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Hollyoaks - Wednesday 28th August - Tony!!

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Aridane Wed 28-Aug-19 23:56:03

Was not expecting that shock

motheroreily Thu 29-Aug-19 12:15:29

I know. I cannot believe it! They kept that storyline very secret

purpleme12 Thu 29-Aug-19 13:18:55

What happened?

motheroreily Thu 29-Aug-19 15:01:56

Can we post spoilers?

purpleme12 Thu 29-Aug-19 18:34:25

If it was on yesterday it's not a spoiler

Sparklingbrook Thu 29-Aug-19 18:40:24

I used to watch Hollyoaks when it first started. Say it isn't so!

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 18:41:44

I’m fairly sure he’s not dead as there has been no official leaving annoucement by the actor and his dad comes in in October.

I think he will be in a coma or taken to the pig farm so they can drag this story out a bit longer!

motheroreily Thu 29-Aug-19 19:14:09

Oh i hope so! I was so sad last night. Although i find breda quite funny

mrsprice84 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:15:59

I am sure he is still alive as there is a storyline with his dad in the near future! At least I am hoping this is he cannot be dead!

penelopepitstop1234 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:31:44

But Harry's ghost came to get him and there was all the flash backs. I know Hollyoaks have form for making it look like people are dead when they're​ not but I think Tony actually might be.

Wonder if Dom will come back for the funeral.

mrsprice84 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:36:55

If he is dead you would have thought that hollyhocks would have given him a much bigger send off!!! I am still in denial and hoping he isn't dead.

mrsprice84 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:37:56


Aridane Thu 29-Aug-19 19:38:36

I think he is dead

Aridane Thu 29-Aug-19 19:41:38

All the solemnity, flashbacks, Harry coming to take him to other side. Properly dead sad

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 19:41:45

I agree, if/when he does die they will make a huge deal of it and as a channel capitalise on all the people that originally watched but don’t anymore but highly advertising it as a possibility. They will want to pull more viewers in and I suspect Nick Pickard would have proper exit interviews out by now (normally they are the same day, apparently Lockie is the only one who didn’t).

I’ll be so annoyed if Tony is killed off by a piss poor Silas wannabe.

Aridane Thu 29-Aug-19 19:43:04

I asked Siri I’d Tony Hutchinson is dead- and this Digital Spy article is perceptive and interesting

Aridane Thu 29-Aug-19 19:44:46

Just off to watch today’s episode on E4+1. Does the episode reveal the answer?

mrsprice84 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:00:23

It doesn't really sorry OP!

southeastdweller Thu 29-Aug-19 20:13:42

Just checked online and there's no official confirmation he's dead. I can't imagine Hollyoaks without Tony!

LetsGoFlyAKiteee Thu 29-Aug-19 20:21:46

Nah can't see it especially with the anniversary next year. They've done it so many times. Sienna recently and she got a interview and removed from credits...

This whole storyline is annoying. How she manages to keep moving bodies/people without anyone seeing! Plus tiny lady!

BoopBoopedooBoo Thu 29-Aug-19 20:44:20

I want her caught now. It's gone a bit far

penelopepitstop1234 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:47:23

What Hollyoaks serial killer has the biggest head count.

I think the gloved hand killer.

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 21:24:04

Toby Mills I think, I’m sure it came out he killed 20+ but only a handful of characters

penelopepitstop1234 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:24:54

Was he the one killing blondes

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 21:26:57

Actually It might not have been that many. Cameron killed quite a few though; Sam, Danny, girl in maze who wasn’t nico, Celine, Lockie, ziggy, joe and that little gangster man who held up the hospital

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 21:27:36

Yeah, he attached Steph and gave her epilepsy. Was married to Dan Hunters sister.

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 21:27:56

Attacked not attached

penelopepitstop1234 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:44:38

I remember, it was Caz they looked like his wife who kept cheating on him.

Hollyoaks definitely has alot more serial killers than any other soap.

SmokingGun Thu 29-Aug-19 21:56:20

But no one will ever be as good as Silas!

Aridane Fri 30-Aug-19 06:56:05

A brave move to kill of Tony unannounced!

penelopepitstop1234 Fri 30-Aug-19 09:14:41

I didn't really watch when Silus was killing. I think that was when it was all about footballers and I got fed up with it.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Fri 30-Aug-19 09:49:54

I miss Brendan, I do.

Sex on legs blush

Teddypicker1 Fri 30-Aug-19 11:44:36

I miss Brendon too

motheroreily Fri 30-Aug-19 13:55:54

Did silas ever get caught? I last saw him getting on a hen night bus.

I stopped watching hollyoaks for a few years and have big plot gaps grin

SmokingGun Fri 30-Aug-19 16:46:47

Nope Silas is still out there, he left again after murdering Lyndsey at the end of the GHK storyline

Aridane Sat 31-Aug-19 00:58:32

Ah yes, Lyndsey turning rabidly psycho without warning. At least Our Breda was always visibly demented

LetsGoFlyAKiteee Sat 31-Aug-19 12:15:50

I do love how she just pops up everywhere. Any job.. She's doing it. Any convo. There she is. Also can move bodies/people without her seeing.

Silas was a good one. Shame can't bring him back. Lyndsey was a bit odd. They changed her a bit to quick.

Aridane Sat 31-Aug-19 12:24:21

Yes - the Lyndsat stuff was somewhat rapid!!

SmokingGun Mon 02-Sep-19 22:12:39

And all has been revealed in tonight’s E4 ep (well Tony’s fate has)

Aridane Wed 04-Sep-19 12:24:11

A shame (not that I wish Tony dead) - but it would have been ballsy and admirable to do such a bold move as to kill off a main character unannounced and without build up

southeastdweller Wed 04-Sep-19 12:43:45

So he’s definitely dead? Nothin confirmed yet online but I’m Not up to date with yesterday’s episode.

SmokingGun Wed 04-Sep-19 16:08:45

Oh I agree, it would have been if it was anything other than being murder by Gangsta Granny. HO are brilliant at shock deaths (Lyndsey Nolan being the best I can think of) but Tony deserves to go out with a bang when his time comes.

I reckon they will have him kept at the pig farm until Oct stunt week (or just before) where he will escape or Breda will be found out and someone will find Tony being held captive. They said the stunt week heavily involves him and his dad joins soon so they will drag out his kidnap for a while yet

SmokingGun Wed 04-Sep-19 16:09:18

@southeastdweller Nope he’s alive

Aridane Wed 04-Sep-19 23:49:18

Yep, alive in the pig sty

Aridane Sun 01-Dec-19 19:26:31

Tony has been off screen for a few weeks. Do we assume he is still in pig sty or that he has died of starvation?

Wafflecopter Sun 01-Dec-19 20:19:00

@aridane - How can he starve when she’s feeding him drugged lollipops?! 😂
He’s in the winter trailer and I cannot believe this crap has been going on since August!

butterflykiss00 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:27:33

I just want the tony thing to come to light now, I hope he doesn't get killed though, I heard Jonah Paul's coming back shock

Aridane Sun 01-Dec-19 21:42:30

But we haven't seen him for a while, lollipop or otherwise

Aridane Sun 01-Dec-19 21:43:36

Who is Jonah?

Aridane Sun 01-Dec-19 21:44:17

And who shots Mercedes (because clearly it isn't Silva)

butterflykiss00 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:38:50

I meant John Paul hahaha

butterflykiss00 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:39:45

@Aridane I think Diane or grace

Aridane Mon 02-Dec-19 10:51:22

Hmm - I wonder. Of course it won't be anyone too obvious (like the guy she was having an affair with).

It's not the mad Murderous granny, is it?

Oh, and with Jonah grin coming back, I guess he needs to come back to maintain the obligatory number of gays now that Ste has gone to Newcastle

Justneedatemporaryname Mon 02-Dec-19 19:39:26

Oh, and with Jonah grin coming back, I guess he needs to come back to maintain the obligatory number of gays now that Ste has gone to Newcastle

Looneytune253 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:12:44

I don't even watch it but it was on in my house the end of last week and we seen him in the dirt at the end? (I used to watch it many many years ago so I know who the character is)

butterflykiss00 Mon 02-Dec-19 21:19:37

@Aridane haha Jonah i was so embarrassed when I read what I wrote hahahahaha, I still think Diane especially after tonight's

Aridane Mon 02-Dec-19 21:44:16

I dunno - the fact that Mercedes thinks it's her makes me wonder if it isn't, if you see what I mean

Aridane Mon 02-Dec-19 21:45:01

And, hey, Tony is alive in the hay in the pigsty

Aridane Mon 02-Dec-19 21:45:47

And what's with the new black power couple? Are they scam artists?

butterflykiss00 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:09:23

Yeah it is to obvious. I think they are!

I know just want the tony thing done now !

LetsGoFlyAKiteee Mon 02-Dec-19 22:44:12

I really hope Tony's dad and Diane doesn't happen or something weird like that!!

Poor ole Tony

butterflykiss00 Wed 04-Dec-19 00:26:09

@LetsGoFlyAKiteee I know! He's a creep !

Justneedatemporaryname Wed 04-Dec-19 15:08:19

He reminds me of the demon headmaster

Aridane Wed 04-Dec-19 15:59:07

Sienna's father?

Justneedatemporaryname Wed 04-Dec-19 17:32:47

Ha, no I mean Tony's dad reminds me of the Demon Headmaster- a book from when I was a kid!

butterflykiss00 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:55:20

I hate him, I can't believe Brodie and siennas sister done that in the last episode! Didn't they think about what would happen if the clinic called sienna ?

Aridane Wed 04-Dec-19 21:56:56

Keep,it in the family...

butterflykiss00 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:59:20

Hahaha, I seen a clip today with Mercedes standing with tony ! Finally some closure on that one soon

Justneedatemporaryname Wed 04-Dec-19 23:45:57

butterflykiss00 have you just given us a spoiler?angry Where did you see that?

butterflykiss00 Thu 05-Dec-19 06:35:26

An advert on e4, I didn't want to see it sad

Aridane Thu 05-Dec-19 07:04:15

It's not a spoiler if it's a promotional advert.

Maybe it's Tony's dying hallucinations. Or the result of too many Lollipops.

Justneedatemporaryname Thu 05-Dec-19 16:57:00

Sorry, butterfly, it's not a spoiler if it's on E4

Aridane Thu 05-Dec-19 19:28:41

Golf Tony's father is a manipulative shit

Aridane Thu 05-Dec-19 19:28:57

God, not Golf

Justneedatemporaryname Thu 05-Dec-19 20:46:30

Yeah, Fin up on the podium made me cringe 🙈

But where on earth are they going with the Fin storyline? Are they trying to make us feel sorry for rapists? And fgs Yasmin...what are you doing, woman?!

Aridane Fri 06-Dec-19 19:50:19

WTF is Creepy Doctor up to? What is his game plan?

Aridane Thu 12-Dec-19 19:48:03

Creepy Doctor is so horrible he almost makes you feel sorry for Finn.

And, oh, Diane, what were you thinking?

And what is Granny Breda up,to?

butterflykiss00 Fri 13-Dec-19 21:55:40

Aw he's disgusting ! I get what you mean about Finn, I think Bredas trying to get Mercedes to tell the truth

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