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Page 16 | Home and Away era Hanging out at Salt with Dean

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SleepingStandingUp Fri 04-Oct-19 23:08:19

New thread for H&A chatter natter. No spoilers on this one pls

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AiryFairy1 Fri 27-Mar-20 08:32:14

Oh no, it’s 30 mins escapism keeping me sane after a long day of “please sit and do your work”, “please do your own work, not your brother’s”, “OMG are you STILL on that worksheet?!” ....needless to say homeschooling is not going brilliantly atm 🤦🏻‍♀️

Uhtredswoman Tue 21-Apr-20 07:00:20

Going back on Wednesday too now! Gradually creeping back on to our screens!

Did anyone wonder if Leah had been on a surgery break?! Her lips were terrible again in the scenes she reappeared in!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Tue 21-Apr-20 07:12:20

I think I read that she had been to Greece for a family wedding or something.

What's interesting me as I watch her return to the Bay is the realisation that she is a much worse actor than Sam Frost (Jasmine) when she has to do the heavy scenes. I have totally believed Jasmine's grief and devastation but Ada just isn't cutting it at the moment. She looks like someone acting, iyswim.

KatieKat88 Tue 21-Apr-20 10:36:06

Just saw yesterday's - that escalated quickly! Just grateful that we don't have weeks of Leah stuck in that house, so weird!

Uhtredswoman Mon 27-Apr-20 19:50:45

So glad H&A is three times a week now... I need my sun/beach/beautiful people fix while in lockdown!!

Did anyone spot the missing person poster still up in the diner today? grin

CurbsideProphet Wed 29-Apr-20 16:52:08

Now Leah is safe will the next storyline be a medical emergency for Justin? I'm surprised he's not had a break down. Perhaps he'll start setting fire to things are night like John did grin

CurbsideProphet Fri 01-May-20 14:01:43

Crikey they really eeked out the Alex leaving storyline.

I was glad to see Marilyn finally telling John off for being small minded etc. Hopefully he will just leave.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Fri 01-May-20 14:04:51

Alex was such a dull character! And in every single scene she was in, she wore those ankle boots. They were literally her only footwear.

I wasn't actually paying attention to any of her storyline, so had plenty of time to notice the boots.

KatieKat88 Fri 01-May-20 15:46:09

I laughed out loud* when Tori said her enormous baby was 95 percentile - no shit!

*actually in my head as my baby (who is several months older and probably still smaller) is being a bugger today for waking up early from naps - send wine

KatieKat88 Fri 01-May-20 15:46:52

And she's awake. Ffs!

AiryFairy1 Fri 01-May-20 16:10:57

Oh the whole Alex storyline was so dull. And her blazers were annoying grin just leave already ... these protracted goodbyes 🙄

Uhtredswoman Tue 08-Sep-20 06:58:19

I just posted this on the other H&A thread I randomly found and thought it was this one, but...
What's with the new Sarge?!!

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