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Channel 5 - Suicidal: In Our Own Words

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HollowTalk Tue 10-Sep-19 22:08:17

Anyone watching this? It's very moving.

Ohmydaysmate Tue 10-Sep-19 22:31:34

I wanted too but I chose the seahorse dad program on bbc 2 but will watch that tomorrow on catch up. I thought it might be a tear jerker

DrowningNotWaving1 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:40:06

I’m watching.
It’s incredibly sad - am in tears here

HollowTalk Tue 10-Sep-19 22:44:59

Some of those men had such sad eyes. Life is so hard for them.

Schuyler Tue 10-Sep-19 22:52:25

I always think people who are so open and raw on these programmes are incredibly brave. I did find it hard to watch.

HollowTalk Tue 10-Sep-19 23:13:35

I think they are very brave, too. It was the younger men that worried me in this programme. I felt the older guy was responding to his fear of his partner dying, whereas the younger ones seemed terribly depressed.

The one I worried about most was the soldier - I felt he would take others with him if he killed himself.

Deathraystare Wed 11-Sep-19 15:15:47

Very very sad. The poor youngster whose dad died then a grandparent? then his mum.

Also the older guy whose partner was dying. A lot of guys I think are very lonely but they really must open up more. I know it is hard for a man to admit he is not coping. I read 'Foxy's' book (ex SAS guy). Very revealing.

I nearly watched the Seahorse dad, but as I work in mental health this is an interest (mind you , so are seahorses! Love them!).

Deathraystare Wed 11-Sep-19 15:33:26

OOps! Just realised on another thread that the seahorse is not what it seems- Not a hippocampus but a male human? Glad I missed that then.

I am old enough to remember when seahorses referred to the lovely little creatures of the sea.....

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