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WIMBLEDON Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

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JaneJeffer Fri 12-Jul-19 19:28:04


PrivateIsles Fri 12-Jul-19 19:29:56

Oh bugger I just created one too - let's use yours Jane as your title is better!

bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:30:20

I'm here ... I ran ( well virtually )

Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:31:06


I'm confused , but that's ok.

I hate this. sad

GrouchyKiwi Fri 12-Jul-19 19:31:09

Posting on both just in case.

bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:31:35

it is so tense

JaneJeffer Fri 12-Jul-19 19:31:41

Sorry Private didn't have time to check.

Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:32:03

I think I'll stick to watching the oldies in future.

Far less stressful.


JaneJeffer Fri 12-Jul-19 19:32:01


bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:32:15

these two can play tennis so well

JaneJeffer Fri 12-Jul-19 19:32:41


GrouchyKiwi Fri 12-Jul-19 19:33:00

Some nice grit from Nadal to stay in this.

Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:33:01

I'm too tipsy depressed to start threads .sad

He's having trouble with his shoes, I think.

JaneJeffer Fri 12-Jul-19 19:33:00

My heart is pounding!

bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:33:17

well Rafa has just run to his chair- hasn't done that for a few games

Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:34:08

Oh shut up Tim- there's a reason he's taking his time.

PrivateIsles Fri 12-Jul-19 19:34:53

It's in Fed's hands though on his serve, I feel sad

CilantroChili Fri 12-Jul-19 19:35:31

What a fighter Rafa is

CilantroChili Fri 12-Jul-19 19:36:07

His spirit is indomitable. 👀❤️

bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:37:47


Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:38:40

Is Mirka stripping??

Raahh Fri 12-Jul-19 19:39:36

I'm not calm, Boris.

Steala Fri 12-Jul-19 19:40:20

I need a lie down

CilantroChili Fri 12-Jul-19 19:40:32

This is AGONY

bookbook Fri 12-Jul-19 19:40:40

and another shock - he is surely a fighter

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