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Rafflesway Fri 31-May-19 17:41:27

I know I am probably being very unreasonable to many but am I the only person who absolutely HATES contestants who take a minus figure to get through?

They always come up with the pathetic reason, "It's more important for me to get back for the team." "We'll actually love, if you aren't flaming well good enough to get through by contributing then we don't need you" would be my response.

Personally, I think if they take a minus figure and the team wins the final chase then the minus figure should be deducted from the wussy contestant's winnings. I wonder how many of the wusses selfish bastards would take the minus figure if that was the case?

Rant over and yes I am probably a bit of a saddo for watching in the first place. grin

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CoughSplutter Wed 14-Aug-19 17:13:27

@SlipperOrchid "I think the chaser always has the advantage simply by going solo!"

Yes, the Chaser gets more time than the players as Bradley has to say the contestant's name before they can answer - it's a huge swizz.

Winterfellismyhome Wed 14-Aug-19 17:41:53

Minus 10 grand!

mum2jakie Wed 14-Aug-19 20:46:03

The young man did well to get the £50,000 though! Shame it fell apart in the final chase.

Starksforthewin Thu 15-Aug-19 02:39:50

I would always prefer being on my own for the Final Chase. All that faffing around looking at each other before pushing the button and then passing...

Are these still repeat episodes on ITV? When do the new ones start again?

I remember that episode with that horrifically rude woman who made jibes about Ann's weight. You could tell she was one of those evangelical Slimming world people who had become a know it all about the calorie count of dust...
Ann absolutely shredded her in the quiz then made a very smart retort about learning some manners.

I love Paul Sinha. I find he is the most respectful to the contestants, always tries to say something positive. He is also very funny. I follow him on Twitter and he is receiving a lot of love following his recent diagnosis.

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