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Sanditon ITV

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JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:01:08

Anyone watching?

Cambionome Sun 25-Aug-19 21:16:59

Yes. Scenery looks a bit cardboardy...! confused

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:17:36

It does!

MyOtherProfile Sun 25-Aug-19 21:18:01

Yes. Is the woman with Kris Marshall the mum from the greatest showman?

LIZS Sun 25-Aug-19 21:27:50

Gratuitous nudity!

Cambionome Sun 25-Aug-19 21:30:30

Jane Austen only wrote a couple of chapters of this before her death didn't she? The rest has just been made up...?

LIZS Sun 25-Aug-19 21:34:43

Indeed, and probably why it feels so bitty.

StumpyinSomerset Sun 25-Aug-19 21:36:34

Watching as it's set locally to me.

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:37:16

Ohh hello handsome.

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:43:02

Creepy brother and sister confused

LIZS Sun 25-Aug-19 21:43:39

We've already reached the limit of JA work.

SleepyKat Sun 25-Aug-19 21:45:06

How does the farm girl who got picked up in the carriage know how to do ballroom dancing and where did she get her lovely dresses from?

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:46:03

And her wonderbra!

JellyfishAndShells Sun 25-Aug-19 21:48:13

This is looking more like a parody by the moment and more Thackeray than Austen. Not engaged at all thus far.

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:50:05

It's definitely lacking the wit and depth of JA!

LIZS Sun 25-Aug-19 21:51:32

Agree, very laboured and unsubtle.

Bouledeneige Sun 25-Aug-19 21:53:13

Very cardboardy sets - is it a bit low budget? It doesn't quite feel as solid and well structured as a usual Austen.

LIZS Sun 25-Aug-19 21:56:06

Odd music

HeffaLump1 Sun 25-Aug-19 21:57:13

And singing hmm

JellyfishAndShells Sun 25-Aug-19 21:57:51

Good grief - an unlikely musical number. And we have a Darcylite

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 21:59:23

He's a contrary fecker.

Cambionome Sun 25-Aug-19 22:00:36

Trying to copy Mr Knightly/Emma convo?

MyOtherProfile Sun 25-Aug-19 22:01:27

Odd music

The music is the best thing about it. It's Julie Fowliss though so almost as anachronistic as Vanity Fair. JF also had a cameo in the ball scene.

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 22:01:28

And paraphrasing P&P

JaneJeffer Sun 25-Aug-19 22:02:20

It's like JA fanfic.

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