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Imawurzel Sat 18-Aug-07 14:17:03

7.40pm i beleive.

Such a hoot. All those that think they can sing.
i'd only go on there so i could raise money for a charity cos i know i can't sing!!

WanderingTrolley Sat 18-Aug-07 14:19:02


Hasn't it only just finished?!

Wasn't the last one a whole year ago?

Was I kidnapped by aliens and nobody told me?! Whassappening?!

<frightened quite badly>

Desiderata Sat 18-Aug-07 14:20:00

It seems to come round as regularly as the football season ...

compo Sat 18-Aug-07 14:21:03

it finshed the week before Xmas with that posh bird winning

Imawurzel Sat 18-Aug-07 14:35:58

Didn't like last years very much.
Couldn't choose the songs had to be abba or some others. (cant remember now)
I'm narked off cos when it's on it's pizza and wine night but not for me this time round!!
I kn ow i can have a small glass of wine but if i do that i'll want the whole bottle!!!!

wolveschick Sat 18-Aug-07 14:50:34

What has happened to Leona since winning last year??

MummyPenguin Sun 19-Aug-07 15:45:28

Apparently thay've been working on her album for the last 10 months. Didn't want to just 'rush it out' soon after she won.

Trouble is, she's been all but forgotten, and I wonder how many people will be genuinely interested in her album when she does come back on the scene.

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