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Recommend me a gentle tv drama

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Treaclebee Tue 10-Sep-19 21:12:43

I am currently making my way through All Creatures Great and Small and absolutely love it.

Have recently also done Lovejoy, Monarch of the Glen, The Good Life and Butterflies.

Can you think of anything else I could watch that is just a gentle pleasant story, without crime, murder, violence, negativity and angst? I'm particularly struggling to think of anything made more recently and frequently end up turning to older series.

SingingSands Tue 10-Sep-19 21:27:01

I used to love Goodnight Sweetheart with Nicholas Lyndhurst. That was good gentle "Sunday night" telly from what I remember.

putthesneckon Tue 10-Sep-19 21:30:21

Doc Martin

CaptainMyCaptain Tue 10-Sep-19 21:31:44


Gormless Tue 10-Sep-19 21:33:14

Where the heart is
Downton Abbey
Upstairs Downstairs
The waltons!

moonlight1705 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:33:38

Not sure if you can find this anywhere but used to love 'The House of Eliot'

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 10-Sep-19 21:38:26

Dinnerladies? Although I suppose not really a drama, it is very warm and no crime or violence.

milliefiori Tue 10-Sep-19 21:38:53

Parks and Rec
Dad's Army

Horehound Tue 10-Sep-19 21:39:05

The durrels?

Helenluvsrob Tue 10-Sep-19 21:39:49

We need someone to re make all creatures great and small!

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 10-Sep-19 21:40:58

Downtown Abbey?

milliefiori Tue 10-Sep-19 21:41:10

Oh yes @CaptainMyCaptain Detectorists is brilliant. I'd happily watch them sit under that tree with their flasks talking about last night's University Challenge for hours! So sweet and lovely.

CountFosco Tue 10-Sep-19 21:41:17

It's hard enough to find things without violence. You might need to put up with a bit of negativity and angst. DH doesn't watch much drama anymore for precisely this reason.

Possible comedies: Ghosts, Mum, Dinnerladies.

KnifeAngel Tue 10-Sep-19 21:41:58

The Darling Buds of May

moreismore Tue 10-Sep-19 21:42:43

Just watching the durrells it’s brilliant

Whitejasmine Tue 10-Sep-19 21:43:18

The Darling buds of May was my absolute fave as a kid - I used to feel really upset when it ended and I knew it was time for bed and school the next day! I have been watching it again recently. I also love miss marple, the older ones with Joan hickson are the best imo. And keeping up appearances for a giggle.

Allice Tue 10-Sep-19 21:43:29

Another vote for the Detectorists, it's just lovely.

GingerRogers84 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:45:39

Sanditon, currently on ITV on Sunday evenings. smile

RuffleCrow Tue 10-Sep-19 21:47:13

Chesapeake Shores! (Netflix)

It is modern but set in a gorgeous location (Maryland coast but shot in Canada) and very gentle, family oriented viewing. It's my respite from the real world at the moment. Slightly cheesy but still v calming.

Bumbags Tue 10-Sep-19 21:48:42

Doc Martin

Gilmore Girls

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Tue 10-Sep-19 21:48:56

Another vote for Ghosts (bbc)

RuffleCrow Tue 10-Sep-19 21:49:06

Ooh and the Detectorists (when i could stop myself from going "those women are both far too hot for those men!") You have to suspend your disbelief a bit.

BonnesVacances Tue 10-Sep-19 21:50:38

If the BBC decide to put Mum back on iPlayer, that's well worth a watch.

LesLavandes Tue 10-Sep-19 21:52:12

Another vote for The Durrels. I'm really enjoying it

SingingSands Tue 10-Sep-19 21:52:30

@Helenluvsrob this is apparently happening!

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