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Gold Digger BBC 1 **NO SPOILERS** [[edited by MNHQ]]

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unique1986 Thu 07-Nov-19 15:54:17

Illicit drama starting next Tuesday 9pm.

Looks good!

The80sweregreat Wed 27-Nov-19 19:28:57

I thought he was going to push her off the cliff , but not before they get married I suppose! Think of the dosh.
It's very slow and a bit boring. Marsha seems the most interesting character although what she sees in Ted I have no idea. He looks a smug so and so.

IcedPurple Wed 27-Nov-19 19:50:37

Yes - I also think Marsha is the most interesting character. Absolutely love her style too, though since I don't have her height and figure her clothes would look crap on me!

Julia is odd. We get no insights into her 'inner life' at all, other than those flashbacks - seemingly of domestic violence - which are getting annoying. She seems like an intelligent woman so does she not even question why a fit young man is after her? If I was her, I'd just be happy to shag him but definitely not marry or even pursue a serious relationship with him.

And as I've asked before, would she really be such a great target for a good-looking young gold digger? Other than the house miles from anywhere, what assets does she really have?

The80sweregreat Thu 28-Nov-19 09:12:51

I get the impression her ex husband is also rich , not just her?
Marsha is also incredibly rich. Dh hates this drama but loved her car!
I agree though, just sleep with him then move on! Why marry him? Once she's a lot older and unable to jump around in cold outdoor pools then he'll be off with a younger model straight away who can. He doesn't look the natural carer sort.
She could easily keep him at arms length but still have the fun ( sex) , for a while at least.
He seems dodgy.

DecomposingDurannie Thu 28-Nov-19 11:56:56

Can anybody link the spoilers thread, please? I can't find it! Thanks

IcedPurple Thu 28-Nov-19 20:36:53

I get the impression her ex husband is also rich , not just her?

Yes but would that really benefit the toy boy? She'll have got the house in the divorce settlement and maybe some cash too, though not a huge amount. I just think that if I were a good-looking young man in the hunt for a sugar mummy, I'd set my sights a bit higher than a posh pad in the middle of nowhere. Also, he seemed to target her specifically - in the museum in episode one - but how he knew about her and what he's after really hasn't been explored. I reckon this is one of those TV series which might have more episodes that it needs - 4 may have been a better idea.

unique1986 Thu 28-Nov-19 21:09:39

Julia did say she was a millionaire.
And he was quite impressed..

The80sweregreat Thu 28-Nov-19 21:43:09

A millionaire who can't afford a hairbrush. Maybe Devon has a shortage.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-Nov-19 14:22:38

Millionaire who drives a Volvo estate


No young kids. No dog

She doesn’t seem to enjoy her money

And he’s need some more info on the abuse scenes.

What did ted do

And yes surely anyone who is rich who meets a much younger partner wouldn’t marry them without a prenup

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-Nov-19 14:23:19

Devon house and holiday home would go to kids

He might not get much from the marriage

RuthHigginbottom Fri 29-Nov-19 19:18:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Snugglepiggy Fri 29-Nov-19 21:20:29

Drives a Volvo estate?A relative of ours made some serious money and retired in his early 40s.Lovely bloke,thoroughly deserves it,least flashy person I know.The family stayed in the same house,because they liked it,and drove the same Volvo estate for years for the same reason -just not into cars.

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Sat 30-Nov-19 12:01:51

I would say that a Volvo estate is very much the mark of someone from an Upper Middle-Class background who is comfortable in their own skin, affluent but doesn't need to be showy about their wealth. I've come across lots of such people in life.

magentastardust Mon 02-Dec-19 23:43:30

I was busy appreciating Julia's hair nice to see non straightened , glammed up,blow dried hair (its v similar to my own) and now seen 2 -she needs a hairbrush comments on the thread ! (def not a hairbrush -that will make it 10 times bigger !)

Anyway me and my unruly curly hair have been enjoying it. 2 episodes to go and stopping myself binge watching. I really hope it isn't a dissapointing ending. I watched all of episode 4 on edge though, kept thinking Ted was going to hit Marsha or hurt his mum!

IcedPurple Tue 03-Dec-19 22:10:19

Episode 4 was quite boring. It didn't really advance the plot. We really are none the wiser as to the main characters' motives or thoughts. It was all just the reaction of her weird family to the news of her engagement. And I'm getting tired of the constant flashbacks. It's episode 4 already. Just tell us what happened.

Previous posters have mentioned the fact that even though it's supposed to be Xmas, all the leaves are still on the trees and they're all lightly dressed. They must have mild winters in Devon. The timing also seemed weird. Wasn't it Christmas dinner when Julia broke the news to her kids? And yet we saw that cringey dinner when her ex proposed to Marsha and the next day he picked up his mum to drive her to Julia's for Christmas? Seemed a bit confusing.

I'll watch it out to the end, but I still think this was one of those many series which has been given too many episodes. 4 would have done it.

Elderflower14 Tue 03-Dec-19 22:13:11

What did she do to the passport?? fconfused

IcedPurple Tue 03-Dec-19 22:15:21

I think she was copying Ben's signature to 'sign' on the prenup.

goingtotown Wed 04-Dec-19 23:10:05

@derza thanks for that.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 06-Dec-19 20:30:07

See she now has a new car 😂😂😂

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 11-Dec-19 07:55:06

Anyone see last nights ?

Optimist1 Wed 11-Dec-19 15:19:05

I watched it, Blondes , and am resisting the urge to watch the remainder on iPlayer (I won't though)! Something that occurred to me - Julia doesn't appear to have any friends. Nor do any of the rest of them, apart from Della.

MandyCuthbert69 Wed 11-Dec-19 20:34:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 11-Dec-19 22:26:56

Yes no friends. Well her friend shagged here husband

Glad they finally talked about the abuse

And guess she stayed with hubby as he tried to committe suicide

So maybe guilt

Yes Leo needs to be told the truth

And so skeletons indeed

Ben is not Ben and is a killer

Last one next week

Resist iPlayer !!!!!

beanaseireann Wed 11-Dec-19 22:46:39

Unfortunately my recording of the fifth episode stopped at 29 minutes. Grrr !
What happened please after they went up to the waterfall and had a row ?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 12-Dec-19 07:44:31

Should be on demand/iPlayer

They argued. Leo thinks his dad is god. Doesn’t know about the abuse

Brother and Leo are going into business together so he is staying

Mum went to dig some dirt on brother but actually found out the Ben changed his name and killed as a child

beanaseireann Thu 12-Dec-19 09:01:04

Thank you Blondeshavemorefun.
I'm not in the UK so haven't got access to the player- trust me - I tried sad

What abuse ?
I saw hazy flashbacks but nothing was made clear.

In the first 29 minutes that I managed to record I thought it was very odd that there weren't more questions asked re the brother.

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