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Ben Fogle - New Lives In The Wild.

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HowlsMovingBungalow Tue 29-Oct-19 22:14:56

Anyone else watching? I have loved his previous series
I admired the mother in this first episode, very brave out there on her own with little human contact.

Loveislandaddict Mon 02-Dec-19 11:22:17

Just watched the Swedish one. I admired her life and she seems very content, and the little lad is lovely.

However, I wanted to know what of the future. Home schooling, socialising with other children etc?

I’m glad Grandma is near to provide support.

sniffingthewax Fri 15-Nov-19 13:31:19

Just caught up with the Sweden episode. I had to laugh at Annalisa calling herself self sufficient, yes love, with a massive hand out from her parents and free childcare! If she can earn 300 euros from a few hours busking then I must learn to play an instrument. I think there is a massive backstory to this.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Thu 14-Nov-19 21:20:48

Nice one!

mencken Thu 14-Nov-19 17:03:36

there's a blog...

enjoy, fellow sheeple... wink

cushioncovers Wed 13-Nov-19 22:05:57

Be interesting to revisit this latest couple in a few years to see what they're up to.

dottypotter Wed 13-Nov-19 14:55:52

great programme.

sniffingthewax Wed 13-Nov-19 12:00:26

I need to start watching this series but as with Kevin McCleod's version I'm sure most of these families have some sort of business that they forget to mention. All of the 'living a simple life off the land' is usually rubbish.

purpleme12 Wed 13-Nov-19 11:05:41

Couldn't really understand the couple last night. I couldn't really understand why you'd decide to live so close together when it seems a tumultuous relationship

But when she was saying she thinks it does the children more good to be around adults than children I really disagreed. I think children do l get so much from being around children, totally different to bring around adults.
And they probably misbehaved cos it was a novelty rather than a regular thing.

Orchidflower1 Wed 13-Nov-19 11:01:38

It seems a short series this one- only four episodes. I know BF has said he wants to spend more time in the uk.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 13-Nov-19 10:59:49

This series has been really good so far I think.

Omg once those kids escape that island they are going to rebel big time! Imagine living there with those two bonkers people and no kids to play withshock

HowlsMovingBungalow Wed 13-Nov-19 10:56:58

I managed to last 20 minutes of last nights programme before switching off - absolute bollocks the pair of them.

Pieceofpurplesky Tue 12-Nov-19 23:26:19

The guy tonight was crazy. His parent partner was batshit too. From Hooters to isolation. I wonder what happened to change her.

Not a great environment for the kids. Bickering parents and no contact with any other kids as mum doesn't like them.

Certainly not eco warriors!

notacooldad Tue 12-Nov-19 23:21:40

Dh was laughing at tonights episode saying that the guy was like an old boyfriend of mine, before him ( obviously!) Likeable but in small doses. I think the guy's partner thinks the same by the look of it!

Bigoldwimp Tue 12-Nov-19 22:55:41

I agree.
I was fascinated but couldn’t work it out. She seemed to get drunk with a neighbour and move to Ethiopia after a glass of wine, then find a driver who had 600,000 to invest in a remote restaurant. Wacky , commendable ..totally unfathomable.

Then tonight was that rather likeable inventor with all his “genetic capabilities “. What did he do to earn enough money to pay off his loans in a year and then buy land?

HowlsMovingBungalow Tue 12-Nov-19 09:23:57

Yes, I found the Ethopian episode disjointed. Couldn't put my finger on why, nothing meshed together.

funmummy48 Tue 12-Nov-19 08:56:30

I found Susan in Ethiopia a bit of a conundrum. She seemed like a lovely lady and had integrated well into the local community but I couldn’t quite get my head round how she ended up there. The restaurant was really odd, especially as they were serving Shepherds Pie, despite the difficulty of obtaining potatoes! 😳 It all seemed rather odd.

purpleme12 Sun 10-Nov-19 10:27:57

Yes I watch them all I love it!

cushioncovers Sun 10-Nov-19 09:59:26

Anyone watched this weeks with Susan who's in Ethiopia? Brave lady.

Loopytiles Mon 04-Nov-19 17:09:08

Sure, but her choices are extreme, and most of us fund our own choices.

purpleme12 Mon 04-Nov-19 16:33:33

But then every adult is imposing their wishes onto their child at that age. You bring your child up how you want. The child certainly doesn't know any different at this age!

Loopytiles Mon 04-Nov-19 16:18:55

bankrolled by her parents and imposIng her wishes on her DC.

dottypotter Mon 04-Nov-19 16:17:43

she was not selfish and silly how opiniated and nasty to say that. She was doing whats right for her at the moment. I doubt it will always be like that as the boy grows up. Good for her.

Chottie Sat 02-Nov-19 20:24:53

There was no mention about what happens if she or her child are ill or need a dentist etc. It would be interesting to revisit her in 5 years time and see how her life has changed.

I agree with PP about the knotted rope bed guard..........

Wishuponaleprechaun Sat 02-Nov-19 09:12:05

I thought she was a good mum and the bond she had with her child was sweet.

BUT, she was a complete hypocrite ‘I could never do the 9-5 life, it’s not for me.’ Fair enough, it is soul destroying however it was the 9-5 life that her parents lived that enabled them to buy property to sell to benefit HER! So she doesn’t want the life for herself but she’s happy to live off the proceeds of it by other people that have had to endure it hmm

I wish her well but she’s slightly deluded!

purpleme12 Fri 01-Nov-19 16:23:31

Yes the bit about her parents being allowed to grow because of her! 😆

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