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TENNIS thread - We wave goodbye to SW19, and look forward to the hardcourt season.

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Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 19:55:58

Before we run out .

By be Wimbledon sad

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 19:57:38

By be ?

WTF does that mean?

Bye Bye! As Fabrice would say. grin

kazzaD66 Sun 14-Jul-19 19:58:43

grin Raahh

kazzaD66 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:00:10

Missed everything after the speeches as had to rush to kitchen.

Dinner now cooking blush

JaneJeffer Sun 14-Jul-19 20:00:09

Eat something Raahh for the love of God!

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:00:46

Evening kazza

Dh got very excited by the cricket.

He doesn't even like cricket. He does/has played softball though. He's an umpire now. I suppose they both involve bowling and batting grin

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:01:11

Jane grin

kazzaD66 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:01:38

Now on G&T, with some of the Pimms fruit grin

Nice Rioja looking at me ready on the dining table wink

PrivateIsles Sun 14-Jul-19 20:02:38

Thanks Raahh

Carbs for you cake

mama1980 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:03:08

Thanks raahh for the new thread.

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:04:21

Cheers, Private.

I need to soak up the Pimms. I didn't have that much. I'm just that drained- by a match I wasn't fussed about grin-that I feel more tipsy than I should!


kazzaD66 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:04:43

It's a good job DS hasn't got school tomorrow grin

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:04:59

You are all welcome. grin


Fizzywinegum Sun 14-Jul-19 20:05:39

Thanks for the new thread Raahh

DS1 tried to explain the cricket “tiebreak” to me but I wasn’t really interested.

PrivateIsles Sun 14-Jul-19 20:05:57

kazza you just reminded me that there was some wine left (I know, unheard of!) - just poured some out to go with my sandwich wine

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:06:31

Unfortunately , both dd1 and dd2 are still at school. So I do need to be up. DD2 is still not quite right- but they have a transition week at her school, where she spends time in her new class. I really need her to go in.

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:07:26

That was a quick set.

Fizzywinegum Sun 14-Jul-19 20:07:37

It was the final set that finished me off - I managed to miss the handshake and the non celebration - I think I was waiting to see if Djok ate the grass!

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:09:11

I missed the end too, Fizzy grin

The last point was just a bit of an anti climax, I think, and I got distracted.

Made me laugh when he ate the grass though.

Fizzywinegum Sun 14-Jul-19 20:09:47

Now it’s Tour de France

Bye bye Wimbledon sad

JaneJeffer Sun 14-Jul-19 20:12:11

I enjoyed Djokovic's grass eating face grin

Raahh Sun 14-Jul-19 20:13:09

Do you think he was wondering what the smell was, Jane?


'this grass, it has a bit of an odour'

Fizzywinegum Sun 14-Jul-19 20:13:34

Me too Jane and Raahh grin

JaneJeffer Sun 14-Jul-19 20:16:52

I think his expression said I may be eating shitty grass but I won Wimbledon so nerr

PrivateIsles Sun 14-Jul-19 20:18:49

In case you want to know grin the last time someone won Wimbledon from match point down was 1948 - according to twitter.

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