:45


peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:20:01

Omg Lottie is doing my head in

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:20:18

If Thomas and Marianne don't get fired, I will eat my fart

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:21:17

Lottie: please change the O
Dean: no I don't like the O change
Lottie: do you want to waste time changing the O?

She's such a scheming brat.

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 21:21:41

I have to keep muting it, it’s too cringeworthy

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:22:10

Thomas is thinking he's auditioning for the xfactor not to be the next apprentice

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:22:52

I think Carina has hair extensions.
Marianne without the red lippy is much better but singing is a baaaaaad idea
Thomas is a bit squished in his suit

MissDollyMix Wed 27-Nov-19 21:23:00

Dean seems to be coming out of his shell tonight!

Loveislandaddict Wed 27-Nov-19 21:23:15

Lottie would have been better to say five years, and then she would have come across a bit more convincing, as people wouldn’t know her age. Part of me admires her, because if she hadn’t said fifteen years, and was more realistic, then she does co e across confident and believable. It’s only because we see her every week that we realise she’s bullshitting every week.

She’s now representing herself...

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:23:25

The PM (forgot his name) hasn't done anything

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:24:40

Claude seems to be enjoying himself.

I think that Dean's team will win simply because the other team failed to secure an artist with their pushy behaviour.

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:25:18

Dean is fucking useless

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:25:28

Marianne without the red lippy is much better

Yes! Every week I cringe at the ice blonde hair, blue eyes and totally wrong red lipstick. And I don't even wear lipstick!

It's all just so stark and....wrong.

JustDanceAddict Wed 27-Nov-19 21:26:01

15 mins music experience more like!

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:26:23

Oooh. A flat no.

Suralan won't like that.

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:26:54

I missed the phone all where they aid it's for a sports drink/ brand. And clearly they did too

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:27:53

My DS(15) has been a footballer for 10 years and a signed musician for 8 years. Not as good as Lottie but he's getting there.

Didn't anyone notice Dean said he had been in the agency business for 5 years? He's 20...

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:28:25

Thomas is delusional right now

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:28:30

Thomas to go, totally.

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:28:54

Lottie's dancing gringrin

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:02

Lottie's dancing is making me cringe inside out

ChippingIn Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:23


Thank you for ‘hosting’ 🌷

Unfortunately only just got home so I’m half hour behind -again 😖

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:32 we think these are actual bands or the show researcher's mates putting on some fake razzle dazzle.

They just seen SO bland!

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:32

Lottie dancing on the side of the stage argh

covetingthepreciousthings Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:36

Didn't anyone notice Dean said he had been in the agency business for 5 years? He's 20...

Yes, but he was more believable with that grin

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:29:58

piggy I saw that and laughed

RozHuntleysStump Wed 27-Nov-19 21:30:13

Oh god Lottie.

ChippingInLovesWoollyHugs Wed 27-Nov-19 21:31:01

Thomas in his pants speaking French...

Something to look forward to I see 😊

Bellasblankexpression Wed 27-Nov-19 21:31:32

🙈 Lottie’s dancing
This HAS to be the most cringeworthy episode ever, surely?

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:32:01

Lewis team have quite clearly lost surely

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:32:13

They are real :

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:32:36

My ds has been a rugby player for 12 years and an academic for 13. Other ds is an actor and has been for 10 years, as has his brother 😂

TitsInAbsentia Wed 27-Nov-19 21:32:42

fire biscuit

I mean I don't think poor Claude can take much more!

EggysMom Wed 27-Nov-19 21:32:45

"Thanks darling" ... Thomas needs a lesson in modern business etiquette.

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:33:05

Oops no, that's the wrong link!!

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:33:29

Lottie still has no idea how to haggle.

Also, if all private school graduates are like Lottie, no wonder this government is completely and utterly fucked.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:33:52

Piggy omg blushblushblush

SauvignonBlanche Wed 27-Nov-19 21:34:12

Lottie trying to look cool was excruciating.

ChippingInLovesWoollyHugs Wed 27-Nov-19 21:34:35

Lottie is a smug brat

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:35:00

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:35:46

Do you think their artistic integrity will allow them to be used for a bog roll ad?

RozHuntleysStump Wed 27-Nov-19 21:35:50

Oo. Hope thomas’ team wins. I couldn’t bear him being fired.

Noeuf Wed 27-Nov-19 21:35:51

Lottie will have no self awareness at all and will not have consciously been trying to look cool etc. She will believe she is.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 27-Nov-19 21:36:04

To say I hate Lottie and she’s an awful human being doesn’t come close to expressing my dislike of her.

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:36:09

You can all go to the slaughterhouse now

AutumnCrow Wed 27-Nov-19 21:36:27

Thomas is ... well, I haven't the words yet. But I kind of hope he wins this week for the shits & giggles.

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:36:26

I usually like Thomas but he has annoyed me this episode

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:37:02

Lottie is right up there with Hatie Kopkins in my least favourite candidate list

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 27-Nov-19 21:37:32

Lottie has a very obvious and very unseemly habit of trying to pin blame on people by boring on and on, with the sole purpose of whinily regurgitating it in the boardroom - "Suralan I told them so at the time but they didn't listen to me!"

JustDanceAddict Wed 27-Nov-19 21:38:03

I said the same to dh that ‘I have to go’ should be for diarrhoea meds

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:38:05

Thomas is out of his depth in this task and being very sulky.

MissDollyMix Wed 27-Nov-19 21:39:02

This is a funny series. One of the most likeable candidates ever in Thomas and one of the least likeable ever in Lottie

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:39:46

Today Thomas looks like he's had enough of the show and is ready to go.

BestOption Wed 27-Nov-19 21:40:41

I hope Lottie goes soon, she winds me up so much, that face needs a good’s not like me at all, but fucking hell.

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:40:52

I don't think that Lottie got that Suralan was making fun of her there

Piggywaspushed Wed 27-Nov-19 21:40:55

Marianne trying to say naivete will definitely feature on Tom Allen tonight!

MissDollyMix Wed 27-Nov-19 21:41:53

Lottie loves that bit at the end doesn’t she?! grin

peppinanna Wed 27-Nov-19 21:42:11

Lottie singing along I can't watch haha

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:43:25

Oh fuck - another week of fucking Lottie and her smug fucking face.

GoGoLego Wed 27-Nov-19 21:43:42

Thats the best prize of the series so far imo

MissDollyMix Wed 27-Nov-19 21:43:57

Dean actually doesn’t look very happy to have won. Think Thomas will have to go tonight.

dillite Wed 27-Nov-19 21:44:06

Look how smug Lottie looks there

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:44:05

Bastille must be desperate here

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 27-Nov-19 21:44:30

Oh Lottie just FUCK OFF!

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