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Born Famous C4

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JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 22:17:59

Anyone watching? I don't think spending a week in Leeds will have much impact on Phoenix!

I can't stop looking at Mel B'a face. It's so plastic looking.

LaBelleSauvage123 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:30:04

I can’t believe she left the house where we she was supposed to be staying!

thenightsky Mon 12-Aug-19 22:31:38

Phoenix seems a nice lass. I didn't recognise Mel B. She looks like a completely different woman to the one I remember.

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 22:32:41

I wonder why she hadn't seen her grandmother since she was little but she was still able to call her up to get her.

TheRLodger Mon 12-Aug-19 22:34:39

This girl is coming over as a right brat but underneath it you can see she’s a nice girl

howwudufeel Mon 12-Aug-19 22:37:17

Phoenix hadn’t seen her grandma for a long time while Mel B was married and estranged from her family. She’s now divorced and reconciled with her mum and sister.

thenightsky Mon 12-Aug-19 22:39:21

I don't see her as bratty at all. She seems like a nice down to earth lass.

thenightsky Mon 12-Aug-19 22:40:33

God, I used to drink in that Hyde Park pub on the corner back in the 80s.

Inappropriatefemale Mon 12-Aug-19 22:41:26

I preferred last weeks one with Gordon Ramsay, anybody?hmm

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 22:42:02

She seems a nice girl. Very chatty.

Mel's sister looks great.

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 22:43:10

I didn't see Gordon Ramsey but I'm not a fan.

thenightsky Mon 12-Aug-19 22:44:45

I didn't realise this wasn't the first episode. I'll look for the Gordon Ramsey one on catch up.

TheRLodger Mon 12-Aug-19 22:46:47

@Inappropriatefemale i agree. He came a cross as a decent young guy

purpleme12 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:49:00

Is she staying with her grandma or her auntie? I can see why she or they would want to of course but then why for her to stay with a stranger in the first place? Wonder what happened

Inappropriatefemale Mon 12-Aug-19 22:50:33

He totally did, however what I didn’t like about Gordon was when Jack said that he wouldn’t have been able to get away from that area and Gordon got a bit rowdy and swore, and spoke loudly, and Jack got embarrassed and I got the distinct impression that Gordon has went on about this before, Gordon thinks that because he got away from there then anybody else should be able too and that annoyed me because how many people are genuinely talented in the same way as a Michelin starred chef? It sheds some light on what Gordon thinks of the ‘little people’, that we all just didn’t try hard basically!shock

purpleme12 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:52:51

I don't really get the point of these programmes to be honest

TheRLodger Mon 12-Aug-19 22:53:56

Oh yes Gordon’s attitude at the end when Jack was like I really want to help these people who are a lot less fortunate than me

Inappropriatefemale Mon 12-Aug-19 23:00:05

Yeah and I wonder what all the lovely people, who helped Jack out, thought of Gordon when he said those things?!

Doesn’t Gordon look so old, and his hairdo was that of a young man’s, even his old cooking lecturer made a comment about that!grin

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 23:05:49

Phoenix seems like she could fit in anywhere.

Mel's clothes must have cost thousands but they look like she bought them off a market stall.

Inappropriatefemale Mon 12-Aug-19 23:06:57

Is Phoenix Eddie Murphy’s daughter? or is that the other one?

purpleme12 Mon 12-Aug-19 23:08:01

Yeah she does seem like she'd fit in anywhere

I think she is his daughter?

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 23:09:10

That's the middle girl. I had to look it up

JaneJeffer Mon 12-Aug-19 23:11:24 proper link I hope!

Inappropriatefemale Tue 13-Aug-19 13:55:44

Thanks JaneJeffer

Goatrider Thu 15-Aug-19 21:52:16

Watched both and thought they seemed like very nice, well rounded young people. More mature and insightful than their parents.

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