Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 US PACE! ##Spoilers for UK viewers##

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AcrossthePond55 Thu 06-Jun-19 00:47:08

We had a similar thread for season 2. This is specifically for those watching on Hulu in the US/elsewhere or UK streaming at the US pace so there be spoilers ahead for those watching at UK pace.

Please no spoilers if anyone has ‘advance knowledge’ of season 3 beyond the current episodes.

I’ve watched 2 of the 3 episodes dropped today. I’m pretty satisfied with things so far..I admit I got a bit emotional when it was clear that Emily and Nichole made it to Canada.

My only niggle right now is Mrs Lawrence. It’s pretty obvious she’s suffering from some type of MH condition. Yet everyone (pro Gilead)seems to buy Cdr Lawrence’s ‘she’s just tired’ or whatever excuses. Seems to me they’d be on the lookout for people outside the acceptable norm and anxious to ‘deal with them’.

I’ll be watching Ep 3 later tonight.

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beanaseireann Sat 24-Aug-19 09:25:55

You are going to rewatch the finale shock
I'm in awe - once was enough for me!!!

beanaseireann Sat 24-Aug-19 09:24:15

I just watched the last episode from behind my hands. My heart was racing so much, I thought I might have a cardiac episode even though you really had to suspend disbelief.
52 children and Marthas escaping like that. How did they get the children to go, to leave the only " family " many would have remembered. There was a baby in Rita's arms fgs.
What did the Marthas say to the children that they were doing ?
How did the gun toting, search light using guards not see them ?
How did some of the children not whinge ?
There's always one smile
I missed the dialogue when Janine arrived prior to the departure from Cmdr Lawrence's house. What was she saying ?
That poor scared Martha who ran away. Will she be put on the wall ?

Shakennotshook Wed 21-Aug-19 22:51:50

I just dobt see how they can come up with an excuse for June being shot if they take her back. Its not like anyone will believe she tried to prevent rita abducting a bunch of kids.

I thought it was implied in the series that June didnt write the tale, it was recorded on CLs tapes?

AcrossthePond55 Wed 21-Aug-19 18:44:01

I think I'm going to re-watched the finale and see if I can find any 'hints' of things to come. Sometimes when you know the ending you see things you wouldn't have noticed before. grin

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AcrossthePond55 Wed 21-Aug-19 18:41:00

I bet the gunshot will be blamed on Rita.

I can certainly see them blaming one of the women now safely in Canada.

The thing is, June should have been peacefully asleep in the Lawrence's house when the Plan was executed. She shouldn't have known anything about it. In fact, everyone that didn't escape to Canada should have been peacefully asleep in their respective houses.

The only way I can see is if one of the Lawrence Marthas escaped. June could say she discovered her 'in the act' and was shot. But then a gunshot in the house would have woken Cdr L and he would have been expected to raise an alarm.

I guess that's the real 'cliffhanger', isn't it?

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ElspethFlashman Wed 21-Aug-19 15:20:28

I got really confused when he gave her the BC and thought he meant her to swallow the whole packet as a form of morning after pill. Though I believe it doesn't always work and makes you sick as a dog.

Giving it to her for the future makes more sense though. It wasn't clear that's for sure.

I bet the gunshot will be blamed on Rita.

BobbyGentry Wed 21-Aug-19 15:08:30

there *the
here *her
☺️ Thanks predictive text/autocorrect fail 😇

BobbyGentry Wed 21-Aug-19 15:05:28

I wonder if June will be placed in a hide out (safe house) while she recuperates from the gun shot wound giving her time to write the Handmaid’s Tale and follow the lives of the other Mathas & Handmaids as snippets of news come in? The book states that no one knows there origins of the author (June) so maybe we’ll see here story interwoven & linked with Nick’s & Hannah’s before fading into obscurity? The Testaments is out 10th September.

Shakennotshook Tue 20-Aug-19 23:58:47

Lawrence could marry Mrs Winslow I guess. Although given hes not confirmed dead I guess that cant happen.

Pretty sure they're very very confirmed, medically.

In season 2 June was 5 weeks pregnant when she went for her ultrasound. Serena also asks rita about sanpro at one point and rita says it's not time yet so it is tracked providing they all have a regular cycle! The pregnancy test was black market though so they must not test immediately when a period is late.

AcrossthePond55 Tue 20-Aug-19 21:57:16

He gave her 'the Pill' after the ceremony they were forced into in case they were forced again. So she could have conceived that first (and only) time.

You're probably right. I'm just looking for a way for June to be able to stay at Cdr Lawrence's that isn't too, too farfetched. Pregnancy is the only one I can think of. I guess they could just say that he retains enough power in Gilead (esp now with Winslow & Fred gone) to do whatever the hell he wants.

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nowifi Tue 20-Aug-19 17:10:00

Didn't he give June contraception though? Unless it didn't work that is one way they could get around it. I don't think they will show her going through another pregnancy.

AcrossthePond55 Tue 20-Aug-19 16:51:09

I'm pretty sure that the Aunts track the Handmaid's cycles so I expect you're right, Elspeth. They'd probably have them off to a Dr or do an in-home test as soon as they knew the Handmaid hadn't started her period.

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ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Aug-19 20:00:37

Pretty sure they're very very confirmed, medically.

Though I can't remember what happened last time. Aren't they trotted off to the doctor by Aunt Lydia every month?

AcrossthePond55 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:44:24

Yes, that's true. The writers/producers can do whatever they want.

But they aren't going to want to jump the shark, so I don't think they'd do anything too 'far beyond' what might be considered 'reasonable' given what we know about (series) Gilead. I'd think a Handmaid being elevated to the status of 'Wife of a Commander' (the highest status for a woman in Gilead) would be jumping the shark. Handmaids by definition are 'unvirtuous'. Wives by definition are 'virtuous'.

It will definitely be interesting. Personally, I'm leaning a bit towards June being pregnant, it's the only reasonable way for her to stay in Cdr L's house. They could always fake a pregnancy to at least keep her there during her recuperation from being shot. Obvs, if the Aunts routinely confirm a pregnancy, that's not going to happen.

And we have to wait a YEAR to find out!!!!!

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AnotherEmma Mon 19-Aug-19 18:55:50

Oh yes I'd forgotten that Elspeth

ArabellaDoreenFig Mon 19-Aug-19 18:19:39

I watched it this morning and am still reeling !

What an amazing finish to the season. The highlights for me were: June walking in to the dark house and Cdr L reading to the children; the handmaids and Martha’s appearing at June’s side to take down the airstrip guard;
Moria looking in the airplane;
Rita looking down and realising she was finally somewhere safe; (that made me properly sob and I’m actually welling up thinking about it!) and Serenas’ arrest.

I’m hoping next season we might see some more about the Martha’s - (Rita flashbacks maybe? ) and more of Nick. Would LOVE for the handmaids to not be caught and be an underground resistance !!

ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Aug-19 18:06:17

That marriage is void in Gilead. It was Lukes 2nd marriage, so was regarded as adultery.

AnotherEmma Mon 19-Aug-19 17:30:27

June is still legally married so she couldn't marry anyone else. Not that it would happen even if she could!

ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Aug-19 16:47:01

(But yeah, at the very least there would have to be a pregnancy otherwise it would be slightly ludicrous)

ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Aug-19 16:45:39

I believe kids belong only to the Commander. They don't belong to the Wives. So theoretically Lawrence would keep the child but probably be under pressure to marry someone so the child would be born in Holy wedlock. Regardless of who the woman is!

The short answer is that they can do it if they want. They can also write in "there's been precedence in a case in BumFuck Illinois where a Wife dropped dead and the Commander married his Handmaid so why can't I do it?"
They can also mess about with the concept of "sins being washed clean" blah blah (probably involving some humiliating ritual for June).

I've read ppl saying Oh Handmaid's can never marry anyone but tbh they can do whatever the producers decide cos I don't think it even came up in the book. So much is being made up on the hoof.

That's not to say I think it's likely, but my point is that they can write it in if they want.

AcrossthePond55 Mon 19-Aug-19 14:37:20

I'd really like that too Elspeth.

I just don't know how the scriptwriters could 'realistically' do it. Marriage is out of the question as June is not a 'virtuous woman' and only those become wives. As a widower he's not entitled to a Handmaid so wouldn't be able to 'keep' June. I expect they could go down the 'powerful man gets what he wants' route, but I can't see it being realistic that the other Cdrs just go 'Oh ok. Fine'. No, it'd cause all sorts of hell for Cdr L.

The only way I can see her being able to remain would be if June is pregnant due to their one 'ceremony'. But what is the normal 'rule' for widows/widowers? Mrs Cdr Winslow indicated that she might lose her children if Cdr W doesn't come back. Is this only for women or is it usual for children to be removed and placed in a two-parent home? I can see Cdr L having enough power to circumvent this, but that would only be a temporary solution.

I guess they could communicate & organize via the Martha network even if June has a new 'posting'.

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ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Aug-19 11:54:37

I want Lawrence and June to team up and be this awesome Resistance duo.

I liked that June had someone to talk to. I liked that she confessed her remorse at pulling the gun on the little girl to an actual person and it wasn't just a voice over.

She's had very few people she can actually unburden herself with before and it makes a good change.

Wevebeensentgoodweather Sun 18-Aug-19 21:45:22

Yeah that would be good! I want more flash backs next season too, felt like there wasnt much shown this time round. The flash back in the last episode was terrifying and thats part of why I love this show grin
They filmed more Nick scenes this season for the last few episodes but they cut them for some reason.

nowifi Sun 18-Aug-19 21:38:52

I hope to see more Nick next season winksmile

2 more seasons would be good, one to show them getting Hannah and June getting out of Gilead and then a whole season dedicated to their lives when they get to Canada

nowifi Sun 18-Aug-19 21:37:02

I never thought about Luke getting on the plane and going to Gilead, that would be interesting!

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