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Anyone else watching new series of Greys Anatomy on Living?

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weirdbird Wed 08-Aug-07 22:41:15

Watched the catch up tonight, was on tenderhooks!

Beanstermummy Thu 09-Aug-07 10:44:21

yep - GA fan here. To the point where I was in tears last week and was even considering George for next child to be (due 30/11/07) - although Peppa Pig's little bruv being goerge is sort of putting me off!

Is it me or is it son nice to have normal types (i.e Cally) portreyed on US TV as sexy woman not just thin blonde types?

Do you watch House too? addicted to that too - praise be to Sky Plus which means I can record it all and watch while DD is asleep and DH off rugby training

weirdbird Thu 09-Aug-07 19:12:43


I do watch House when its on, but its usually repeats and all jumbled up so have no idea of the long running story lines.

Don't you just love George!

It is really nice to have some sexy women that arnt your stick thin blondes, love that Cally or is it Callie, size doesn't even come into the plot (please dont ever let it!)

Would love Sky+ but can only just justify sky, with all the sitting around bf'ing I am doing at the moment, would go insane if I had to watch day time tv.

The advertising for this programme is really terrible though, it put me off watching it for aaaaaages, only got into it by accident cause they repeated the first series and I happened to catch the first episode.

suey2 Thu 09-Aug-07 19:21:13

I think george is such a drip! so weak. the way he behaved to Kalli was dreadful. I'd mich rather have a go at careb- think he has got over his wondering eye after he lost the blonde

weirdbird Thu 09-Aug-07 21:37:15

Ahhhh thats how u spell it!

See I personally go for the Careb's (or I did when I was single ) but ended up with a George type, wouldn't swap him now, but he did take a while to get his act together.

LazyLineLegilimens Thu 09-Aug-07 21:41:08

Am pretty sure it's Karev.

And Callie, short for Calliope.

Beanstermummy Fri 10-Aug-07 11:42:15

Karev / Casreb - Alex even - definitely the type I would go for for good old fashioned fun but.....know what you mean about George but probably the family bit and the way he's shy etc around women that does it for me really. And I think he knows he messed it big time with Callie - they'll be back together soon. Really not into Derek though - don't see the attraction there myself - although all these PG hormones sending my sexy radar out of sync

Rach35 Fri 10-Aug-07 11:56:26

Oh god - I have had a crush on Derek since before he was Derek - from some naff early 80s films he did..... I love Grey's Anatomy and completely agree about normal women - I think Izzy is pretty great too. Love her random baking (she's be welcome at my house anyday). George is not really my cup of tea - and what is the gossip with Burke as he has apparently annoyed all the cast/crew?

LazyLineLegilimens Fri 10-Aug-07 12:45:12

Apparently, the guy who plays Burke made homophobic comments towards the guy who plays George, who is gay.

Grozzit Sat 11-Aug-07 00:05:08

Alex Karev is played by Justin Chambers, he was in the Wedding Planner with JLo! Also he is married with 5 children!!! Just knew he was a fertile man!

Season 4 starts in US in September!

Rach35 Sat 11-Aug-07 09:46:52

Nasty Burke - even though George isn't my cup of tea that is NOT on. Karev has got how many kids? How old is he???? (not that it makes much difference) but he was keen!

fawkeoff Sun 12-Aug-07 12:57:38

burke wont be in season 4 as the producers fired him for his homophobic attitude...i have watched the whole series and it fantastic....there is also going to be a spin off show revolving around addison[mcdreamys ex wife] starting soon as well

fawkeoff Sun 12-Aug-07 12:58:28

not season 4 obviously i mean season 3

pagwatch Sun 12-Aug-07 13:07:43

ahh b Burke has allegeded that george had been schemeing to get rid of him for ages because they don't get on. And Burke says that the problem is that George now believes that the show needs he and he is the star...

see, great show , great sub plots and even great RL sub plots.
And the Calli role is great - all those comments about her being so incredibly sexy. So brilliant for 'normal' size girls watching. Although I bet shes only about a 12. Damm you tv!

pagwatch Sun 12-Aug-07 13:08:29

sorry about all the typos - not drunk honest.

weirdbird Sun 12-Aug-07 18:11:33

Burke is in season 3 at the beginning, not sure when he leaves, am watching season 3 on living atm.

fawkeoff Sun 12-Aug-07 20:29:43

he doesnt leave till then end of the series

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