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Wife Swap USA tonight

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Villanellesproudmum Wed 31-Jul-19 21:09:00

I remember the UK version, I wonder what happened to it? US version on E4 tonight.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 01-Aug-19 07:38:29

I recorded it as love wife swap

Sure USA will be well over the top 😂😂

BigSandyBalls2015 Fri 02-Aug-19 18:05:58

Awful control freak woman looking down her nose at the other family. Her children looks as miserable as fuck and act like they’re in their 50s

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 04-Aug-19 15:22:06

They do like to have opposites 😂😂

Italiangreyhound Mon 12-Aug-19 00:32:03

Quite liked it but yes, it is so different it is a bit crazy. Last week's was better. The fire chief mom was amazing.

RebootYourEngine Wed 14-Aug-19 16:35:24

It would be good if they had an update at the end of the programme to see if any of the families changed or stayed the same.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 14-Aug-19 21:24:13

Or a 6/12mth update

Inappropriatefemale Sat 17-Aug-19 09:34:13

The blonde mother Misty, who was married to the misogynist and swapped with firefighter mum, then it was like she was in an abusive relationship, why would you spend 5 hours everyday cooking your husbands food for the gym if you didn’t want too, and to the point of telling a complete stranger about it (she told firefighters hubby as at the table meet then ff hubby told her hubby that Misty needs help so it must’ve been said on the quiet as I didn’t hear it) and whilst I was glad that her hubby said he’d help in future then I just don’t get why she kept doing it, say no ffs!

Italiangreyhound Sat 17-Aug-19 18:08:01

RebootYourEngine I used to like the updates too. Good to know they got something out of it.

Italiangreyhound Mon 19-Aug-19 18:47:02

Finally managed to watch the end of Wife Swap episode 3. Best episode so far! Felt they did give a kind of update at the end. Both sides learnt something.

China was really able to help the younger girls with hair fashion etc and the other mum (forgot her name!) showed KD how to have fun without the cameras. Really lovely.

Skyejuly Thu 22-Aug-19 10:56:12

Did anyone watch the latest one?

Inappropriatefemale Thu 22-Aug-19 12:13:36

I did yes, I cannot believe the amount of Americans that are overly religious, but I think the religious husband was using the bible as an excuse to do what the hell he wanted, though their kids were lovely.

The gay couple were strange though, not because there were gay, I just wasn’t keen, the one that swapped was nice but I didn't like the one that stayed.

I didn’t mean any offence to Americans when I mentioned the religious thing but I have to admit that it’s only ever Americans that I see on TV who are like this, it’s strange.

Skyejuly Thu 22-Aug-19 12:15:10

I didnt like the dad that stayed home either. I felt making her pick up poo was a bit unrealistic in the way he done it.

Inappropriatefemale Thu 22-Aug-19 12:16:53

Yeah it was a bit much, and the not wanting anyone to touch his babies face, I mean do people really squeeze cute babies cheeks?!

Italiangreyhound Thu 22-Aug-19 18:48:58

I thought it was a good eoisode.

Quite like Terrell and felt he made some good input. Hos husband was not very nice and having the nanny there all the time! Yikes.

But yes what she said about dog food was very rude.

Ironically, she learnt something from her own devotional time.

Skyejuly Thu 22-Aug-19 18:55:00

She was rude but I do think it was nasty making her do the poop scoop and laughing at her. The USA ones seem really extremes of each other!

Inappropriatefemale Fri 23-Aug-19 02:54:42

I wish this American WS would prompt the British ones to come back, they were the best as it was more realistic.

SockMachine Fri 23-Aug-19 03:58:08

I found that whole episode disturbing. The Dad spanking the child (twice!) , the stay home Dad and the nanny excluding and then bullying the wife.They treated her like a servant. Ironic given his DH’s opinion of the white man and his lack of domestic input (except spanking the children).

Tyrell looked appalled when he heard about the dog shit.

But her dog food analogy was appallingly thought out.

SockMachine Fri 23-Aug-19 04:01:16

“I wish this American WS would prompt the British ones to come back, they were the best as it was more realistic.”

I don’t, I think the whole thing is unethical, have done since the start. It would be ok if it didn’t involve children having their lives , families, behaviour and parents exposed to the world.

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