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Hollyoaks thread

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spice3 Thu 31-Oct-19 18:29:23

May be in the minority that watch it religiously (I believe it's a bit marmite!) - but would anyone like to join the thread on this?

My DP is never very interactive when it comes to getting excited for it... especially disappointing on stunt week!

Dieu Sat 16-Nov-19 21:41:44

God, Ste isn't the sharpest tool in the box. I might have known he'd fuck up his exit, by telling whatshisface all about it.
Feel really bad for young Sid. He seems like a good kid. Hope the others will look after him now his dad's dead.

Xmasfairy86 Sat 16-Nov-19 22:34:08

Would be nice if Sid hung around for a bit

Screamqueenz Mon 18-Nov-19 18:14:52

Turns out Sinead is coming back, apparently the actress needed some time out after splitting up with her boyfriend (who is also an actor in the Oaks).
Loved the hour long episode......

Justneedatemporaryname Mon 18-Nov-19 20:12:28

When did Sinead go? I didn't even notice. Not a fan of her, though I thought her recent scenes (rape aftermath) were good.

Screamqueenz Mon 18-Nov-19 20:15:07

She and Sami went to Spain on holiday (I think she was written out very quickly), they had an argument and Sami came back and she stayed in Spain.

Lessthanzero Wed 20-Nov-19 08:13:47

Adam Ricket has reappeared then. What's going on with the disappearing characters at the moment.

The actress that plays Sinead got sacked before for being unreliable.

Stellaris22 Thu 21-Nov-19 08:24:33

Oh, I was hoping the Sinead character had gone for good, theres nothing interesting about her.

Dieu Wed 27-Nov-19 21:58:25

Christ, if only it had been Murder on the Dancefloor. Can't stand Mercedes.
And Scott makes me cringe. Dignity zero.

Justneedatemporaryname Wed 27-Nov-19 23:08:53

Christ, if only it had been Murder on the Dancefloor. Can't stand Mercedes.

Same. I used to love her character, but I'm so over her now hmm

It's obviously not Sylver who shot her, as he was sleeping with Grace at the time. I guess we're in for a drawn out whodunnit hmm

Dieu Thu 28-Nov-19 20:02:48

Yup, of course Mercedes will have got that wrong. A bit like how she fucks up everything else in her life hmm

Justneedatemporaryname Thu 28-Nov-19 20:04:04

Let's hope the good thing to come out of this will be no chance of her and Sylver ever getting back together.

Lessthanzero Thu 28-Nov-19 20:11:34

Sophie Ellis Baxter must be making a few bob out of this storyline.

Screamqueenz Thu 28-Nov-19 20:20:42

Anyone not watch on E4? I don't want to give spoilers...

Justneedatemporaryname Thu 28-Nov-19 22:11:31

Why can't Brody just tell Sienna he doesn't want to foster bloody Sid? confused. He is such a wet lettuce.🙄

So do we think Brody and Liberty are going to get it together or what? grin

Stellaris22 Fri 29-Nov-19 08:07:38

I thought that about Brody and Liberty. So are the police going to focus on the shooting of Mercedes and completely forget she ran over Grace? We just can't get rid of Mercedes, its just boring with her now.

Lessthanzero Fri 29-Nov-19 09:48:42

I don't think brody. He's so bland and wet. I think him and Liberty will make a baby for Sienna but then start an affair.

Lessthanzero Fri 29-Nov-19 09:49:07

That was supposed to say I don't like Brody.

Justneedatemporaryname Mon 02-Dec-19 19:59:59

Hollyoaks is mental

Justneedatemporaryname Tue 03-Dec-19 20:03:25

So annoying the police aren't charging Mercedes with the hit and run 🙄

DartmoorChef Fri 06-Dec-19 19:53:37

It's my guilty secret to watch 😁

Dieu Sun 08-Dec-19 21:14:49

Sid breaks my heart. He is so young and vulnerable. I feel really sorry for him.

Stellaris22 Tue 10-Dec-19 13:37:48

I know, i'm not predicting a happy ending for Sid, he needs a lot of help.

I was watching it the other day thinking the only decent guy in it at the moment is Jesse, he loves Courtney and Iona and is lovely, but comes across as a bit boring. Every other guy is pretty horrible.

DartmoorChef Tue 10-Dec-19 21:52:38

All the bad boys are good looking though. Can't wait for Warren to come back. And I have to say Liam has a vulnerable side that makes me find him quite cute... I think I need help 🤔😂

Justneedatemporaryname Wed 11-Dec-19 16:00:37

Can't wait for Warren to come back.

And I have to say Liam has a vulnerable side that makes me find him quite cute... I think I need help
Yes you do. Yes. You. Do.

Stellaris22 Wed 11-Dec-19 18:36:08

Ooh, won't say no to Warren coming back though.

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