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Love Island 2019 ❤️🏝 (Thread 3) Lets get Chived.

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Wrongdissection Mon 10-Jun-19 18:59:51

Hope no one minds, as the other thread was almost full up I’ve started another.

DontWorryYoureJustAsSaneAsIAm Mon 10-Jun-19 19:17:18

Love the title grin

unique1986 Mon 10-Jun-19 19:46:32

Curtis and Amy put on a show of kisses tonight.
Puke wink

Lulumush Mon 10-Jun-19 20:13:24

Is it worth me spending time catching up on last night or can someone give me a two liner update?

boooey Mon 10-Jun-19 20:16:17

Tommy and Anton were trying to impress Molly Mae, Tommy can’t make a peppermint tea or an omelette so got the other boys to help him.
Joe was creeping over Lucie as usual
A new Guy took Yewande and Amber out on dates but we haven’t seen the outcomes yet

AliasGrape Mon 10-Jun-19 20:17:18

Yay! Place marking.

Lulumush - I watched it and can’t remember what happened! Errrr ... Tommy doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea (or speak to women about anything other than himself), Anton making a play for MM, Amber and Michael talked about how they were gonna talk and ‘get to know’ each other. New boy picks Yewande for a date.

Probably missed something but that’s all I can drag from the recesses of my reality tv addled brain.

Handmaid2019 Mon 10-Jun-19 20:30:11

Checking in 🌴

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 10-Jun-19 20:32:06

Signing in, love the title.
Omelette anyone?grin

kennypppppppp Mon 10-Jun-19 20:34:59

i am more obsessed with this programme than i am with mic (fyi).

can't make peppermint tea?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tomtom.
did MM (molly may, not megan markle) realise that it was green tea and not peppermint? i am particularly fussy re: peppermint and would have not drunk green. (tomtom - don't make me one, please)

kennypppppppp Mon 10-Jun-19 20:36:42

/chives/ would so much more have longevity rather than bev. bev???? callard?? (my brain is leaking)

BenWillbondsPants Mon 10-Jun-19 20:49:04

I don't think that Danny's all that at ALL.

Bluntness100 Mon 10-Jun-19 20:50:17

Just checking in,,,

Changaroorooroo Mon 10-Jun-19 20:51:06

jumps on sofa with tea and cake

carmenbea Mon 10-Jun-19 20:51:10

Hopefully tonight is entertaining 😀

Fairylea Mon 10-Jun-19 20:51:27

Shameless placemarkery here grin

TwittleBee Mon 10-Jun-19 21:00:54

Here on my pregnancy ball ready to watch!!

carmenbea Mon 10-Jun-19 21:01:39

More Michael will make me happy

nowifi Mon 10-Jun-19 21:04:15

Michael is so lovely! I don't understand why no-one is after him?!

DustOffYourHighestHopes Mon 10-Jun-19 21:04:53

Ahhhh I think Yewande seems lovely but she doesn’t have much chat

carmenbea Mon 10-Jun-19 21:04:59

He is the best looking by far and a fireman !!!!

tessiegirl Mon 10-Jun-19 21:05:03

Watching yewande is cringe

unique1986 Mon 10-Jun-19 21:05:13

They are too boring.
Bring on some fun and crazy newbies

Bluntness100 Mon 10-Jun-19 21:05:15

Yewande really has no chat.,this is awkward,,,

carmenbea Mon 10-Jun-19 21:05:43

I think molly is going to piss all the other girls off big time tonight

Outofinspiration Mon 10-Jun-19 21:05:52

Curtis seemed to be enjoying describing how he imagined Danny there!

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