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PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 09:38:16

It's not quite time to don your woolly jumpers or stoke up your log fires for the winter - still some tennis to be played this season!

An exciting, mathematically challenging WTFs continues, new Davis Cup soon, etc...


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Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 16:14:08

I love it sometimes Jane but sometimes I wish it would go away.

When I can't get my head around what to buy people, and my son has the nerve to have a birthday on the 29th . (says the hypocrite with a birthday on the 30th) it becomes a headache. grin

I am sure I have forgotten something really important.


Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 16:17:00

I have a very laid back friend who is actually one one those who really does leave Christmas shopping until the last couple of days. I thought they only existed in films - but no, she really does . I couldn't do that.

Just leaving the wrapping late would scare me.

PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 16:17:53

Aww that's really sweet of your dad (and DD) Raahh, hope you enjoy your new coat!

I also ran out of labels today, so I've just written the names on with a Sharpie "for now" - whether I actually remember to get more tags is doubtful...

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PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 16:25:24

I did all my shopping on 22nd Dec one year (it was out of desperation as I just hadn't been able to go any earlier) and it was actually great, in that I couldn't think too hard about what to get etc, just grabbed stuff at (semi)random. I wouldn't have the bottle to do it again unless I had to but it was actually quite good for saving time.

Sadly I wasn't wafting around in a Hallmark movie type way with snowflakes in my hair (and really white teeth) - more of an overheated panic type vibe grin

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Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 16:25:42

I decided years ago to get different paper for the 3 dc, so that if I forgot labels it wouldn't matter. I don't buy really long rolls of it, or I end up with a lot over- but this way, can avoid labels. I only need labels for the rest of the presents. This is after the year I wrapped everything the same, when consuming mulled wine and a number of things got mixed up.

Father Christmas decided to do things differently after that.

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 16:37:21

We were laughing yesterday about the very odd way time stands still in the Hallmark /Christmas film universe. It can be midday on Christmas eve when disaster strikes,- and then a million things happen- andn it's still only about 5 in the evening after seemingly about a fortnight of hilarious adventures grin.

magimedi Sun 08-Dec-19 16:39:40

DH reckons that Christmas shopping should be done at 2pm on Christmas Eve as it "concentrates the mind"!!!

Mine is all done as I took it with me when we went to France, avec la voiture, ib the autumn. Can't afford the postage & wew are flying out (hand luggage only) for Christmas.

DH & I no longer bother to give each other pressies - we buy some extra nice wine or coffee instead.

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 17:07:46

Dh and I just give each other a token present usually because we are skint , mainly from the dog . DD2 wants to buy me socks. This is because I keep wearing hers. To be fair, I do. grinThis is because childrens socks fit me, and adult socks don't grin.

Mostly, I wear whatever odd socks I find.

I will never be found on the Style and Beauty board- unless there is a 'what not to wear' thread.

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 17:10:21

Pre- dc , all Christmas shopping was done and wrapped, cards written etc before the end of October.

Children make things complicated.

I find the earlier i buy things now, the more likely I am to 'just get' a an extra bit.

And I need to stop doing that grin.

Fizzywinegum Sun 08-Dec-19 18:01:18

If Boris comes round I’m definitely running for the hills!

I try to be organised by starting early but I think as Spidey said earlier this just prolongs the stress! Wouldn’t dare leave it till the last minute though.

I’m definitely feeling festively frazzled - I haven’t wrapped anything yet - I’m at that point where I don’t really know what I’ve bought or where it is fhmm at least the Christmas tree is finally up and decorated.

Every year I say that next year will be different but it never is!

Raahh I quite like the image if you wearing your sewn up nieces coat and odd socks - have you decided on you Christmas Day outfit yet? (That’s usually a style and beauty staple) fgrin

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 18:05:54

ooh, Christmas out! Now last year I wore at top I did buy last minute, as I went to my sister's house (on both Christmas eve and Christmas day), and she had a 'Christmas jumper' theme. I don't own one- I picked up a Christmas llama top with fluffy bobbles on from Next on Christmas eve blush.

I think I will wear that again (I might have been wearing it as a pyjama top in the meantime grin).

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 18:09:24

I have now seen lots of pictures of Rafa at Disney Land . He seems to have enjoyed himself.

I wonder if anyone has reminded him he is married?

In a bit over a month, it will be time for the Aussie open.

Is it time to get excited.

We need a tennis style advent calendar (I really need to stop wishing my life away, I am very bad for that).


The tennis ball doesn't get a Father Christmas hat. Or a crown sad

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 18:11:03

In other news, I am watching a Chrismas film with Priscilla Presley. Even without looking, I can guess, it is called Christmas at Graceland.

Fizzywinegum Sun 08-Dec-19 18:15:42

Your style and beauty credentials aren’t improving much there Raahh fgrin. I will probably be wearing as few clothes as possible as I’ll get hot cooking Christmas dinner (but don’t want to scare people!)

Where are you seeing the Rafa pictures? I only saw the one with his (huge) family

Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 18:33:42


No, I'm not very stylish- I would stay in pyjamas on Christmas day (and they don't match), if I didn't have to leave the house in the afternoon, or do Christmas dinner for Bilgrin

Really, I should have loads of pjs- my mum gets me them every year grin.

I think I saw the Rafa pictures on the FB, but I'm not sure.

PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 18:33:59

fgrin be careful out there Fizzy

I agree with your DH about the Christmas shopping magi.

I think I saw the Rafa pictures on twitter but I'm now sure now.

Raahh a tennis advent calendar would be great. It isn't really that long until the Aus Open (it just feels like it). And isn't Rafa playing in some exhibition thing in Doha or somewhere soon??

Btw - married you say? First I've heard of it.

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PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 18:35:53

Here you go Fizzy fsmile

(I may have already had that saved on my phone. Next to the angel delight picture grin).

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PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 18:40:51

Tbh most of my photo roll is pictures of tennis players and actors. And random desserts grin

I saw a video of David Goffin doing "the worm" at Pouille's wedding but I can't find it now. I wanted to share it especially for kazza fgrin

We are going to need a new thread soon

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Raahh Sun 08-Dec-19 18:41:04

See, in our parallel tennis universe, each door of our tennis calendar would open to show one of our favourite players in a jumper or possibly not in a jumper wink, or just for kazza one of the doors might have that picture of AC.

It would keep me amused until the 20-ish of January anyway grin.

PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 18:49:21

That would be brilliant. AC would have to be the last door of course - the big reveal fgrin

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Fizzywinegum Sun 08-Dec-19 18:49:49

Aw thanks Spidey - hope you’ve not saved THAT photo (semi naked AC - shudder)

The advent calendar should definitely have a picture of Delpo in his fisherman’s jumper (did that really happen - I’m getting confused) and Rafa in his pants fgrin

Fizzywinegum Sun 08-Dec-19 18:50:52

No we don’t want any big reveal from AC thank you!fshock

JaneJeffer Sun 08-Dec-19 18:55:33

I have loads of tennis pictures on my phone as well fblush maybe we should have done our own advent calendar but no AC for the love of Baby Jesus!

PrivateSpidey Sun 08-Dec-19 18:58:26

grin me too - but nice ones only!!

New thread here

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JaneJeffer Sun 08-Dec-19 18:58:59


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