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Handmaid's Tale. EPISODE 9 (season 3). Channel 4, 04/08/19. UK pace. NO SPOILERS!

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OriginofSpecies Sun 04-Aug-19 20:26:07

This is the thread for Episode 9 (season 3) of The Handmaid's Tale.

We are watching on Channel 4, UK pace and have only seen episodes 1 - 8 so far.


I can't believe we're up to Episode 9 already! I hope it all starts coming together in the next five episodes.

Crinkle77 Sun 04-Aug-19 20:30:33

Checking in for tonight. Please be good. Only two more episodes for this series so the plot has surely got to move on a bit.

Roussette Sun 04-Aug-19 20:43:32

Hi, and thanks for the thread

BesselVanDerKolk Sun 04-Aug-19 20:48:55

Think there are 13 episodes this series @Crinkle77 as @OriginofSpecies said. Hence the sllooowwww pace I guess!

Crinkle77 Sun 04-Aug-19 21:01:54

Really? I thought there was only 10.

ZazieTheCat Sun 04-Aug-19 21:05:23


Human incubator time.

Ontheboardwalk Sun 04-Aug-19 21:07:41

I’m getting annoyed now. How can a shot to the shoulder create brain bleeding?

And surely a handmaiden has other 'duties' to perform rather than kneeling at the end of s bed?

whenskiesaregrey Sun 04-Aug-19 21:08:04

So, is she losing her mind?!

Paradyning Sun 04-Aug-19 21:08:13

Surely that's a waste of ovations if she just knelt there for months.

notgivinga Sun 04-Aug-19 21:13:33

This is getting really stupid now why would they leave her in there as everyone knows she hates her. Unless she's hallucinating.

ZazieTheCat Sun 04-Aug-19 21:14:07

Oh, poor Janine.

NigellasGuest Sun 04-Aug-19 21:15:33

I thought Janine was stabbed?

DrinkReprehensibly Sun 04-Aug-19 21:19:23

I think Janine was hit in the face with a tin of beans or similar.

ZazieTheCat Sun 04-Aug-19 21:19:56

Smacked cross the face with a can I think. Must have opened her eye-plucked-out wound.

Crinkle77 Sun 04-Aug-19 21:20:07

Please let there be more to this episode than that hospital room. Interesting how the doctor asked how the patient was and was referring to the baby.

Destinysdaughter Sun 04-Aug-19 21:22:20

Just realised who that rather ayyractive Doctor is. It's the actor who played Billy in Ally McBeal!

GileadWivesAreFashionIcons Sun 04-Aug-19 21:23:02

I presume she’s been left in there as a form of punishment? AL is not happy with her recent behaviour but she can’t do anything to her physically in case she’s needed on TV again.
Seems to be working.

youngestisapsycho Sun 04-Aug-19 21:24:32

It’s boring...

DrinkReprehensibly Sun 04-Aug-19 21:24:58

You'd think there would be cameras on the hospital room.

Invisimamma Sun 04-Aug-19 21:26:08


IfIShouldFallFromGraceWithGod Sun 04-Aug-19 21:27:10

It is boring

OytheBumbler Sun 04-Aug-19 21:27:21

I'm finding I'm losing all sympathy for any of the characters this season.

Maneandfeathers Sun 04-Aug-19 21:27:46

I think I’m going to stop watching now.

Totally bored of this series and the Hannah story isn’t going anywhere confused

DrinkReprehensibly Sun 04-Aug-19 21:28:02

I think pp are right. This might turn out to be largely a bottle episode, all in one room.

TheSpottedZebra Sun 04-Aug-19 21:28:07

She can't make Janine kill her!

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