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Life without Geoffrey - will we survive? Doctors peep peep!

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NutButterNutter Tue 01-Oct-19 15:40:47

New thread because I'm catching up and HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?!? Wtaf. Not sure I can carry on. He was meant to be PM.

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 01-Oct-19 15:44:13

I was expecting Fuzzy to have started this with that title
🐈 wine

blamethecat Tue 01-Oct-19 16:13:55

Excellent title, the story is already running longer than some other plots !

NutButterNutter Tue 01-Oct-19 16:48:22

I'm yet to move on from Initial Death episode but will try tonight. I'm glad they're not just forgetting him and I hope it becomes intertwined into a lengthy mystery storyline. Maybe with Eve and Izzy and ending with Val killing off Ruhma and Daniel?

FuzzyPuffling Tue 01-Oct-19 16:53:53

Sorry..I would have done but I got distracted by a flat car battery.

FuzzyPuffling Tue 01-Oct-19 16:55:08

Maybe there is something dodgy about Val's wardrobe that poisoned Geoffrey. Maybe we could entice Daniel, Ruhma, BT and Gobby in there....

ExpletiveDelighted Tue 01-Oct-19 17:25:13

Thanks for the new thread Nut, hoping to catch up tonight.

Raahh Tue 01-Oct-19 17:27:22

Just popping in to say- love the title!

Haven't seen today's yet, will try to catch up later.

TDogsInHats Wed 02-Oct-19 07:42:29

Raahh I've just caught up. Sorry to hear that your dear boy is in hospital. Let's hope this one help him and work towards better mental

TDogsInHats Wed 02-Oct-19 07:43:06

Nutbutter, excellent thread titlegrin thank you.

TDogsInHats Wed 02-Oct-19 07:45:29

Well we've had the lion in the wardrobe. Who's going to be the witch? I hate Daniel, but I feel like Becky is being love bombed by Daniel.
It's all going to explode once Izzy is on the scene. I can't wait

SubisYodrethwhenLarping Wed 02-Oct-19 11:02:44


Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:54:23

Thank you TDog
I've missed the beginning.

I caught up on yesterday's. shock at Becky calling her Joe and Daniel her little family.

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:55:24

Eh? Daniel booked the spa hotel thing , presumably early on - he's such a hypocrite.

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:56:35

Why was there a loo brush on the shrine?

She is going to stuff him- I KNEW IT!

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:57:17

Or maybe not.

A Geoffrey tattoo? grin

MyKingdomforaNameChange Wed 02-Oct-19 13:58:00

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that the real Geoffrey (aka Robbie the ginger moggy) is alive and well! He belongs to a friend of mine. Search Bengal Cat World on Facebook to see his and his friends adventures!

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:58:09

She bought cushions.

Daniel likes Zara- clutter free style.

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 13:58:49

MyKingdom grin

Aww, lovely. Hello Robbie!

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 14:03:46

Poor Val.

But really- she can't leave him there much longer.

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 14:07:20

That's a big certificate, I used to just get a little one in my book.

Been a while since I've been able to donate though.

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 14:08:10

That's rather dramatic for a cat.

I said she'd want a proper funeral. grin.

Geoffrey's art grin

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 14:09:21

Ziggy fancies 6tl grin

Raahh Wed 02-Oct-19 14:10:12

He seems quite nice.

She's done a lot worse grin

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 02-Oct-19 14:10:32

I'm watching but I'm a little bit behind.
Glad to hear real 🐈 is well grin

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