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New Corrie thread ****NO SPOILERS****

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JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 16:28:03

Last thread was full.

I posted this in the last thread but will post again here. It’s what I understand they’ve done to Norris’s house.

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 16:29:59

They’ve taken the bottom half of the stairs and turned them 180degrees so you’re arriving downstairs into the living room. (Where Norris had a dining table) heaven knows why as they’ve basically just lost a shit of living space. they’ve also removed the wall between the living room and front room So it’s all open plan like Devs and they have the dining table at the front like Dev. Then in the space where you walk into the house and what would have been the bottom half of the stairs they’ve made it a hallway And added double doors into the open plan living space. (Again- why???)

NCTDN Fri 20-Sep-19 16:59:38

@JoxerGoesToStuttgart you've invested a lot of time into this! I agree with the plan though.
As Honeyroar put on the last thread, they really need to all be on rightmove so we can see the layout grin

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 17:04:49

grin far too much time. I really need a hobby!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 20-Sep-19 17:44:20

Well, they knocked through into Ken's didn't they grin

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 17:57:06

Yep! grin

keepondreaming Fri 20-Sep-19 17:57:24

Great diagram!

The only thing I can't quite work out is how they seem to have gained a utility room/walk in cupboard at the bottom of the stairs where they knocked through into Kens. In my head, that's where Ken's armchair is!

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 17:59:08

Oh I haven’t even noticed that!

FeltCarrot Fri 20-Sep-19 19:58:04

keepondreaming I noticed that! It’s got to be the shallowest cupboard ever😂😂

eddiemairswife Fri 20-Sep-19 20:02:21

All the new family are overacting like mad; I just wish they would let characters bed in gently.

CoolCarrie Fri 20-Sep-19 20:18:13

Is Shona , or the actress I should say, pregnant? She looks it to me.

CoolCarrie Fri 20-Sep-19 20:19:52

The apron and the shirt she is wearing make her look pregnant

CoolCarrie Fri 20-Sep-19 20:22:07

And what a mess Emily’s house is, who honestly thought it was a good idea to change the location of the stairs? Weird

Deadringer Fri 20-Sep-19 20:26:17

The decor is awful, its so overdone and cluttered looking.

woodhill Fri 20-Sep-19 21:00:55

They mentioned a loft room but when was that done and where was the scaffolding

Gary is unbelievable. Where are his premises. I thought they were in the builders yard

woodhill Fri 20-Sep-19 21:02:11

I always thought the kitchen was to the side in this house but maybe it was the camera angle

PinkDaydreams Fri 20-Sep-19 21:05:00

@CoolCarrieim I think she is yes, I’m sure I’ve seen a picture of her recently with Sophie Webster showing off their baby bumps.

NCTDN Fri 20-Sep-19 21:48:15

What's with the beard on nick?

notanotherone28 Fri 20-Sep-19 21:51:48

Julia Gould (Shona) is pregnant @CoolCarrie

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 22:16:42

So they’ve created a Utility room/cupboard out of the space under the top half of the stairs. I hope they’ve made a little small cupboard at the other side in the front hall to make efficient use of the space grin they’ve gone to all that expense of decorating but they must have run out of money before they did the banisters on the stairs abs it looks like they’ve pinched the fence from a field grin

Gary was so funny when the tall man was standing up to him. What you going to do now Gary the gangster? grin

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Fri 20-Sep-19 22:18:33

So Shona leaving, Sophie leaving, and Sinead leaving. Any other S names they can get rid of while theyre at it? Sean?? Sfizz? grin

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 20-Sep-19 22:23:13

I think so far they are portraying the cancer storyline well, I’m glad they are showing Sinead being angry and lashing out rather than the easy soap version option of immediately accepting her fate and lying serenely in bed, maybe that will come towards the end. I am annoyed though with the Bethany storyline and the possibility of Daniel being ‘comforted’ by her it seems so distasteful, if the storyline had been the other way around I don’t think they would have portrayed Sinead possibly falling for another man, mind you in soapland cancer is pretty much something only women get...... Sinead, Hayley, Sally, Maria had breast lump, Rita had a brain tumour, the only male I can think of is Robert and he recovered from that quicker than most people recover from a cold.

Clawdy Fri 20-Sep-19 22:23:52

As if Mary would tell Ed his wife was having a heart attack! ! shock

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 20-Sep-19 22:30:04

It’s the ugliest revamp of a house ever on Coronation Street! Those stairs look like they are made out of kindling! I’m sure building control would have something to say. At least Emily’s house had a bit of retro granny chic about it, and decent stairs........

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 20-Sep-19 22:33:33

I like Sally’s house, now it’s been revamped it looks so welcoming and cosy, she had Ashley and Clurs decor for way too long.. Yasmeen’s house is nice as well.

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