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help me write an email to itv online

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melsy Mon 23-Jul-07 14:28:28

Ive been watching a series on and ITV have now started this 30day catch up thing & disabled episodes i havent had a chance to watch. I didnt reaise that they had this and have missed most of the series. Im really annoyed as was looking forward to catching up in my own time. I wouldnt be bothered , but its about anxiety treatments and all sorts. This is the email I revceived , after asking why they had been unable to view.

"Hi Melsy"
Further to your email below, you have been able to watch ......... on a 30-day catch up. The last 5, which are still available, are ones with live links. The others had been disabled and have now been removed from the site.

Hopefully you can complete your viewing over the next few days and you'll be able to see the remainder of the series.

Unfortunately they can't remain on the site for longer, but should you require information from within the show, then the page also contains website links to contributors.

But thanks for bringing it to our attention as things are occasionally missed. The links you mentioned should have been removed on Friday.

Best wishes

Basically due to my email they took more episdoes offline and then bloody thanked me for telling them. FGS I wanted to watch it FGS!!!

I need some good retort back !

melsy Mon 23-Jul-07 16:58:08


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