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Doc Martin - the most pathetic programme ever?

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CountessDracula Thu 16-Sep-04 22:15:37

Just sat through an excruciating hour of this utter tosh - honestly it was the worst, most patronising and poorly written pile of poo I think I have ever seen. I was riveted to it just to see if it could get any worse!

The poor old Port Issac locals were made to seem like total morons, the dialogue was feeble, the plot like something a 5 year old had written - I can't think of one redeeming feature.


How does crap like this get commissioned?

artyjoe Thu 16-Sep-04 22:17:19

I haven't seen tonights one yet but I've seen the first two, I tape them and watch them at lunch time, and I've enjoyed both of them! It will be interesting watching it tomorrow now!

motherinferior Thu 16-Sep-04 22:17:31

It has a certain compulsion for me, I have to say. Something about Martin Clunes actually being a good actor if given the chance. I was quite rivetted to William and Mary. But I do also utterly see your point. The one consolation for me was I'd just watched last night's very harrowing Six Feet Under on video, and needed the TV equivalent of a hot toddy because did you know I'm not drinking this month, CD, I may have mentioned it just once or twice?

West Wing back tomorrow!

CountessDracula Thu 16-Sep-04 22:19:02

Caroline Catz IS a good actress, what is she doing in this? And Martin Clunes - well he rarely stretches himself, let's face it. He could be good I suppose (he was my neighbour for a bit and a grumpy sod with a horrid little dog and a socking great 4x4 so I'm not that keen on him!)

CountessDracula Thu 16-Sep-04 22:19:38

Oh well done MI on the non drinking - we have 6 days to go till we have done a calender month!

tamum Thu 16-Sep-04 22:44:52

I lurrrve Martin Clunes, but I just couldn't watch this after the first episode, it was such stereotyped bilge. Mind you, Horizon was boring as shite so I might have been better off giving Martin a second chance. The program after Horizon on BBC2 (kind of business troubleshooting) was utterly rivetting and I find myself strangely drawn to the captain of industry bloke who does the troubleshooting....

Caribbeanqueen Thu 16-Sep-04 23:14:33

Agree - it's total rubbish, and predictable as well. I was expecing better from Martin Clunes, don't know why.

Turquoise Thu 16-Sep-04 23:37:16

Haven't seen it but I am so sick of the same pool of actors in everything - the soap actors just recycle through the soaps and the Bill, and everything else seems to be Martin Clunes, Caroline Quentin, and everyone who was in Clocking ON. They're all good actors, but it's not as though Equity's short of a few new faces.

SofiaAmes Sat 18-Sep-04 08:55:22

I love it. But I am a bit of an addict to happy endings and nice stories with no violence. I love all the hallmark channel shows.

Lonelymum Sat 18-Sep-04 22:46:58

Yes, I look forward to it too. I love Cornwall and doctor programmes and so what if it is predictable and soft? I can't stand those programmes that feel obliged to shock at every turn just to pull in the viewers. At the end of the day, lying in bed, before going to sleep, Doc Martin is fine by me.

Aero Sat 18-Sep-04 22:50:13

Total pants - sorry!!

harrassedmum Sat 18-Sep-04 22:50:57

I enjoyed watching it inbetween being poorly with my tummy bug. I like martin clunes.

twitcher Sat 18-Sep-04 23:10:41

Absolute rubbish - I watched a terrible sitcom with Jasper Carrot the other night, now THAT was pants.

Susiesoap7 Mon 28-Dec-15 14:22:33

I love doc Martin!!!

coffeeisnectar Mon 28-Dec-15 14:25:07

This thread is 11 years old ffs!

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