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Panarama:-Stacey talks to IS brides

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Soubriquet Tue 06-Aug-19 20:49:13

Who else has watched this?

It makes a hard watch really... it’s easy to say these women knew what they were getting themselves into, but did they?

Some probably did but all of them?

And leaving them in the camps is cruel. It doesn’t help to de-radicalise them. In fact it reinforces it. The ones who truly believe will be teaching the children who will grow up to believe too.

Those who are frightened won’t protest against it incase they or their children come to harm.

Back with Shamina, it was easy for me to say “no she doesn’t deserve to come back here. Her children yes, they are innocent, but her? No”

But at the end of the day, we have a responsibility to these women and to the children

salsamummy Tue 06-Aug-19 23:25:42

I didn't quite believe they thought they were just going to cook and clean. I wouldn't trust what they were saying and maybe best letting them return but kept a close eye on instead of leaving them in those awful camps.

Soubriquet Wed 07-Aug-19 08:07:55

Oh god yes keeping a very close eye

Some of them accept the fact they will be in prison. They are willing to do that so their kids can be free

bobstersmum Mon 12-Aug-19 11:24:23

We watched it and I can't say that I felt sorry for any of them. None of them seemed genuinely remorseful, they came across as dishonest to me. I would say definitely let their babies and children go home to their respective countries but the mothers stay put and accept their fate. They made their choice.

CruellaFeinberg Mon 12-Aug-19 17:28:54

i'm not sure I like her style - when she said "tell me woman to woman" I found it a bit irritating

Greensleeves Mon 12-Aug-19 17:30:24

Some of these women are very dangerous individuals in their own right

Google al-Khansaa brigade

cushioncovers Tue 13-Aug-19 08:53:06

I felt for the children but not the women. They joined when isis was winning but now want to go home when it all turned sour. However if isis became powerful again would they want to stay? I don't think they have abandoned their ideology of an isis state. It's tricky to know where they should go really.

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