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Sink or Swim for Stand Up to Cancer

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purpleme12 Sat 07-Sep-19 20:11:42

Anyone watching?
Just watching the 2nd episode. This is actually a really good programme. Quite awe inspiring. I kind of can't wait to see the next one

Goatrider Sun 08-Sep-19 18:01:25

It's entertaining but it seems crazy to expect them to swim the channel in a few weeks

ImAShowPony Sun 08-Sep-19 18:05:55

Really enjoying it- but it would take very strong swimmers at least 12 weeks to prepare for a Channel relay.... So many of the celebrities are such poor swimmers because they are actually traumatized about being in the water... But it is interesting to see how it's about confidence, courage, discipline and determination as much as water skills and physical fitness...
I MUST remember to donate.

purpleme12 Sun 08-Sep-19 18:20:28

Yes it does seem crazy

Goatrider Sun 08-Sep-19 21:44:26

They are swimming it right now!

You can track them at

Their boat is Suva

Dirtyjellycat Sun 08-Sep-19 21:46:50

So they’re a long way behind others doing it at the same time, is that right @goatrider ?

I take my hat off too them, an amazing feat however they do.

Goatrider Sun 08-Sep-19 22:06:57

Don't know if they started before or after the other boats.

There's a bit of footage on instagram from some of the celebs. They seem pretty cheerful. I don't think they'll be allowed to show if they make it across.

Goatrider Sun 08-Sep-19 22:08:36

I mean they won't show it on instagram - obviously they'll want people to wait for the episode to be broadcast

june2007 Sun 08-Sep-19 22:18:09

At least 1 has dropped out, it is very abitious to take a group of non or not thay good swimmers and do a chanel relay. But you have to hand it to them overcoming fears, setting new goals. Hats off.

purpleme12 Sun 08-Sep-19 22:23:03

yes I find it awe inspiring

AtlasObscura Sun 08-Sep-19 22:40:17

They will be in good hands on Suva (channel swimmer here), I wonder who their observer is?

The night swim isn't much fun but at least they'll be heading into daylight

Goatrider Mon 09-Sep-19 07:13:23

Wow - congrats Atlas

Would love to hear about your experience.

AtlasObscura Mon 09-Sep-19 08:55:06

It looks as if they have turned back ☹️

Hope all on board ok

Goat - I was part of a relay (should have made that clearer sorry! 😃), no way could I contemplate a solo although have number of friends who have.

We were a team of 6 women, it was dark, cold and choppy with thousands of bastard jelly fish and I threw up almost continuously for the 17 hours grin

Never again! It's lakes and rivers for me these days wink

Goatrider Mon 09-Sep-19 09:04:10

Yes I just had a look at the tracking 😞

Hope they are ok. Shame they couldn't have been given longer to prepare.

Still impressive to have done it as a relay 👏 it looks like a very hard and unpleasant place to swim.

Dirtyjellycat Mon 09-Sep-19 09:44:04

I am fascinated (in a weird way!) by the jellyfish! Is it as terrifying as it sounds? How big are they? Do you see them in advance or do they just creep up on you? I’m shuddering at the thought.

AtlasObscura Mon 09-Sep-19 10:24:23

There can be literally thousands of the buggers and most you won't notice as you swim along but it feels like a nettle sting if anything. The ones that freaked the bejesus out of me where the really big one (I think they are called Barrel Jellyfish), and it felt like swimming into a brick wall.

Usually my team mates and observer were pretty good at guiding me through them but not always.

They don't sting though but I honestly though I was going to have a heart attack each time I slammed into one grin

ImAShowPony Mon 09-Sep-19 14:47:16

@AtlasObscura - you should do an AMA thread! What made you sick? The nerves, the waves, the fear, the exhaustion? swallowing pints of salty water?

AtlasObscura Mon 09-Sep-19 16:14:10

I've started an AMA thread grin

Loopytiles Mon 09-Sep-19 16:17:10

I don’t think it’s a positive thing to show people with insufficient training/time to prepare attempting this.

AtlasObscura Mon 09-Sep-19 17:36:51

I agree Loopy and lots of people in swimming community saying similar. I do take my hat off to them though (regardless of outcome) as for pretty much all of them it was a mental barrier as well as physical.

Goatrider Mon 09-Sep-19 17:57:52

They really should have given them a lot more time to prepare and/or a more achievable challenge.

I do think what they have achieved is amazing, but I expect they are very disappointed not to have completed it.

Incidentally, as they wore wetsuits (except for Arg) would that mean it wouldn't count as an official crossing?

AtlasObscura Mon 09-Sep-19 18:08:23

I dont know if they wore wetsuits for the swim last night although I know most did in training. It wouldn't be ratified by either of the two channel swimming bodies if wearing wetsuits (although still bloody amazing)

Goatrider Mon 09-Sep-19 18:17:02

I saw some videos on Instagram and they did have wetsuits on.

millimat Tue 10-Sep-19 21:50:44

Anyone watching now?

Goatrider Tue 10-Sep-19 22:20:17

Yes I was watching. I am surprised they just had to swim for 2 hours to qualify, and not to cover a specified distance.

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