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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how short Sporticus actually is now Stephanie has grown a bit?

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Loobeeloo Mon 30-Jul-07 18:57:41

Is it just me?

expatinscotland Mon 30-Jul-07 18:58:14

I thought someone on here said Stephanie was like 16 or something.

Sporticus is rank.

TranquilaManana Mon 30-Jul-07 18:58:57

frikkin annoying program that.

Loobeeloo Mon 30-Jul-07 19:01:22

I have noticed that in shots she is in he is usually flipping around so you can't really tell but when they dance together at the end he is really short.

And yes pretty vile but then I have always found men with moustaches a bit slimy and creepy.

Beards are fine but moustaches eugh!

jaynehater Mon 30-Jul-07 19:01:51

Loobeloo, you're wasting valuable Night-Garden time if you've noticed that

Loobeeloo Mon 30-Jul-07 19:03:10

It worries me sometimes just how much I notice about cbeebies programs, like the fact that Justin Fletcher is secretly plotting to take over the world, mark my words he needs watching and not in a good way!

jaynehater Mon 30-Jul-07 19:08:10

Justin Fletcher worries me too.

We could be onto something here.


XcupcakemummyX Mon 30-Jul-07 19:11:27

sporticus looks like an ex estate agent

Loobeeloo Mon 30-Jul-07 19:13:02

My dh tells me he used to work with someone who was the spitting image of Robbie Rotten...

TranquilaManana Mon 30-Jul-07 19:18:00

that justins a right miserable fecker innee?
i reckon hes all smiles and stuff at work, but at the pub later he sits on his own and grumbes about everything and everyone avoids him coz theyre scared.

Loobeeloo Mon 30-Jul-07 19:20:03

My dh is always saying that Justin must get a hard time from his mates at the pub, that Pete from Boogie Beebies too! I mean how could you hold your head up after a long days work?

jaynehater Mon 30-Jul-07 19:22:58

I still insist the "ashamed to leave the house in daylight" award has to go to Big Cook. I mean, really? How can he?

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