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Rafflesway Fri 31-May-19 17:41:27

I know I am probably being very unreasonable to many but am I the only person who absolutely HATES contestants who take a minus figure to get through?

They always come up with the pathetic reason, "It's more important for me to get back for the team." "We'll actually love, if you aren't flaming well good enough to get through by contributing then we don't need you" would be my response.

Personally, I think if they take a minus figure and the team wins the final chase then the minus figure should be deducted from the wussy contestant's winnings. I wonder how many of the wusses selfish bastards would take the minus figure if that was the case?

Rant over and yes I am probably a bit of a saddo for watching in the first place. grin

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Starksforthewin Thu 15-Aug-19 02:39:50

I would always prefer being on my own for the Final Chase. All that faffing around looking at each other before pushing the button and then passing...

Are these still repeat episodes on ITV? When do the new ones start again?

I remember that episode with that horrifically rude woman who made jibes about Ann's weight. You could tell she was one of those evangelical Slimming world people who had become a know it all about the calorie count of dust...
Ann absolutely shredded her in the quiz then made a very smart retort about learning some manners.

I love Paul Sinha. I find he is the most respectful to the contestants, always tries to say something positive. He is also very funny. I follow him on Twitter and he is receiving a lot of love following his recent diagnosis.

mum2jakie Wed 14-Aug-19 20:46:03

The young man did well to get the £50,000 though! Shame it fell apart in the final chase.

Winterfellismyhome Wed 14-Aug-19 17:41:53

Minus 10 grand!

CoughSplutter Wed 14-Aug-19 17:13:27

@SlipperOrchid "I think the chaser always has the advantage simply by going solo!"

Yes, the Chaser gets more time than the players as Bradley has to say the contestant's name before they can answer - it's a huge swizz.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 14-Aug-19 17:12:43

I know someone who had an audition and didn't get on the show. She's a demon quizzer, very clever and wouldn't have been a nervous wreck. She reckons they're looking for personalities. Bubbly types.

SegregateMumBev Wed 14-Aug-19 17:00:51

I applied online about a fortnight ago, and got a phone call on Monday this week. After the audition stage I believe there is still quite a wait before being put on a show. But it depends on who they have available-each show does seem to contain a mix of backgrounds and ages.

Are you happy for me to carry on doing post match analysis here, or is that a bit spoilery?

RebootYourEngine Wed 14-Aug-19 16:31:57

Good luck SegregateMumBev

When did you apply? Is the waiting list still a few years long?

xsquared Mon 12-Aug-19 21:28:36

You'll be surprised as I've seen several blogs/ discussion fora suggest that producers don't want people who are too good so they deliberately leave a few questions out on the written quiz. I think that's nonsense.
I think the point of the written quiz is to filter out who would be unsuitable for going on a quiz show as the questions are very easy.

SegregateMumBev Mon 12-Aug-19 21:08:47

Deliberately get questions wrong! ?! Gasp, I can't think of such a thing!?

Nah, I'm seriously competitive, if I know the answer I'll be blurting it out.

xsquared Mon 12-Aug-19 20:50:04

Hi Segregate,
I know is it sounds cliched but just be yourself, but I think it helps to appear enthusiastic.
They are not necessarily looking for people who are super clever but on the other hand, don't deliberately get questions wrong if you think they won't choose you for being too clever. Be prepared to discuss your answer rather than just say "the answer is ...".

henpartystress Mon 12-Aug-19 20:22:28

Ah well done- I was on not long ago! I could tell straight away who they would pick and who they wouldn't. Be cheery and confident!

SegregateMumBev Mon 12-Aug-19 20:18:45

Ooooh, any tips? I know they are looking for quirky interestin' types who will make good telly. I'm currently revising my US state capitals and the periodic table.

xsquared Mon 12-Aug-19 20:14:10

Have fun Segregate. I did one recently for Pointless but won't find out if I've got through until end of August.

SegregateMumBev Mon 12-Aug-19 18:00:40

blows dust off thread

Guess who's got an audtion for The Chase!

SegregateMumBev Tue 25-Jun-19 18:00:45

Now then! Tuesday, chaser Shaun

Player 1: Male 30s. Strong in the cash build, 1,5,20 went mid offer. Shaun got 1 wrong, so he'd have had 2 goes at teh higher amount.
Player 2: Female student. terrible cash builder, got none right! Offers -1, 0, 40. Wisely took the minus offer. Chaser got 2 wrong, and even Brad was remarking on her lack of knowledge. But she scraped home.
Player 3 Male 20s. 1,5,30, cockily went for the high offer, but got 3 wrong and was caught 4 from home.
Plyaer 4: Female 30s. 1,4,46. Sorely temp[ted by the high offer, but went for 4. Wouldve had a couple of chances at it too.

So 3 players for £8k. 17 steps, player 1 doing the heavy lifting, and Miss Minus answering 1.

7 pushbacks, 4 executed, with good help from Miss Minus, holding the chaser to 13!

Well played, team, enjoy!

SegregateMumBev Mon 24-Jun-19 22:38:09

Aaaaaand we're back!

Monday, chaser Mark

Player 1: good knowledge, offered 400, 4K, 16k. Went for the mid offer. Bit of a wobble on the questions over the lyrics to Foot
Loose, but through with 1 to spare.

Player 2: not a convincing cash builder, but offered 1, 3, 25. I would have been advocating going low at this point- if 4 made it through the final that'd be 500 pounds less each, but with a hugely increased chance off winning.
Anyhoo. Went mid offer. Very poor answering - didn't know blackadder, couldn't work out number of days Ina month, and unfamiliar with private eye. Caught 4 from home.

Player 3: super cash builder! Offered 2,7, 36. For such a good all round knowledge, I'd have advised going low, but he went for the mid offer.
And then gave daft answers, especially about the roman empiree and horses. Caught 3 from home.

Player 4: a student. Youthful knowledge always useful. Offered 2,5,56. Surprising that the low offer to the final player is actually positive, and I was screaming to take the 2, but no, he had to have his "brave" telly moment and go for 56.

Caught 4 from home.

Player1 made the most of solo playing, and got 15 steps.

7 ( count em!) push backs, only 1 executed. Chaser caught with 15 secs remaining.

Post match analysis: another player on the final team would have been another step ( 3 or 4 seconds.) but also might've executed 1 or 2 more push backs. Player 3 should've gone low. The 2 of them would have been playing for 6k, with a strong chance.

RebootYourEngine Sun 23-Jun-19 05:13:50

Is anyone else missing the chase this week with the racing being shown instead?

SkydivingKittyCat Wed 19-Jun-19 13:02:21

Husband and I have applied for pointless. Wonder if we should do the Chase as well

StoneNoses Tue 18-Jun-19 21:52:33

It was a lovely day out though in all fairness, and my team were really bright. Just can't bring myself to watch it as I missed several questions I knew. Typical case of it being much easier shouting the answers from home, where I normally get 6 easily!

BitOfFun Tue 18-Jun-19 21:50:46

Oh StoneNoses, I'm gutted for you!

StoneNoses Tue 18-Jun-19 21:27:17

I used to think the same thing until I went on the show and fucked right up on my cash builder as I was horrendously nervous. I was tempted by the lower offer (it was still positive). If I'd gone with it id have been a few thousand pounds better off, but I couldn't bear the idea of disappointing people I knew! Instead I watched the other 3 split the money blush they were all lovely though so I had no hard feelings! I also thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate and tea backstage watching the rest play out.

xsquared Tue 18-Jun-19 21:18:42

I remember that one Symphony. She made a thing about being an ambassador of a well known weight loss program, and said that something on the lines of not respecting those who don't watch their weight. Obviously a dig at Anne to undermine her, but Anne caught her with just 3 questions.

SymphonyofShadows Tue 18-Jun-19 11:23:11

The ‘Two Fat Ladies’ episode is my favourite. Anne destroyed a rude, arrogant woman

SegregateMumBev Tue 18-Jun-19 08:43:39

Monday 17 June. Chaser Anne.

Player 1: Older male. Very good cash builder round, offered 2,8,35 went mid. But then gave some poor answers, and was out on the last spot (ie would've been through with the 2)

Player 2: Young male. 1,4,28. went for the mid offer. Again very poor answering, caught 4 from home.

Player 3: young woman, 1,4,40 and went low. Last question shoot out on pop music, and she got through, ie right to go low.

Player 4; older woman, good cash builder, 1,7,59, went for 7 though she might have managed the higher offer.

So 2 females, playing for 8k. Question answering is pretty even between them and they get 16 steps. 2 pushbacks, 2 executed, but Anne caught them with 31 seconds remaining.

Analysis: If player 1 had joined them they'd have been playing for £3.3k each instead of £4, but would have had an extra step and an additional source of knowledge.

SegregateMumBev Sat 15-Jun-19 21:03:51

Saturday: chaser Jenny

Player 1: 1,5,20. Went middle, caught 3 from home
Player 2: 1,5,30. Went middle, caught 3from home
Player 3: 1,5,40 squeaked home with 5.
Player 4: -1, 4,45. Went middle, caught 1 from home.

So 1 player for £5k. Got15 steps.
3 push backs, 1 executed
Chaser won with 26 secs spare.

No obvious post match analysis, it's tough fir a single player unless they have a really wide knowledge. But even going lower it's not certain that the other players would have made it.

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