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E.R. fans, the whole lot on all 4

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blamethecat Thu 19-Sep-19 18:23:13

blamethecat Thu 19-Sep-19 18:24:23

Sorry link fail

100PercentThatBitch Thu 19-Sep-19 18:26:20

Thanks for this heads up

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 19-Sep-19 18:27:31

Wow this is amazing. Thanks grin.

Mummabear2212 Thu 19-Sep-19 18:27:45

I've re watched it all fairly recently and think once I've caught up with Downton (only on s4) I might have to re watch eR again!!

Mummabear2212 Thu 19-Sep-19 18:28:03


Deathgrip Thu 19-Sep-19 18:30:33

Wow - first The Shield and now ER? Good work All 4

iloveredwine Thu 19-Sep-19 18:57:27

i wish i could watch it as a newbie!!!

30not13 Thu 19-Sep-19 19:01:12

Oooh great ! Had to buy the box sets and have got as far as end of season 8 😪😪😪 but can save my cash nowsmile

yummytummy Thu 19-Sep-19 19:07:47

i can only see seasons 1 and 2 on there? is it definitely all seasons as they aren't coming up for me

fatulousatforty Thu 19-Sep-19 19:11:37

Made my day this has

blamethecat Thu 19-Sep-19 19:26:31

yummytummy my understanding was it will be released one series per week ?

yummytummy Thu 19-Sep-19 20:13:03

ah thanks blamethecat will look out for it weekly then

ExpletiveDelighted Thu 19-Sep-19 20:14:59

Brilliant, thank you Blame smile

Thegreymethod Thu 19-Sep-19 20:18:35

Wow love it!! I can't wait to watch all over again and I only watched it for the first time last year all 15 series!

boomshake Thu 19-Sep-19 20:23:46

I can't find it!!!

maidenover Thu 19-Sep-19 20:25:50

Brilliant I spent my maternity leave with DC1 watching this and now I can do the same with DC3 smile

DowntonCrabby Thu 19-Sep-19 20:27:17

Thank you @blamethecat!

Iwanttoseethesea Thu 19-Sep-19 20:33:04

I've been waiting AGES for this to happen !!! Loved ER !!!

Vagndidit Thu 19-Sep-19 20:37:01

All series?? Or will it be like the last attempt when it aired (on CBS Drama???) a year or two ago and just abruptly stopped after series 4.

FlyingFlamingo Thu 19-Sep-19 20:57:39

After the CBS fiasco I spent a fortune on box sets! I’m up to s13 now, I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself when I’ve finished.

Thegreymethod Thu 19-Sep-19 22:13:14

Who was everyones favourite? I loved Carol and Doug, and of course dr Greene couldn't stand Romano at first then he turned into my favourite!

SarahTancredi Thu 19-Sep-19 22:15:54

No votes for dr gates?

I hope they go past season 4 this time

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 19-Sep-19 22:20:19

Favourites always have to be Carol and Mark smile.

Cracklycaramel Thu 19-Sep-19 22:36:27

Oooh. Off work at the moment and this will fill my days nicely.

Doug rescuing the kid from the storm drain is a particular favourite.

ExpletiveDelighted Thu 19-Sep-19 22:50:53

I cam find it on the All 4 app on my phone but not through my Sky box which is annoying.

superoz Thu 19-Sep-19 23:42:22

Oh yes!!! That is the best news! That’s all my spare time out of the window...

RaininSummer Thu 19-Sep-19 23:43:42

Never seen ER so hope all series will be there.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 19-Sep-19 23:49:19

So excited about this smile Have been trying to decide whether I can justify the cost of the DVD boxset, now I don’t have to

blamethecat Fri 20-Sep-19 06:05:22

How far did CBS show it ? I've a terrible memory and can't remember how far I got blush

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 20-Sep-19 07:19:54

Look out for all the now stars that are in it that you may have missed first time around:

Shia Lebouf
Emile Hirsch
Chris Pine
Zac Efron
Christina Hendricks
Eva Mendes
Dakota Fanning to name a few

I love ER, loved Benton, Greene, Corday, Weaver, Hathaway, Lewis, disliked Abby, Malucci, Kovac and Carter

Grambler Fri 20-Sep-19 07:20:05

Up to the end of series 4. Why did they stop? When will All4 have series 5?

ineedaholidaynow Fri 20-Sep-19 07:28:41

I can’t believe how young George Clooney looks

SinkGirl Fri 20-Sep-19 08:39:26

I’m not sure if I can watch the episodes with the shooting followed by the c section again (trying not to give anything character-specific away there for those who haven’t seen it yet!). Or the eclampsia episode in S1 or S2, can’t remember - that was brutal enough before I had kids.

ineedaholidaynow Fri 20-Sep-19 08:51:26

I have never seen the last episode, I recorded it when it was first shown on tv and then couldn’t face watching it as I didn’t want to accept that ER was over blush

Thegreymethod Fri 20-Sep-19 09:15:33

@PutyourtoponTrevor there's loads isn't there! I noticed Julie Bowen and Eric stonestreet (Claire and Cameron from modern family) but I didn't realise it was her till a few episodes in!
A few greys anatomy stars too if I remember correctly, Jessica capshaw who plays Arizona.

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 20-Sep-19 09:44:44

Thegreymethod I forgot about Julie Bowen, I've only ever seen her with long hair. Ariel Winter was in ER too when she was about 10 ish, cracking little actress

magicstar1 Fri 20-Sep-19 10:06:17

It says they're adding a new series every week, so I think there's only a couple up a the moment.

I started The Shield last week and I'm up to series 7 - it's brilliant!

ALemonyPea Fri 20-Sep-19 10:09:23

Excellent! I need something to binge watch during op recovery in a few weeks. That's me sorted.

sigmaalphamu Fri 20-Sep-19 10:15:02

Fuck sake I literally just bought series 1 on Amazon for £20

Deathgrip Fri 20-Sep-19 11:39:58

If it’s anything like The Shield, there’ll be really annoyingly placed adverts on All 4 so you might be better off!

100PercentThatBitch Fri 20-Sep-19 12:55:04

Do you know who I couldn't bear?

Susan's sister Chloe

God she gave me the pip

I've only seen the actress in one other thing and she annoyed the shit out of me in that too

Thegreymethod Fri 20-Sep-19 14:46:42

@PutyourtoponTrevor yes she was! I knew there was some else from modern family! I bet you could spot someone new everytime you watched it! I loved the one with Miranda from sex and the city I think she'd had a stroke but you saw it from her POV.
@100PercentThatBitch yes! Couldn't stand chloe!

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 20-Sep-19 16:39:04

Thegreymethod alone in a crowd I think that episode was called with Miranda in it, one of my favourites. Also love the very first episode where we met them all. I have them all on DVD and regularly re-watch, DP still not a fan though

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 20-Sep-19 16:41:25

Felt a bit sorry for Chloe, she couldn't fight the pull of the drugs could she. Loved Maggie, Sally Field is brilliant in that role

Thegreymethod Fri 20-Sep-19 17:09:54

@PutyourtoponTrevor love the first episode too! I loved that the first line in the first episode was also the last like in the last episode. I watched for the first time last year but going to start again, the only one I ever watched the first time it was on was the one with Ewen Mcgregor in, I seem to remember there being a big hype about it at the time.

motorcyclenumptiness Sun 22-Sep-19 13:37:27

I'd forgotten what an absolute git Doug was. And Benton was almost smiley in the first episode. 1994 ... happy times!

TeslaGirls Sun 22-Sep-19 13:43:42

Ooh thanks for this grin

Currently working my way through Waterloo Road blush on iPlayer so by the time I get through that, series 5 E.R. should be available- im another who was pissed off with CBS last year!

30not13 Sun 22-Sep-19 19:08:34

New season released every Friday 🤗

Chocaholic4672 Sun 22-Sep-19 19:26:43

I can’t find it confused

Ontheboardwalk Sun 22-Sep-19 20:44:11

I can’t find it either...

Ontheboardwalk Sun 22-Sep-19 20:46:16

Ignore me. I found it on the app on my iPad but not on search on my sky box

ExpletiveDelighted Sun 22-Sep-19 20:47:36

That's what I'm finding, its only on my phone app but not Sky.

TheFutureIs Sun 22-Sep-19 21:09:14

Gutted, can't find it on All4 on my TiVo

ineedaholidaynow Sun 22-Sep-19 21:26:26

I've found it through our PS4

Idbemonica1 Mon 23-Sep-19 14:50:44

Another one here having trouble finding it, no luck with Virgin Media 😥 can find it on my phone though.

ExpletiveDelighted Mon 23-Sep-19 14:57:26

Apparently there is an issue with rights for American shows on some platforms. I'm going to try the X-box later but its not connected to the TV I normally watch on.

endofthelinefinally Mon 23-Sep-19 17:07:04

I am binge watching it on All4. Fantastic timing as I have been really ill for a few weeks and it is a great distraction. I am bored with netflix.

30not13 Mon 23-Sep-19 19:01:40

I've seen it there through the PS4 if thats any help?

StroppyWoman Mon 23-Sep-19 21:50:27

I'm 7 episodes into S1 and have cried about 4 times.

I loved it so much 25 years ago, I'm delighted to see it again

TomHagenMakesMyBosomTremble Mon 23-Sep-19 22:15:25

Hooray! Found my people! I own the lot on dvd (just got my final missing season for my birthday) but excited to watch along from the begining without having to change any dvds! I started watching around S11, so initially I watched 11-15 & then worked my way back from 10. Really excited to watch it "in order".

There are very few characters I actively dislike, too, which is a plus. Mark & Elizabeth forever! So many good episodes. The Cynthia Nixon stroke ep is brilliant. Also one where Archie diagnoses and treats someone with multiple personalities stands out for me.

Vagndidit Mon 23-Sep-19 22:24:16

I haven't been able to find it on More4 either but it seems that Cbs Drama is airing Season 6 right now. Must have missed 5 somewh along the way...

30not13 Tue 24-Sep-19 07:45:54

It's on all4. The ch4 version of iplayer if you like, not on an actual channel

mumdebump Tue 24-Sep-19 08:02:33

CBS Drama is still cycling through S1-6. Currently on S6 and S1 about to start again next week! Need to find S7- onwards on All4.

lynsey91 Tue 24-Sep-19 13:58:34

I can't get on All4 through Sky. I can find it on the Channel 4 website and watch it on my laptop although I would much prefer to watch it on tv

endofthelinefinally Tue 24-Sep-19 14:06:29

Don't you have a cable to plug your lap top into the tv? I do that for everything I watch online.

ExpletiveDelighted Tue 24-Sep-19 14:16:23

No, I don't use a laptop (I have an IMac but I don't want to watch at my desk). We can normally get everything we want to watch via Sky or the x-box so never needed to.

FrenchyQ Wed 25-Sep-19 17:59:44

Theres only 2 seasons on all4....just got to the end of season 2 and realised!

100PercentThatBitch Wed 25-Sep-19 18:51:30


One of the PP says that the next season gets put on every Friday

FrenchyQ Wed 25-Sep-19 20:02:37

Oh phew....I didnt really watch it first time around and pretty hooked already!

endofthelinefinally Wed 25-Sep-19 20:11:16

How many episodes are there per season?

ThanosSavedMe Wed 25-Sep-19 20:12:19

Yay. That’s the next few weeks sorted!

Thegreymethod Wed 25-Sep-19 20:34:21

@endofthelinefinally twenty odd episodes per series but some more than others

motorcyclenumptiness Wed 25-Sep-19 20:35:10

How many episodes are there per season?
S1 25
S2 22

endofthelinefinally Wed 25-Sep-19 20:38:41

I am really enjoying watching them in order. I missed so many first time round.
It is great to find a series to get me through some very long and difficult nights.

PusheenLovesPizza Thu 26-Sep-19 23:07:27

I love ER. Bought the strange double sided dvd box set years ago and watched it all through three times in a row back to back (DH looks like Anthony Edwards and was working abroad for a stint).

Loved the episode were they have a rare quiet night. And many, many others.

Oh, I have too much TV to watch now. It’s stacking up. Great problem to have.

StroppyWoman Fri 27-Sep-19 14:35:51

I'm on S1 ep15 now. God, I love this show. I'm crying a lot though.

MrsSergeantSmith Fri 27-Sep-19 14:52:33

Found this the other day and I'm up to S1 e9. So glad to hear they're adding all the series!
Started watching it on CBS last year for it to just stop at S4 I think and go back to the beginning they did the same with Bondi Rescue the bastards I loved ER back in the day, but missed a lot of the episodes.
Been in tears twice already, and not looking forward to a few of the episodes coming up (don't want to spoil it for others so won't mention anything specific!) The stabbing one in particular.
I'm on nights tonight and could be doing loads of things, but I'm binge watching ER today and I don't really care 😁
Favourite characters are Greene, Lewis, Benton, Carter and Malucci. Ross is a great character and a complete shit, same as Romano.
Happy watching everyone!

StroppyWoman Sat 28-Sep-19 11:18:07

I'm enjoying spotting Donna Moss as a poverty-stricken mother whose child has malnutrition and Josh Lyman as the husband in Love's Labour's Lost episode. West Wing stars before there was a West Wing.

(See also Ross Geller as annoying neighbour in 4B in NYPD Blue before there was a Friends)

endofthelinefinally Mon 30-Sep-19 06:12:31

Well, I just got a msg to turn off ad blocker. Right in the middle of an episode. I don't have ad blocker of any sort, so I can't turn it off. I can't play the rest of the episode, so I am stuck. Anybody else had this?

AwdBovril Mon 30-Sep-19 07:06:05

Amazing, thanks OP. I've not seen it since it was originally aired & never got to the later series.

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Mon 30-Sep-19 21:30:53

Am I right in thinking that they've only released three series on All4 so far? Watched up to the end of series three now. Had forgotten so much. What really strikes me is how much of a thing AIDS/HIV still was then. Had also forgotten just how much Hathaway and Ross were always so much in the other's orbit (even when they weren't romantically involved), up to their ending (not that I'm that far through as yet).

I am pretty sure I missed a fair few episodes when it was shown originally, particularly as the series progressed, so will be interesting to see some for the first time. I really liked the Abby and Luka story-line but went off it rather once virtually none of the original cast remained.

Grambler Tue 01-Oct-19 20:54:11

Yep one a week.

ineedaholidaynow Wed 02-Oct-19 01:07:19

I’m just over half way through the first series. I’ve cried a bit too, which I don’t remember doing as much when I first watched it (apart from the obvious episodes) Don’t know whether it is now I am a mum and seem to be so much more emotional or because I have lost a parent in the last few years and find some scenes more distressing than I did before.

TantricTwist Thu 03-Oct-19 13:20:36

So for those of you very familiar with the episodes, are there chunks missing from the episodes.
They seem to suddenly jump to a situation without any explanation such as Hathaway suddenly asking the girl if she wants to move in with her. There is no scene with her talking to her fiancé about it at all other than her saying I want to adopt her and him saying well I don't then driving off. Was more discussion cut or just never existed.

TantricTwist Thu 03-Oct-19 13:25:25

Oops turns out they are adopting together

StroppyWoman Thu 03-Oct-19 13:54:32

Hi Tantric
One of the things people got a bit freaked out by back in '94 was not just the fast and mobile camera work but also the fast-paced dialogue and the way stories moved on without every bit being on-screen.

I'm part way through S2 now. I'd forgotten how much fun Carrie Weaver is as a character.

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:43:01

I find myself much less invested in the Hathaway/Ross storyline this time around.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 03-Oct-19 19:11:12

Don't know if I missed a bit in Series 1 where Hathaway admits to Tag that she had kissed Ross and he walks away from her. But then she and Tag announce their engagement in the next episode. Was there a bit in between that I missed?

StroppyWoman Thu 03-Oct-19 19:20:36

Yes, 25 years on I have a lot less time for Doug Ross’s shenanigans. I’d have fired his ass for Harper alone.

vixb1 Thu 03-Oct-19 19:27:58

Anyone know how long they're going to have these on for?

I've just started Greys Anatomy which I'm really enjoying but only on series 3.

Don't want to miss ER though, hoping they leave it on long enough for me to finish GA!

BertieDrapper Thu 03-Oct-19 20:14:48

How is everyone watching this?

I have sky q but ER isn't showing on the on demand section.

I can't seem to get the all4 app on my TV either!

I was most annoyed when CBS stopped showing the series at season 4 so hoping to continue fromwhere they left off!

Verily1 Thu 03-Oct-19 20:26:12

I’m seeing the early episodes through a different lens since the comments the actress who played Wendy the nurse about Mr Clooney.

Then her awful death :-(

ineedaholidaynow Thu 03-Oct-19 20:26:23

Watching through PS4

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Fri 04-Oct-19 09:19:06

Watching through the All4 app on an iPad.

Crusytoenail Fri 04-Oct-19 10:22:34

I'm watching through All4 app and casting to TV.
Anyone else watching through the app - are you having issues with it jumping back to the start randomly after a set of ads? It can go a couple of episodes with playing the ads and then carrying on fine, but then it'll jump back to the start after every set of ads in an episode. It's not a big deal but a bit annoying!

SisterFarAway Fri 04-Oct-19 20:03:53

Does anyone else have problems playing the episodes on Firefox?
I wanted to watch an episode last night, turned off both my add blocker and anti tracing software, only to find the message "All 4 is only available in the UK."
I am in the UK, my laptop had a German keyboard, but everything else is set to the UK.

Strangely works on Chrome...

Talisin Fri 04-Oct-19 20:54:53

It works well through the All4 app on an amazon fire stick

BertieDrapper Thu 10-Oct-19 20:03:05

Managed to download the app on my DH Xbox!
Watching the last two episodes of season 4 to remember where I left off from the CBS debacle!

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Fri 11-Oct-19 19:17:46

I am amazed at how many of the story arcs I'd forgotten. I also thought Lucy had been in it from much earlier than she was (Series 5).

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