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childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 13:38:32

Just thort id post a converstion about PARANPRMAL TV.

I am an avid fan of all things. Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, John Edwards, Street psychic.

I went to see colin fry a few weeks ago and he was g8. Going to see Mr Acorah in November and am really exccited. Me and me sil and mil are all viewers!

Am i sad or normal? Join my thread and offer me support that im not strange!

MistressMary Sat 25-Sep-04 13:54:54

I like all things that bump in the night too.
Seen Colin Fry last year, very good.
Love Most Haunted with Derek Acorah and Yvette Fielding.
I will be a little strange with you then.

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:01:26

I've seen derek and love colin fry. He's coming to the boro soon but I think all the tickets have gone?

no you're not alone childmindersam.

whymummy Sat 25-Sep-04 14:02:08

i love it too!!!
at the moment i can only watch sixth sense and crossing over as dh won't let me watch anything like that at night,is there anything else during the day?

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:02:44

why don't u tape most haunted?

Lowryn Sat 25-Sep-04 14:04:08

Love it love it love it.
I want to go and see Derek too. DH wants him to ask his Mum (recently departed) a few questions!

childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 14:05:29

My dh hates me wathcing all this stuff to. he hates the fact that the tv downstairs is mine from 9 til 10.30 on a tuesday night! It doesnt matter that he watches all sports all the time! Have recently read dereks books as well. Now im gonna say something i mite regret but i find derek acorah very attractive in a weird way! His eyes are so blue nad i just think its his aura i love so much! NOW DO U ALL THINK IM MAD?

linniewith2 Sat 25-Sep-04 14:07:02

I've not got sky anymore but try to catch M.H on ftn.......I love it. I thought John Edwards was great and I have been to see a medium at skeggy, it was great and he seemed very accurate but you never know if the people in the audience were plants untill they chose you!

MistressMary Sat 25-Sep-04 14:08:30

Thats not the first time I've heard that he is attractive,for an older man.

Lowryn Sat 25-Sep-04 14:09:14

childmindersam - yes
Now that skeptic bloke on most haunted...Matthew something or another, now he's okay!

whymummy Sat 25-Sep-04 14:10:09

i know juniper but fil did something to our video and i can't get it to record,i can't find the instructions either,i will have to try and fix it because i love most haunted

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:11:04

Oh yes I'd snog derek

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:11:29

but only if Sam wasn't watching

yingers74 Sat 25-Sep-04 14:11:53

I am a complete chicken, i hope to never see anything BUT i do love to watch most hauted largely because Yvette is so funny. However hubby really hates it so i hardly catch it anymore
i caught one episode of that programme dead famous with gail porter, it was terrifying and i could not sleep that night!

childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 14:17:05

Im am also terrified when i watch MH. I do confess that unless my hubby comes down to get me after Most Haunted i either leave all the lights on to go to bed or it has been known for me to sit on the sofa and not move till 3 am when my dh realised iwasnt in bed and came and got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a soft spot for the old paranormal investigator PHIL WHYMAN too!!!!!

Lowryn Sat 25-Sep-04 14:18:19

LOL JuniperDewdrop re Sam not watching!

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:20:22

Oh I'd rather snog phil wyman any day but if he was out then derek would do

childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 14:25:51

Phils website is good and you get a proper photo of him signed by him! Not some mass produced pr photo!!!!!!

MistressMary Sat 25-Sep-04 14:28:05

Other things I used to watch were Scariest Places on Earth and Famous and frightened.
Oh and always did like the spooky things, used to love Rentaghost too!

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:31:29

oooooo CMS please give me the link so I can drool whilst dh is out

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:32:15

I wonder where Phil went though

childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 14:38:00

phils now doind loads of stuff inc painting and music. hes got an album out and you can purchase his paintings. WEBSITE is

JuniperDewdrop Sat 25-Sep-04 14:42:27


childmindersam Sat 25-Sep-04 14:42:57


moomina Sat 25-Sep-04 14:46:13

omg - I do have a soft spot for Phil but can't help sniggering at the video clip before you enter his site.

'Investigator, author, musician...' oh, Phil, you Renaissance man, you...

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