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CHILD OF OUR TIME - TONIGHT 7pm.............

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TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 19-Aug-07 16:01:56

(can't see a reminder thread anywhere else so though I'd just remind you ) - BBc1

NAB3 Sun 19-Aug-07 16:02:30

Have set the DVD to record. I love this programme.

MrsWeasley Sun 19-Aug-07 16:02:48

Thank you

PandaG Sun 19-Aug-07 16:02:59

Thanks for the reminder DS is the same age as these children so I really like it

Nemo2007 Sun 19-Aug-07 16:03:38

ohh excellent will set reminder

Pinkchampagne Sun 19-Aug-07 16:03:42

Ohhh, didn't realise this was on tonight! thanks for the reminder.

Ceolas Sun 19-Aug-07 16:03:42

I have a 'millenium baby' too.

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 19-Aug-07 16:03:51

YW ,

PandaG - my DS1 was born end of 2000 (so he's a yr below them at school) but it's still interesting to watch being so "close" in age.

Mind you I think there's only 3 in this series....

JoanCrawford Sun 19-Aug-07 16:08:32

thanks for the reminder.

Great programme and would've missed it for sure had you not said - well done

sandyballs Sun 19-Aug-07 16:11:28

Thank you, saw it advertised this morning but had forgotten. My DD's were born March 2001 so fairly close in age which makes it interesting.

nutcracker Sun 19-Aug-07 16:13:13

Yay I love this programme as Dd2 was born in Dec 99 (should of been Jan 2000).

PandaG Sun 19-Aug-07 16:14:55

Same as me Nutcracker - DS was due 30 Dec 99 - I was convinced he would be late, so had a surprise on 17th Dec!

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Aug-07 16:19:09

Ditto Sandyballs - ds1 is March 2001 so it's interesting from that perspective. Also just generally interesting - child development is so fascinating.

nutcracker Sun 19-Aug-07 16:21:47

Panda - Dd2 was due at the end 28th Jan but arrived on 12/12 so a very big surprise, wasn't quite ready for her LOL.

Mistymoo Sun 19-Aug-07 16:22:00

If you are in Scotland it's on at 6.35

I love it too as my ds is just a few months younger than these kids.

Tigi Sun 19-Aug-07 16:31:46

I like this too, beacuse I have a 7 yo.

truffaut Sun 19-Aug-07 20:10:04

will it be repeated? thought it was at 8pm, i missed it!

marthamoo Sun 19-Aug-07 20:12:18

Oh poo. I forgot. Is it repeated? Why do they put a programme which is probably of most interest to parents on at a time when most parents are putting their offspring to bed? They've done it with every annual installment of this programme - why not put it on at 9.30?

paddingtonbear1 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:12:59

I missed it too was it interesting? I usually like watching these.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:13:55

agree with marthamoo. we were getting dd ready for bed and she was more interested in Max & Ruby!

FioFio Sun 19-Aug-07 20:15:14

Message withdrawn

truffaut Sun 19-Aug-07 20:17:51

it is soooo stupid putting it on at 7pm!

Whizzz Sun 19-Aug-07 20:18:52

I caught the last half - DS is a millenium child too so its always interesting.
I love seeing all the different personalities of the children

gess Sun 19-Aug-07 20:20:33

<<shudder>> they're the same age as ds1 (excitedly watched the first few) so can't bear it.

gess Sun 19-Aug-07 20:20:58

oh PMSL fio- missed your post- parallel lives again

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