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Iamblossom Fri 06-Sep-19 14:54:58

Omg watching the second season, so hard to watch but so brilliant, anyone else "enjoying" watching intelligent grown men and women endure ritual humiliation in the pursuit of wealth and success?

owlonabike Sat 07-Sep-19 03:33:44

Just finished season one. Really enjoying it, though some of the characters make me cringe. Excellent acting, especially Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin.

Iamblossom Sat 07-Sep-19 07:23:24

@owlonabike season 2 just as good. Omg Tom what a slime ball

Stillfunny Sun 08-Sep-19 08:32:38

Tom is a slime ball ok , but I think Shiv knows it .Just waiting for her to. turn on him.
Love the Chappaquic reference with the drowning cover up.
And Kieran Culkin is the BEST actor in this .

PurpleWithRed Sun 08-Sep-19 08:33:41

Where did you find Season 1? I really want to watch it but can’t track it down.

Findumdum1 Sun 08-Sep-19 10:13:41

Love this show! They are all so hideous. The only one I slightly feel sorry for fornsome reason is Kendall, he's so broken. Shiv is at least somewhat professional. I reckon Logan wife and family will take over when he goes, shes got the Israeli connection waiting in the wings and they're all too complacent to see it.

I also hope Tom gets whats coming to him first.

NoisingUpNissan Sun 08-Sep-19 10:31:21

Poor Tom such a stooge!

Boar On The Floor!!

TheDragonFromDreams Sun 08-Sep-19 10:33:50

@PurpleWithRed It’s on Now TV.

Stillfunny Sun 08-Sep-19 11:05:33

I think cousin Gary will suddenly turn into some sort of mastermind. And his dumb act will be revealed as part of the plan.

Stillfunny Sun 08-Sep-19 11:08:26

And I think the humiliation endurance isn't just about the money , but is also seeking admiration from their father. Dysfunctional family at its bestsad

Iamblossom Mon 09-Sep-19 12:08:35

The acting is soo good

NoisingUpNissan Tue 10-Sep-19 19:26:56

Oh yes Gary is playing the best game.

And Logans wife.... What's she playing at? She there but not there...

I was cringing last night at that dinner.

Bubbinsmakesthree Mon 16-Sep-19 07:16:01

I absolutely adore Succession. The drama! The comedy! The acting! The music!

I don’t think I have ever watched anything which is simultaneously so funny and so powerfully dramatic. The drama is positively Shakespearian at times. The relationship between Kendall and Logan is particularly knock out (and they are both just such brilliant actors, I could watch them both all day).

And yet it is also so funny - it has had me howling many times. The dynamic between Greg and Tom is just brilliant. Tom generally Is brilliant - he’s so absolutely awful and status obsessed and self-centred, but Matthew McFadden plays it with this sense of vulnerability and naivety which makes him quite lovable - which is no mean feat. There’s something so genuine about his love for Shiv which is quite touching.

In fact most of the main characters manage to be sympathetic in the midst of being over-privileged and arrogant and hideous. The emotional destruction of Kendall has been quite heartbreaking to watch. Jeremy Strong inhabits that character so completely - Kendall has just been so hollowed out, so broken by what happened at the end of season 1.

I could just wax lyrical about it all day...I feel like this should be hugely popular in the vein of Mad Men but I hardly know anyone who is watching it.

Herocomplex Mon 16-Sep-19 08:28:33

What’s so beautiful is there is not one redeeming feature among them. They are all dreadful.
And yes, cousin Greg will do for them all I think.

MrsPellegrinoPetrichor Mon 16-Sep-19 08:33:50

We're half way through season 2 now. Greg will be the last one laughing, I said that right from when he first showed up. Love it!

Iamblossom Mon 16-Sep-19 10:08:26

There is definitely more to Greg than we have seen.

Is the whole series of season 2 available? I hate having to wait each week for the next one, and have some time off want to binge it!

Atalune Mon 16-Sep-19 10:10:37

I am rewatching series one and stock piling series 2.

It’s so good!

Herocomplex Mon 16-Sep-19 11:33:13

No, it’s in weekly eps at the moment. Though i seem to remember they put up a few nearer to the end of the last season.

Herocomplex Mon 16-Sep-19 11:37:38

One of the writers is Lucy Prebble, the British playwright.

Bubbinsmakesthree Mon 16-Sep-19 11:58:59

I don’t know if Greg will be ultimately triumphant- feels a bit obvious- but I’m sure he’s going to play an important role as things develop.

I am completely mesmerised by Kendall’s emotional collapse. I am not sure to what extent it is a direct consequence of what happened at the lake at the end of season 1 (trying not to be too spoilery!) or the ramifications that had on his attempts to seize control of Waystar? Is he destroyed by the guilt or the thwarted ambition?

Herocomplex Mon 16-Sep-19 13:05:09

I agree Bubbins, I don’t think Greg’s capable of planned destruction, it will be accidental. Tom’s supposed to be babysitting him, but he’s too busy keeping his eye on Shiv to notice much.

Herocomplex Mon 16-Sep-19 13:06:41

Kendall was always going to fail. He tried to be what he thought Logan wanted. But Logan just wants power.

Atalune Mon 16-Sep-19 16:12:48

Greg- definitely more switched on than he appears to be. When he did the cruise ship thing, I thought, ok not so dumb. I like him a lot.

I think Shiv is so vulnerable and she does the best almost cry face. Her and Tom together is just brilliant TV!

Iamblossom Tue 17-Sep-19 23:27:39

willywillywillywilly Wed 18-Sep-19 17:02:02

Hello! Can I join?
I LOVE this programme - totally amazing!
Whenever a character's on screen I think "they are definitely the worst" then the next scene has a different character, who seems worse! They are all awful grin such compelling viewing with amazing acting (especially Kendall) and so funny!

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