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War of the worlds

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youngestisapsycho Sun 17-Nov-19 21:53:56

Anyone watching?

BiasBinding Mon 18-Nov-19 18:18:16

DH was muttering throughout because he knows the book and it's not faithful to it.

Also, I kept being distracted by the fact that most of it was filmed in and around Liverpool/Cheshire, rather than Woking/London, but I accept that's a matter of local knowledge. Plus (major geek alert incoming) the Astronomer Royal, before being incinerated, was listening to Elgar's 'Cockaigne' overture on the gramophone. A piece that wasn't recorded till the 1920's....(and actually, wasn't even composed until after Wells had written the book).

Yes, we are pedants in this house grin

cushioncovers Mon 18-Nov-19 22:21:25

Meh it was ok. I'm more bothered about the dog. Is he ok? 😄

Davros Mon 18-Nov-19 22:22:57

I had high hopes but also agree with gone2far. What bollocks is this about an unmarried posh couple living openly in Victorian England, despite being a little bit shunned? I was so pleased to see a version set in the correct locations but... I wonder if Primrose Hill will feature. The dog was good

FOJeremy Tue 19-Nov-19 07:22:58

The BBC are going overboard with their wokeness. It’s ruined this like it ruined Dr Who. The special effects were laughable as well

Davros Tue 19-Nov-19 09:42:14

Totally agree about Doctor Who. We were massive fans until it went woke. Same thing in World on Fire. I'm sick of being told what to think and play nice

Steamfan Tue 19-Nov-19 09:47:11

Dreadful production. No wonder they delayed broadcasting it over here. The only good thing was seeing local places, but as to the rest of it. Considering it was meant to be faithful to the book - it's not. And has anyone seen the trailer for the beebs Christmas Carol? I thought it looked good - and then I read the cast list - Scrooges daughter and wife? Another bbcwoke by the look of it

5foot5 Tue 19-Nov-19 12:50:25

@BiasBinding Also, I kept being distracted by the fact that most of it was filmed in and around Liverpool/Cheshire, rather than Woking/London, but I accept that's a matter of local knowledge.

When we were watching DD looked at the shots of the village and said "Oh I wonder where they filmed that, it's lovely". Then I read that it was in Great Budworth which we have visited several times but never even realised that was where it was while we were watching!

peaceanddove Tue 19-Nov-19 18:48:32

I really disliked it. The actor playing George only had the one facial expression 'perplexed'. It was cringingly woke, what with Amy being a university, science graduate and Robert Carlyle's open admission of being gay.

dogsdinnerlady Tue 19-Nov-19 19:21:22

This version is actually set in Edwardian times - not Victorian -, it's supposed to be around 1904. I read an interview with the writer who said he wanted to give the story a slightly more contemporary feel and there was a lot going on politically at that time.

user5656 Thu 21-Nov-19 17:03:08

It amused me to see the dates on the series of photos.
The first one was May 4th, Star Wars reference maybe?

5foot5 Mon 25-Nov-19 17:24:16

Decided to give it another chance last night but gave up about half way in. Total tosh.

HiHoToffee Mon 25-Nov-19 17:28:03

Georrrrrrrge, Amyyyyyyyyy, it really was rubbish.

user5656 Mon 25-Nov-19 18:31:22

The beach scene reminded of Titanic.

iklboo Mon 25-Nov-19 18:37:35

I had high hopes for this but it's pants.

ghostmouse Mon 25-Nov-19 19:10:02

Me and dp were shouting with exasperation at the telly. To be honest I think the film was better! At least the basic plot was there if you looked hard enough lol

chomalungma Mon 25-Nov-19 22:36:24

Where was Thunderchild?

DurhamDurham Tue 26-Nov-19 07:37:50

I'm sort of enjoying it but it's not true to the book. Even less than the film and that was a stretch!
What's really annoying me is that George hasn't given any thought to or attempted to find out if his children with his actual wife are ok. When he said he was going to be a father I shouted at the tv 'you're already one!'

scrappydappydoo Tue 26-Nov-19 08:04:17

user5656 - I had the same thought. I was wondering if there would be enough space in the wood for all of them this time. Not keen - I think there should be far more menace and tension but it just falls flat and is too predictable.

peaceanddove Tue 26-Nov-19 08:36:42

George doesn't have any children with his wife. But, anyway it was still painfully bad. I actually felt irritated while watching it because it was so bad.

Girliefriendlikespuppies Tue 26-Nov-19 22:41:56

I thought his actual wife couldn't have children and that's the reason George had an affair with fertile Amy hmm

I couldn't stop laughing at the way George runs!!

It is pretty rubbish but I'll watch it to the end now.

DurhamDurham Tue 26-Nov-19 22:44:11

I've just watched the scene with his wife and she definitely mentions children, it's a bit numbly but I'm sure it's something like 'think of your children, who you've left for someone younger and prettier'

PeterRouseTheFleshofMankind Tue 26-Nov-19 22:51:18

There are only 3 episodes? So it finishes on Sunday? That seems a lot to tie up...

I think it's OK. Agree that Amy is exactly like Demelza but without the Cornish accent.

I thought the Hollywood version with Tom Cruise was better! blush

Cooroo Sun 01-Dec-19 21:58:20

Thank god that's over.

PeterRouseTheFleshofMankind Sun 01-Dec-19 22:03:20

WTF was that?!

BillywilliamV Sun 01-Dec-19 22:04:19

My God, that was tedious!

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