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Spotlight on the Troubles BBC4

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PotterHead1985 Tue 10-Sep-19 23:04:42

Anyone watch this tonight? First of a 7 part series and an hour and a half long.

I live in the Republic. Born in 1985. I grew up with the Troubles. Learning what had happened before I was born and observing what was happening.

My mother was born in 1948 in England. She only moved here in 1973. She said a lot of what we watched tonight she had no idea about as it just wasn't aired on English news as it was Irish. I presume that's as it often painted the government and things in a bad light.

To hear again of so many innocent people getting caught up in the crossfire from the very start is heartbreaking.

To be reminded that people started out in one frame of mind and ended up in another etc.

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