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13 Reasons Why - Season 3

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Roomarmoset Fri 30-Aug-19 11:43:41

Is anyone watching? I'm on ep 2 and I'm not sure about the new girl narrating, hoping I'll get used to her!

100timewforgotten Fri 30-Aug-19 11:44:48

I binged watched it all, I felt the same at first but it does get better!

multiplemum3 Fri 30-Aug-19 11:58:33

Watched it all, she irritated me the whole way through lol.

Billballbaggins Fri 30-Aug-19 11:59:18

I hate the new girl 😭 not sure I can watch any more (just watched episode 2)

Roomarmoset Fri 30-Aug-19 12:11:17

Episode 2 was a hard watch 😢
I miss Hannah's narrating, it just seems weird to bring in a new girl who gets involved with the group straight away and seems to know everything that's going on.

WolfInSlutsClothing Fri 30-Aug-19 12:14:02

I wanted to like her so badly but I just found her really irritating and too in everyone's business. Didn't really enjoy this season at all, sadly.

RoseGoldEagle Fri 30-Aug-19 18:01:42

I’m on episode 5 and think I’m going to give up. I loved Season one, Season two wasn’t as good but was watchable, but it feels like the writers are struggling now. Having a new girl as a narrator feels really contrived, there’s no way she’d have gained the trust of everyone in that group, it just feels like a plot device - having a sounding board for Clay because they already exhausted the ‘Clay speaking to dead Hannah’ idea in season 2. And it’s just boring! Every episode so far seems to focus on a potential suspect, but of course you know that person can’t have done it because it’s too early on in the season. Whereas season one was clever in that it brought new characters in and each played their part in Hannah’s suicide, and you slowly find out why and piece it all together. Such a shame because I do like the characters and think there’s the potential for a good story here, it just feels so clunky and dull.

WhoWants2Know Fri 30-Aug-19 18:22:35

I finished it. I'm not sure I should have. Kind of hate everyone now.

Roomarmoset Fri 30-Aug-19 20:05:44

@RoseGoldEagle I agree and I've only just started episode 3. After everything they've been through would they really accept someone new straight away and tell her everything?!

waltzingparrot Fri 30-Aug-19 20:07:21

I've just finished it. I thought it was good but then Ani didn't irritate me from the off. They've announced there will be a fourth and final series so all loose ends will get sorted next year.

WhoWants2Know Sat 31-Aug-19 21:53:21

What lose ends are left?

Yabadee Sat 31-Aug-19 22:36:36

On episode 3 and it’s confusing the fucking life out of me.

Who is this new girl? Where is bryce? What is clay so rattled about? What happened at the homecoming game?

Did I miss an episode last series? I didn’t think I did but I really am so confused

WhoWants2Know Sun 01-Sep-19 11:41:31

They'll reveal the events of the homecoming game later in the series.

eccentricalice Mon 02-Sep-19 10:16:04

I didn't really enjoy this series. I found Ani really annoying and nosy such an irritating character!! Found myself fast forwarding a lot of her scenes

Horatioroses Mon 02-Sep-19 19:56:11

There were bits of it I really liked. Stuff to do with Tyler for example. And really interesting to watch Bryce trying to improve. Felt very conflicted about that. Really they had massively complicated, difficult lives for school children though. Hannah was mentioned but largely they have moved on from her - which is what happens when someone commits suicide I suppose, hopefully some teenagers watching will notice that.

Horatioroses Mon 02-Sep-19 19:57:29

Everyone who was a bad character had some awful stuff happen to them. So I ended up feeling sorry for absolutely everyone!

Horatioroses Mon 02-Sep-19 19:57:49

(I mean, awful stuff in their back story)

NotHereToMakeFriends Wed 04-Sep-19 11:48:31

I've just finished it. It was a struggle but I made it through and kind of glad I did because in the last few episodes I was dying to find out what happened.

Push through, it does get better.

PositiveVibez Wed 04-Sep-19 20:59:04

I enjoyed it all, but couldn't bear Ani's character. Loved the storylines though and Tyler just broke my heart in one of the episodes.

All in all, enjoyed it very much, but Ani was unlikeable and unbelievable as a character.

They should have used one of the other girls from season 2.

dudsville Wed 04-Sep-19 21:03:29

I'm not going to watch it. I think Clay should have narrated if narration was needed, and I don't think it is. I also think the story ended after season 2. We're hardly going to follow these kids into adulthood and many teen issue topics were identified already.

Autumnchill Wed 04-Sep-19 21:05:33

I've just binged Season 1! Just starting on Season 2.

PrincessandthePeach Wed 04-Sep-19 21:07:32

I finished it the day after it was released. I was really disappointed tbh, the only thing I liked was Tyler's story, really made me cry at times.
I didn't like Ani either, felt like she just arrived out of nowhere and suddenly became privy to everyone's secrets and stuck her nose in like a detective.

Horatioroses Wed 04-Sep-19 23:05:07

That was commitment, Princess!

PrincessandthePeach Thu 05-Sep-19 11:55:35

Horatio, watched it all out of feeling obliged more than anything else tbh lol

1984isnow Thu 05-Sep-19 12:05:05

I watched it pretty quickly after release (and then had to watch 1 and 2 again).

I wasn't keen on this season at all, except for Tyler's story. I just wanted to hug him and I sobbed when Clay did.

Ani just angry. I have never hated a character so much. I just wanted Damien from Mean Girls to pop up and shout 'she doesn't even go here!'

On the upside, after watching 1 and 2 again, I had to listen to everything by Lord Huron who sing the Night We Met, and I am obsessed.

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