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I hate Daniel

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Redshoeblueshoe Mon 11-Nov-19 16:12:48

That just about covers it grin

TheWhatWhats Mon 11-Nov-19 16:17:18

Can you elaborate as I'm in the dark 😎

blamethecat Mon 11-Nov-19 16:40:34

grin red shoe. You know who we need, Barry.

bobstersmum Mon 11-Nov-19 16:56:22

Do you mean from corrie?

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 11-Nov-19 17:01:24

Blame indeed we do.
Sorry Coronation Street fans,
This is Daniel Grainger.
Doctors (BBC 1 @ 1.45) if anyone else wants to join us

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 11-Nov-19 17:07:17

I have just realised that that's also the last message on the last thread
blush must be running out of ideas

PiedImperial Mon 11-Nov-19 18:48:01

Thanks for the new thread, Redshoe.

I have been lurking here for years. I rarely manage to watch doctors live, but can say that it is one of life's true pleasures to watch on catch-up whilst reading through everyone's comments on the episode grin

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Mon 11-Nov-19 20:45:41

Thanks for new thread gringringringringringringrin

Raahh Mon 11-Nov-19 21:08:19


I've a feeling this thread will confuse a few people .

Which is fairly standard.

blamethecat Mon 11-Nov-19 22:15:53

Not as confused as those of us who actually watch it raahh

Exp1etiveDeLighted Mon 11-Nov-19 22:27:44

It didn't confuse me grin. Welcome Pied, I only manage to watch live about once a fortnight too, but love this thread.

Today was a bit boring.

Ilovelblue Mon 11-Nov-19 22:28:18

I've been lurking but not posting recently as I've been watching on catch up for the last couple of weeks. Daniel is amazing (in a really bad way). Two faced, double standards, you name it. Sadly, I do know somebody a bit like that in real life.

MissLadyM Mon 11-Nov-19 23:03:00

My theory is that the 'twin' will rent 6tl's bedroom and seduce her! If there is no twin, we have ourselves a bizarre love triangle!

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 10:26:14

Ok if Fuzzy doesn't find us today I'll ask for the title to be amended grin

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:42:06

Everyone sitting comfortably ? brew cake

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:46:16

Another Hollyoaks person

MissLadyM Tue 12-Nov-19 13:46:16

More magnificent acting already...

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Tue 12-Nov-19 13:46:29

New receptionist gringringringrin

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Tue 12-Nov-19 13:48:23

New foster child

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:48:33

Hello!! Found you!! I literally fell asleep yesterday...
Eeeeeeesh's patient is acting like they do on Teen Series

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:48:46

Found you! You can't escape my sleuthing ability.

Why is Gobby being so horrid to the poor agency temp?
Why have they got a temp?
Where is Val?
Has she gone to the cat rescue place?

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:48:53

Fostering again

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Tue 12-Nov-19 13:49:52

He sent going to tell the WHOLE TRUTH

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:50:11

Fuzzy will find us - it is a very very Doctors title.
Speak of the devil - IHateDaniel

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:50:27

Hey Raahh, how is evil Kev today? Is he giving you any respite?

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:50:46

Is Daniel going to admit to being an idiot ?
Eeshes friend is a nut

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:50:52

I missed the beginning and my mother rang.

I see Practice manager is still invisible.

And have we ever seen this 'cousin' of Eeesh's before?

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Tue 12-Nov-19 13:51:03

She needs glasses

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:51:23

Stop being mean!!!!

LIZS Tue 12-Nov-19 13:51:25

Invisible pm still and ditsy temp!

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Tue 12-Nov-19 13:51:59

Or can't read

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:52:09

Kev is behaving a little bit, but I'm just exhausted now. Fuzzy.

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:52:48

This is an "Everyone is Annoying" episode.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:53:00

Shit shit shit acting

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:53:22

Hard Work Eeesh???? Get lost - you have no patients.

LIZS Tue 12-Nov-19 13:53:44

She is going to pretend to be Eesh.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:54:40

We will hopefully never see 'Kay' as 'Kay' aty least grin ever again.

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:54:59

How does annoying cousin get such shiny hair?

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:55:38

TMI Daniel

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:55:37

Oh gross stop IHateDaniel

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:55:40

How old is the receptionist, and why is she dressed like she is going on a 40s night out?

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:56:02

Oh Daniel, just admit you are a prize twat.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:56:42

Daniel really caused all of the past year- intruducing Izzy and not listening to Zara when Izzy was a cow.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:56:43

Just got interrupted by charity door knockers. I said I was about to have a meeting. That's kind of true, right?

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:57:05

It was what he wanted- he likes to be 'the boss'.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:58:09

Nut grin

It's like a conference call.

When dh works from home, he claims to do those all the time.

And yy she is pretending to be Eeesh.

And he used to be in Hollyoaks.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:58:08

LIZS you need a star

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:58:20

Nut of course it's true

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 13:58:36

Ha...the charity box placement on the Mill counter is a charity I used to work for! We used to spend ages trying to get on various soaps. We got a poster in Kath's Caff in Eastenders once.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 13:59:27

But there was good reason why Zara hit out- Izzy took Joe without telling anyone. It's funny how Daniel never tells the full story.

Has he mentioned Cherry yet?

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 13:59:33

Thanks for backing me up grin

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 13:59:37

Daniel I hope you can see what a bastard you are

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:00:25

A video diary - or a pity party ?

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:00:26

Yes see that you're a twat and piss off somewhere

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:00:36

It's not so much about being able to use the pen, as making the the house safe, I would have thought.

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:00:51

That epi pen looks quite easy to operate...<rubs hands with glee>

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:01:51

Fuzzy I love the charity box placement in soaps.

Secret reports.

She's Nurse Jackson, you nutter.

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:02:11

So who is going to kill the girl ?
Gobby or Gobby poor ?

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:02:16

Throttle her Eeessh.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:02:53

Hahah he's so odd

PineappleDanish Tue 12-Nov-19 14:03:07

I have missed a few episodes. Zara's new bloke who used to be in Holby is a twin, right? So is it both twins dating Zara and pretending to be one or am I jumping to conclusions?

Loving the useless temp. Have come across a few of those in my time.

Is Miss Percy a bit like those "talked about but never seen" characters? BRING BACK MRS TEMBE.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:03:13

That will get creepy, Daniel.

Don't rush in with the 'we need to talk more' to people you used to treat like dirt.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:03:51

I'm disturbed how much older Hollyoakes man is

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:04:02

Oh dear....Annoying Cousin is being both annoying and annoying, Did I mention she's a bit annoying too.

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:04:25

Pineapple we haven't got a clue grin

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:04:35

I mean older than he was. And hollyoaks without the e

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:08


That's who he was.

Clearly not invited back to the Hollyoaks 25th anniversary celebrations, could only get a bit part in Doctors instead grin.

MissLadyM Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:17

Oh great, Daniel's video diary...pity yawn fest. Zara's eyebrows...

LIZS Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:19

Not busy in Icon today, they are both lying. Daniel is going to freak everyone out with his listening and bonding!

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:23

Bond? Bond? James Bond?

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:36

Yeeees that's the name! He was a great character

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:05:45

Nut he has not aged as well as some. I think it's the very white beard.

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:06:54

Miss im glad you mentioned the eyebrows. They seem to have taken on a life of their own

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:07:09

Oh no who said this would happen ? grinshock

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:07:26

Didn't he marry Tony's mum (sorry Hollyoaks derail) grin

And we've only just got rid of Bumpy!

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:07:57

Yes Raahh and his way of speaking is very weird

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:08:26

I think it's the very white beard.
A seasonal part awaits next month perhaps?

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:08:44

It'll turn out she's not got an allergy

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:09:09

Is this Eesh doing some really Hard Work?

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:09:16

Nut it is - it's like when they brought back the bloke who was in Eastenders (and then Holby)- another one who has aged a lot.

The murderer case.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:09:40

Fuzzy grin


NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:10:20

Worst of all, it means we are aging loads too sad

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:11:21


Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:11:47

Nut I know.

I've got a nerve discussing other people- I used to have hair grin.

Now I have cotton wool on my head, and kidney stones.

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:11:48

How have the Gobby's got such a smart kitchen? I want it.

MissLadyM Tue 12-Nov-19 14:12:04

I told you a 'twin' would want to stay with 6tl!

FuzzyPuffling Tue 12-Nov-19 14:12:28

Oh no....Gobby's kitchen has my bedroom curtains!!!!!!!!!!!

JustDanceAddict Tue 12-Nov-19 14:12:31

Karen - get a fucking grip re nuts!

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:12:40

Have they checked what type of 'nut' allergy.

Gobby will be a nightmare.

Is she Elsa from Frozen? The foster kid?

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:12:50

Al still not back being a GP?

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:13:14

I bet it would be great to work in the wardrobe department,
I know a toddler who would be great

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:13:39

Lol Raahh not kidney stones just Kev and Co

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:13:52

Fuzzy they've had about 3 houses, (at least one of them for free, and never mentioned again)- each one bigger than the next.

She only ever wanted a conservatory. grin

JustDanceAddict Tue 12-Nov-19 14:13:52

Raahh - was Nigel then Elliot Hope (showing age here...)

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:14:10

Fuzzy I had the same thought about the kitchen. They have an Aga! Policing must be paying well.

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 12-Nov-19 14:14:37

Nut I have a way of preventing aging.
Just don't look in the mirror grin

NutButterNutter Tue 12-Nov-19 14:15:12

That's a good method, red

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:15:53

I know Elliot is back in Holby. I'm pleased, he's always been my favourite character.

Raahh Tue 12-Nov-19 14:16:50

Red I have a similar method for mst things - it involves takingoff my glasses.

I am invisible without my glasses. I can't see you, you can't see me grin.

blamethecat Tue 12-Nov-19 14:21:19

I fall asleep without my glasses on ! Very anti-ageing being asleep.

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