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The Chef's Brigade

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longwayoff Tue 30-Jul-19 21:24:02

Bbc2. Jason Atherton taking a new team of chefs, all trained but not to his level, around Europe competing against renowned restaurant teams. 20 minutes in. I'm finding it quite tedious, hope it wakes up a bit.

longwayoff Tue 30-Jul-19 21:53:32

I'm finding this dated and dreary. Mr Atherton lacks charm and seems a bit of a twit. Maybe I'm not in the right mood for it.

MegCleary Tue 30-Jul-19 21:56:13

It’s growing on me

divingworldchampion Tue 30-Jul-19 21:56:15

It's all a bit macho isn't it. Lots of fake tension over pasta thickness.

SaffaQueen Tue 30-Jul-19 22:07:44

Find Jason Atherton a bit patronising to the locals. Speaking broken English does not make it any easier to understand - just makes you look like a twat.

Struggling to see how they beat the local chefs, felt that was a bit glossed over - did they cook the pasta from scratch. Looked like it was already made?!

SaffaQueen Tue 30-Jul-19 22:09:32

Me Jason. Have 4 stars. You understand 🙄?

longwayoff Tue 30-Jul-19 22:19:40

Hmm. Lukewarm at best?

wowfudge Tue 30-Jul-19 22:26:10

I enjoyed it and found it interesting. I didn't like him swearing at them in the kitchen when everyone was under pressure. I thought we'd moved past that era.

Swishyswash Wed 31-Jul-19 09:25:11

He has such an aggressive, humourless way about him. Not very likeable.

PersonalityLines Wed 31-Jul-19 09:30:44

"We're a brigade, we're really there for one another." "Homesick? I can't have you on my brigade"

longwayoff Tue 06-Aug-19 21:20:36

Episode 2. He's not improved, glad I don't have to work with him. Norway looks nice though.

wowfudge Tue 06-Aug-19 21:43:49

He's had a charisma bypass, that's for sure. He left home at 13 and is clearly single-minded. The Norwegian guy would be better company socially though.

BIWI Fri 09-Aug-19 21:43:17

It's really not very sympathetic, is it? I totally get the hard work ethos, but there's something very flat about this programme. Atherton doesn't seem really interested in any of them as individuals.

SaffaQueen Fri 09-Aug-19 22:11:00

Totally, and it also sort of skips past their development. One crew meal and they experts at various cuisines? (Beating the Italians last week and coming reasonably close to the Norwegians,totally different cuisines). And these were chefs that hadn’t had the best training etc!? Boggling.

longwayoff Wed 14-Aug-19 15:04:14

Four michelin stars? Is that possible? I've just flicked on episode 3 and am about ten minutes in. Lets give it another go.

BIWI Wed 14-Aug-19 19:11:13

Hmm. I have less and less time for old Jason. Making his brigade vote against other members really doesn't feel like a way to consolidate the team.

longwayoff Wed 14-Aug-19 21:40:30

Yes, hasn't done himself any favours with this series. Just not a 'people person'. I'm sure he's an excellent cook though.

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