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90 Day Fiancé

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SavageBeauty73 Wed 30-Oct-19 20:46:23

Anyone else watch??????

It's my guilty pleasure

yummytummy Wed 30-Oct-19 21:33:51

i do!!! i love it! before the 90 days, the other way, all of it. can't believe some of the people on it though, what do you make of them?

Margsus Wed 30-Oct-19 22:06:36

Poor Caesar.......

Honeyroar Wed 30-Oct-19 22:11:24

I watch them when in the USA. The people worry me, they're just so stupid and gullible.

sohypnotic Wed 30-Oct-19 22:16:27

Yup guilty pleasure here too 🙋‍♀️ the naivety of people is incredible.

Lolimax Wed 30-Oct-19 22:18:50

I love it!!

Daysofpearlyspencer Wed 30-Oct-19 22:19:18

I am laid up sick so just binged watched the series with Tom and Darcy, Tom is described by Darcy as a jet setter but I believe he lives at home with his parents which is why he took her to an air bnb, also that poor guy, Cory, he has given his whole pension fund for his girl friends bar and she clearly doesn't want to marry him.

sohypnotic Wed 30-Oct-19 22:19:21

Oh god, Caesar. I do almost feel it's cruel to be filming him, still watch it tho! blush

SavageBeauty73 Wed 30-Oct-19 22:46:47

I'm addicted to them all.

Caesar should not be on it. It's cruel.

Darcy is so insecure. The series with Jesse was shocking; now she's back for more with Tom.

Will Avery end up living in Syria? Does she realise how war torn it is???

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Oct-19 08:55:03

I love all of these shows - the tell alls are the best! Avery is mad if she ends up going to Syria and surely the US wouldn't allow her husband in? Darcey needs some self esteem, and quickly (although her twin always seems horrible to her). I can't believe that someone can be as deluded as Caesar is but it does seem exploitative that he's on the show.

The other way show is good too - poor Jenny with Sumit already married and guy who's name I can't remember who's put all of his money into the bar - I think she does like him but nowhere near enough for them to actually get married and she doesn't seem to understand that otherwise he'll have to go back to the US because of the visa (or doesn't care?) Finally, Paul is another level of weird and Karine would be better off without him.

I also want to know about some of the couples in the older shows!

(I am way too invested in these and should get a life)

MaHeidsGouping Thu 31-Oct-19 12:18:01

I love this show, quite sad that both are coming to a end on TLC but hopefully they have another series to replace them.

I'm in a fb group on this show and the Americans find out everything. Apparently Ceaser is a fraud as he's a actor and the "girlfriend" is in on the pretending too and from the very beginning the fb group found out that she will never be in the show. Only photos or voice.

A clip of Angela has also emerged of her and her daughter on the Maury show in 2016 so I'm beginning to think that she is just in it to create drama and isn't actually dating Michael.

Avery is crazy to think she can have a nice life if she moves, she isn't going to bow down to their culture either. Her mum must be worried sick.

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 31-Oct-19 12:21:36

I love it too.
They are all insane, Darcey in particular.
Loren from a few years back has just announced her pregnancy.

dementedpixie Thu 31-Oct-19 12:23:47

Poor Darcey expecting a ring and getting a key instead! Caesar is a gullible fool and I cringe every time Angela and Michael comes on

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Oct-19 12:26:34

Oh I'm glad Loren is having a baby, I always liked her! Angela is abusive to Michael and the whole relationship doesn't ring true at all - feels like he does just want to get to America.

dementedpixie Thu 31-Oct-19 12:32:09

Will Tim ever sleep with Jeniffer?

PreschoolYes Thu 31-Oct-19 12:41:03

Me and dh love 90 day fiancé and have been watching the other way series too.

We'd read that about Caesar that it's all fake.

Darcey is so needy and love how she calls it 'Notting-ham', his sex injured foot was weird. I felt sorry for him and her sisters fiancé while they were in Albania.

I think the lady that went to South Africa with her son was bonkers to do that, gets married, pregnant knowing that Ronald can't go to the US. To do all of that with her son is madness, having him think Ronald is this amazing new dad which she then took him away from.

Poor Corey, I think he needs to cut his losses. Karine is better off without Paul.

We recently read that Laura and Aladin have split up and Angela and Michael are car crash. Both Laura and Angela going on about having babies is ridiculous. We thought Avery's mum did a great job trying to be supportive just actually loathing the whole thing. I can't make my mind up about Omar.

I'm sure there's others I've forgotten!

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 31-Oct-19 12:44:05

Zied and his horrible greasy hair makes me feel a bit sick.

dementedpixie Thu 31-Oct-19 12:45:21

I dont think Benjamin and Akinyi are a good match either. I feel sorry for Avery

dementedpixie Thu 31-Oct-19 12:46:26

He's going to be boring and controlling and she will resent him for it

cobhamhall Thu 31-Oct-19 12:53:16

Absolutely love it too! Especially the 'TellAll'...I suppose most of them are on the show for the '5 mins of fame & some money?!'

MaHeidsGouping Thu 31-Oct-19 13:51:20

Angela asked the wrong daughter for her eggs grin.......tho this daughter is serving 20 years for child abuse if the article I read is true.

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Oct-19 14:09:42

Just watched the one that was on yesterday- I did feel for Avery. Tim and Jennifer will never have sex. Darcey getting the key was hilarious. Can't believe Benjamin still doesn't know the bride price and that he's married to someone without them even speaking to his 5 year old son!!

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Oct-19 14:11:15

@PreschoolYes completely agree about Ronald - he's never going to get a visa for the US so what is she going to do?! I felt really uncomfortable with her son calling him dad as well.

PreschoolYes Thu 31-Oct-19 15:07:32

I'd forgotten about Benjamin and Akyini, he does seem quite controlling and also completely out of his depth. Her getting drunk off half a Margherita was odd.

Zied is hilarious, all they do is repeat what each other says back to them.
'This is so beautiful'
'so beautiful'
'I love you'
'I love you so much'

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 31-Oct-19 16:03:11

Yes, Id forgotten Akini getting drunk on one sip of drink!
The set up with him having to pay, and them saying its not enough is weird, but then he comes across as a controlling bore.

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 31-Oct-19 16:04:42

Daniel and his new Dad Ronald is really uncomfortable to watch.
What on earth was Tiffany thinking?

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Oct-19 17:32:25

Zied and his hair makes me feel a bit sick...

SavageBeauty73 Thu 31-Oct-19 18:40:02

The Ronald South African one is nuts. Why would she get pregnant? Do they not research the countries they are moving to? Her poor son must be so confused.

northernstars Fri 01-Nov-19 11:56:29

@PreschoolYes whenever Zied is on I put so in front of everything... so cold, so hungry, so nice...
I love the Gogglebox type programme that's on after it.
I cannot believe they are bringing Jesse back for the tell all.

InglouriousBasterd Fri 01-Nov-19 12:04:07

Maria appears in the Tell All too - she is real!! Turns out she’s a ‘pay for messages’ type, works for an agency.

Angela is hideous. I like Rebecca and weirdly her and Zied seem well matched?! Probably because they do just repeat each other grin

I feel for Avery but it was total immaturity to not look into the travel ban and alternatives before marrying the guy she met 3 days earlier...

WeMarchOn Fri 01-Nov-19 22:43:40

I watch it all, i literally laughed out loud when Tom gave Darcey a key 🤣

MaHeidsGouping Sun 03-Nov-19 21:32:49

Just saw that there is a new season starting in the US tonight so we'll probably get it soon! I can't believe how addicted I am to this show grin.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 03-Nov-19 22:56:45

Can't wait for the new one.

Myshitisreal Mon 04-Nov-19 00:03:48

I love 90 days and have watched it for a few years. I'm pretty up to date but missed the season with larissa and colt. Caesar makes me want to weep. Rebecca should never have lied about the divorce on top of her catfish pictures its a lot of deception. Angela is pure gas, Michaels just after a visa i reckon. Can't work omar out at all. Laura seems a bit naive or something, her and aladins relationship makes me cringe. Her sons behaviour was bizarre during the recent tell all, he literally couldn't take the smile off his face. Darcey is cringe but I do think her sister plays too get darcy to react, and darcy unfairly gets the blame

Stillfunny Mon 04-Nov-19 08:28:03

Also my guilty pleasure. Have watched all since the start.
Get very invested in it. Some couples are more interesting than others.
How can Cesear be an actor? Fake his job , his friends?
Paul and Karine both seem too have some intellectual disabilities which are worrying.His background in arson, stalking , does seem scary.
Cory seems like the town fool .
Laura and Angela comes across as the " love scam " situations that you read about.
Although poor Michael seems to have got the worst bargain! Wonder when he decides that going to the US is not worth it
Rachel and Zied the same. He is getting the bad end of the bargain.How many times has she been married?
And Tom portrays himself as a London toff when he really comes from Nottingham . Heard that he takes money from Darcey. Aah Darcey, my favourite ! She has an OK life in US . But is desperate for love .And so needy. The men are so cruel to her. So sad that she cries so much.
Poor Sumit in an arranged marriage. Very weak man , but seems to be genuine in his feelings for Jenny.

Wow, I really am over invested!grin

WeMarchOn Tue 05-Nov-19 06:45:12

Who is Rachel?

WeMarchOn Tue 05-Nov-19 06:59:49

Oh wait you meant Rebecca

SavageBeauty73 Wed 06-Nov-19 20:52:54

Darcy is so needy!!! It's sad. Her and her twin have such a competitive relationship.

user764329056 Wed 06-Nov-19 23:39:26

Have watched every episode since the beginning too, first series was a few years ago, have been hooked ever since!

northernstars Thu 07-Nov-19 16:14:51

New series starts 20th November

Myshitisreal Fri 15-Nov-19 21:21:23

I know I've got my series link 😂 has anyone watched the episode about Sumit and jenny. I got bored strangely or maybe just wasn't in the mood

Christmastree43 Sat 16-Nov-19 12:27:29

Where do you guys watch this?? It sounds right up my street!

MaHeidsGouping Sat 16-Nov-19 14:01:25

It's on TLC channel.

I've recorded the Jenny and Summit episode but in the past when the episode is about one couple it's just repeats of what we've saw so I end up turning it off.

northernstars Mon 18-Nov-19 15:07:58

Did anyone see Jesse on the tell all talking about his inspirational speaking business?!?

Myshitisreal Wed 20-Nov-19 20:00:40

New season on tlc now!

RozTheSchnoz Wed 20-Nov-19 20:56:56

I'm just on season 3 of Before the 90 days and I don't think there's a single couple I'm rooting for!
Not that that's stopping me watching it of course!
Rebecca and Zied seem completely doomed, as do Avery (bless her) and Omar.
Poor, poor Cesar still sending Maria money he doesn't have 😢
I don't think anyone is convinced that Tom is into Darcey are they? That trip to Albania was jaw-dropping!
Was never sure about Elizabeth and Benjamin; didn't like him telling her off about the drinking but feel like this bride price thing is trapping him...
Michael needs to accept that Angela is not the woman for him - what a car crash!
Jennifer and Tim are such a strange couple - why won't he have sex with her? They seem doomed too!

Way too over-invested over here blush

Span1elsRock Wed 20-Nov-19 21:09:52

I'm sure I read online that Tim is transgender, which would explain an awful lot...........

Darcey and Tom aren't genuine, they have zero chemistry. Both Darcey and Stacey are just using the show for exposure and list themselves as "actors" -

Ceaser is also rumoured to be an actor, and it's pretty clear that he's used/paid Marea to appear as his girlfriend.

I loved the first few seasons but now sadly I think people are using it for TV exposure rather than being in genuine relationships. Still watch it though grin

northernstars Sat 30-Nov-19 11:45:51

Anyone watching the new series? The young Brazilian girl putting a car on Michael's credit card!!

MaHeidsGouping Sat 30-Nov-19 18:38:24

I'm watching, I haven't warmed to any couples yet.

Annie is going to get bored of playing mum soon, especially since he expected her to share a bed straight away.

Surely the model is just after his money and green card.

The one going out with the South African guy seems really full on and I'm sure I read she is pregnant.

yummytummy Sat 30-Nov-19 18:51:13

the beekeeper woman! i can't believe she just moves this random dude straight into her home with her 3 boys. he seems a little simple also. and the brazilian girl obviously has something going on to not get a visa

northernstars Sat 30-Nov-19 19:20:49

Did you see Pillow Talk afterward - beekeepers mam saying they stone and behead people in Turkey and would he start picking up stones in the car park if she was out of line!!

PreschoolYes Sat 30-Nov-19 20:39:22

We haven't warmed to any of the new couples yet, I've read a few spoilers on Instagram though.

It seems like there are more people getting kids involved which I think is a disaster waiting to happen, especially the lady with the 3 boys and the Turkish fiancé.

The woman in Russia, speaking no Russian after 3 years, and having this bloke's third baby as his third partner/wife! Blimey.

Michael and Juliana seem like such a cliche, his ex wife seems to be sensible, but they remind me of that similar couple where he also had a Thai ex wife and he bought her the same car and spoke to her like a child, was her name Nicki?

The chap with the fiancé from Dominican Republic, with the little boy, I can't believe you'd get engaged after spending 8 hours together. The little boy is quite sweet but she's in for a shock I think.

The woman with the South African partner, she seems quite intense and he's the opposite, so relaxed. Who brings all their friends to the airport, tells them to disappear for 2 hours so they can have sex then they all go out again together? Odd. I keep thinking his name should be spelt St John.

MaHeidsGouping Sat 30-Nov-19 21:52:32

Tiffany from the last series got her boy involved far too much far too quickly, I think he started calling her boyfriend "Dad" before even meeting him in person.

SchadenfreudePersonified Sun 01-Dec-19 21:09:27

This sounds fascinating - what channel is it on?

northernstars Sun 01-Dec-19 23:13:12


SchadenfreudePersonified Mon 02-Dec-19 17:09:24

Thanks northern

MaHeidsGouping Wed 18-Dec-19 12:46:20

Saw this on IG, apparently Michael is going to speak to his lawyers as he wants to spill the beans on what really goes on with production, scenes etc but as they all sign NDA's he isn't saying too much just now.

I still haven't warmed to any couples, maybe because it seems to be season after season. Just watched a clip on Darcy's IG and she's back for the next season with Tom.

northernstars Wed 18-Dec-19 16:10:12

I think this season is crawling along too. I really enjoy the Gogglebox-type programme on afterwards though.

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