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SCD19#2 — Last Partnerships Formed, Training Begins and the First Live Show

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PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sat 07-Sep-19 20:15:15

First thread here.

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Sat 07-Sep-19 20:16:28

I never liked Stacey! (Thanks for the new thread!)

Piggywaspushed Sat 07-Sep-19 20:17:05

Thank you! glitterball

BonnesVacances Sat 07-Sep-19 20:17:11

Really looking forward to seeing Viscountess Emma and Aliaz together. They make a sweet couple.

TitsInAbsentia Sat 07-Sep-19 20:17:39

ugh....grim and grimmer....

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sat 07-Sep-19 20:17:43

I loved Stacey from her first dance but had gone right off her by the end! Kevin too!

GrouchyKiwi Sat 07-Sep-19 20:18:14

Could have done without seeing this again.

Thanks for the new thread Polkadots.

100PercentThatBitch Sat 07-Sep-19 20:18:13

I liked Stacey

I actually find Anton really rude

Lest we forget at least 3 of his ex partners have said they hated dancing with him

He's no ones dream pick when lining up

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Sat 07-Sep-19 20:18:32

I'd love to know who voted for her as anyone I know in real life doesn't like her!

TitsInAbsentia Sat 07-Sep-19 20:18:36

Are grim and grimmer still an item or have the split up? Just thinking how awks this would be if they had split...

dirtyrottenscoundrel Sat 07-Sep-19 20:19:00

Place marking 💃🕺

ShirleyPhallus Sat 07-Sep-19 20:19:09

I still have no idea how Stacey won

GrouchyKiwi Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:04

Tits I googled to check and it seems they are still together. One of the suggested questions was "What is Stacey Dooley?". grin

100PercentThatBitch Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:15

🖐 raises hand

I That Bitch, voted for Kev and Stace and would again, everyone I spoke to IRL also did

You couldn't have paid me to Vote Joe Sugg

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:27

I agree @100PercentThatBitch - he should have been sacked for his P** comment to Laila Rouass (spelling?) & he always makes a dick out of his partners!

covetingthepreciousthings Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:46

Checking in on the new thread, thanks for making it OP glitterball

Is it officially the countdown to Christmas now? shock

TitsInAbsentia Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:51

@ShirleyPhallus call me cynical but I think it's because the beeb already had her signed up for a massive contract so wanted to exploit their asset..

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sat 07-Sep-19 20:20:57

Are you allowed to specify who you don't want to be paired with prior to signing contracts?!

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Sat 07-Sep-19 20:21:33

That makes me feel better @100PercentThatBitch as I assumed it was rigged as I didn't know of anyone who voted for her!

Namechange3007 Sat 07-Sep-19 20:21:50

What did Anton say?

TitsInAbsentia Sat 07-Sep-19 20:22:16

@100PercentThatBitch how do you sleep at night grin
To be honest I didn't rate Joe either, it just goes to show a lot of it does come down to personalities too, if you don't take to someone it's hard to change that feeling.

GrouchyKiwi Sat 07-Sep-19 20:22:21

Both Mike and Will seem small so I can't choose who'll go with Janette.

Piggywaspushed Sat 07-Sep-19 20:22:49

Mike Bushell is tiny, so here comes Janette!

JumpyLiz Sat 07-Sep-19 20:22:49

Could not bear Stacey and KFG.

Hoping that Anneka is so duff, it'll be an early exit for El Kev this time (sorry Anneka)

Namechange3007 Sat 07-Sep-19 20:23:13

Are stacey and kev together?

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