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Has anyone been watching that Mountain programme with Griff Rhys Jones?

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saltire Mon 20-Aug-07 13:07:56

I ahve only seen last weeks and last nights. I really enjoyed it though> alst week he was on the Scottish mountain ranges - Ben Nevis, Glencoe, Cairngorms. This week he was on the Pennines. He must be quite phiysically fit though as he was yomping up the mountains like a pro

wotsits Mon 20-Aug-07 15:35:20

DH and I have. DH is getting inspired - he has visions of us traipsing up these mountains with DD in a backpack. The thought of it exhausts me... The photography is wonderful, and as I keep pointing out to DH, we wouldn't get those great aerial views if we went on foot

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 15:44:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meeely2 Mon 20-Aug-07 15:45:24

i'm loving it - need a week off to explore definitely!

Whizzz Mon 20-Aug-07 15:48:45

Yes its suprisingly good isn't it. I love walking but hate going up hills

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 15:50:11

yes it is fantastic.

I sat next to him in a reasturant in Dorchester earlier on this year. He is rather weatherbeaten, but still rather attractive.

saltire Mon 20-Aug-07 15:51:58

I don't actually "get" mountaineering. The mountains in Scotland - Nevis range, Glencoe etc are stunning, but IMO, for sitting at the bottom looking up, not for actually climbing them

tissy Mon 20-Aug-07 15:52:31

....attractive and VERY rich, mb!

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 15:53:22

He ordered chicken and a diet coke, so he wasn't flash with his cash!

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 15:56:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 20-Aug-07 15:57:42

He has a beautiful classic yacht too.

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 16:02:13

have you read 'to the baltic with Bob'? V funny

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:05:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 20-Aug-07 16:05:29

Yes MB.
We were particularly amused by the fact that even if you are very very rich indeed, like GRJ, you still have to get up in the night to stick a bit of binliner over the leaky bit that is dripping onto your bunk in the night.

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 16:06:40

I didn't see the size of his Yacht, as we were in a public place

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 16:07:13

Thisnk tha he is making a new series about Thomas Hardy

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum Mon 20-Aug-07 16:08:54

Well, I might have glanced a bit.

He was waering the waterproof jacket that he had on in last nights prog. Dh and I commented on it, how sad are we!?

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:14:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saltire Mon 20-Aug-07 16:16:23

MB - how was your trip round Scotland? Did you go to F&D's and get doughnuts?

UnquietDad Mon 27-Aug-07 15:28:52

Saw it for the first time last night. Is it always shot on OB videotape? Looks very old-fashioned!

expatinscotland Mon 27-Aug-07 15:31:27

I loved this series! Was dead jealous he got to climb with all those seriously hardcore people envy!

He got to climb with Johnny Dawes! That bastard.

saltire Mon 27-Aug-07 17:30:59

I never knew there was a railway to the top of Snowdon. There's hope for Dh getting me to go up a mountain then!

littlelapin Mon 27-Aug-07 17:31:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

foxinsocks Mon 27-Aug-07 17:45:33

I didn't know that about the railway either. I caught it on TV last night (nothing else on!). Thought I wouldn't enjoy it but ended up watching the whole thing. Was quite fascinating in a Sunday night TV way.

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