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Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 US PACE! ##Spoilers for UK viewers##

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AcrossthePond55 Thu 06-Jun-19 00:47:08

We had a similar thread for season 2. This is specifically for those watching on Hulu in the US/elsewhere or UK streaming at the US pace so there be spoilers ahead for those watching at UK pace.

Please no spoilers if anyone has ‘advance knowledge’ of season 3 beyond the current episodes.

I’ve watched 2 of the 3 episodes dropped today. I’m pretty satisfied with things so far..I admit I got a bit emotional when it was clear that Emily and Nichole made it to Canada.

My only niggle right now is Mrs Lawrence. It’s pretty obvious she’s suffering from some type of MH condition. Yet everyone (pro Gilead)seems to buy Cdr Lawrence’s ‘she’s just tired’ or whatever excuses. Seems to me they’d be on the lookout for people outside the acceptable norm and anxious to ‘deal with them’.

I’ll be watching Ep 3 later tonight.

Handmaid2019 Sun 09-Jun-19 22:36:03

Agree about Mrs Lawrence, she's an interesting character!

xiona75 Mon 10-Jun-19 06:30:17

Looking forward to the new episode! June is getting her women's network together-loved the part where she selected a crack team from the choice she was given. Can't wait to see what happens next

beanaseireann Mon 10-Jun-19 09:26:21

How did the Martha die ?
I was distracted, missed that bit and deleted the episode before I got a chance to rewatch.

beanaseireann Mon 10-Jun-19 17:37:57


AcrossthePond55 Mon 10-Jun-19 18:33:42

She was shot during some resistance activity. I think they were trying to smuggle her or another Martha to freedom.

beanaseireann Mon 10-Jun-19 19:33:14

Thank you acrossthepond55

deelreal Mon 10-Jun-19 21:22:53

Hi does anyone know where I can watch this at USA pace please

arganlady Wed 12-Jun-19 17:53:53

Mrs L is definitely part of the resistance.

I loved Serena setting fire to the bed. No more handmaiden sex she was quite clearly saying.

Fred is being too nice. He's been an utter cunt up until now, this is either forgetful writing or he'll do something awful.

calpop Wed 12-Jun-19 20:40:09

I wish they'd give aunt Lydia's backstory. Thought they were going to at the end of ep4.

where has nick disappeared to? has he been given a new wife?

Can they get to them in Canada?

calpop Wed 12-Jun-19 20:40:17

I wish they'd give aunt Lydia's backstory. Thought they were going to at the end of ep4.

where has nick disappeared to? has he been given a new wife?

Can they get to them in Canada?

calpop Wed 12-Jun-19 20:40:17

I wish they'd give aunt Lydia's backstory. Thought they were going to at the end of ep4.

where has nick disappeared to? has he been given a new wife?

BG2015 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:58:34

Just finished watching episode 4.

I think Fred is probably realising that women cannot just knit and plant gardens and be fulfilled - especially someone like Serena.

Aunt Lydia has lost it totally, how could she be so horrible.

I'm loving it!

ThunderOnlyHappens Wed 12-Jun-19 21:58:24

Managed to watch ep4 and feel like it's found it's feet again. Blessed be the fruit

AcrossthePond55 Wed 12-Jun-19 23:36:16

May the Lord open.

I think Fred really loves Serena (as much as he is capable), but he didn't realize how much until he realized that he was going to lose her. He's desperate to get her back. But now much for love of her and how much to retain his place in the power structure, who knows? And we all know what a good liar he is. He could be blowing smoke up Serena and June's skirts to get Serena back under his control and save his reputation.

Aunt L is losing it and I'm enjoying watching her struggle with the knowledge. She knows that if she cracks, it's off to the Colonies for her (or worse). She loves her 'status' just as much as the men do. It's why she's always so surprised when she's reminded of it, ie when she was politely directed away from the main reception at the Putnam's house.

June is gaining determination like a storm on the horizon.

applepineapple Thu 13-Jun-19 07:45:08

Thanks for linking me to this thread! Watched ep 4 last night. I really want to see and Aunt Lydia back story, poor Janine taking the brunt of her anger.

I was confused why June would say that it was Luke in the video, surely she's putting Nichole at risk as they could find her in Canada.

AcrossthePond55 Thu 13-Jun-19 11:15:16

I think she realized that they already knew it was them. They just wanted confirmation. To lie would have been to endanger herself and thus remove any chance of getting Hannah out.

arganlady Thu 13-Jun-19 12:47:48

Nick has been sent to the uprising in Chicago and made a commander I thought.

arganlady Thu 13-Jun-19 12:48:04

Last nights was hard to watch.

arganlady Thu 13-Jun-19 12:48:49
This made me cry a bit yesterday.

deelreal Thu 13-Jun-19 21:32:13

Are all you ladies for the USA if not how are you watching please. Dying to see episode 4.

applepineapple Thu 13-Jun-19 23:35:53

@deelreal this is the link I use. You do get pop ups and annoying ads though so be aware

ThunderOnlyHappens Fri 14-Jun-19 00:51:33

I watch through the Placenta add on to Kodi. It's very reliable as a stream.

7Days Fri 14-Jun-19 10:45:57

Is it ok to talk about ep 3 on this thread?

If so... that Commander Lawrence eh? What is he like?
Was he just putting on that prickish behaviour in front of the other Commanders?

Torvi Fri 14-Jun-19 13:20:18

I'm really worried that Luke, Moira and Nicole are in danger now sad

Handmaid2019 Fri 14-Jun-19 13:36:50

I feel the same Torvi. I'm sure Fred would have recognised Luke from when he was in Canada in season 2.

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