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The Chase - Giving me the Rage

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Rafflesway Fri 31-May-19 17:41:27

I know I am probably being very unreasonable to many but am I the only person who absolutely HATES contestants who take a minus figure to get through?

They always come up with the pathetic reason, "It's more important for me to get back for the team." "We'll actually love, if you aren't flaming well good enough to get through by contributing then we don't need you" would be my response.

Personally, I think if they take a minus figure and the team wins the final chase then the minus figure should be deducted from the wussy contestant's winnings. I wonder how many of the wusses selfish bastards would take the minus figure if that was the case?

Rant over and yes I am probably a bit of a saddo for watching in the first place. grin

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Whisky2014 Fri 31-May-19 17:42:10

Yep I agree.

Abouttoblow Fri 31-May-19 17:42:38

Totally agree!

Rafflesway Fri 31-May-19 17:44:11

Well glad it's not just me whisky. 👍

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Kernobhead Fri 31-May-19 17:47:33

The extra step the team get in the final chase for getting the extra person back can make the difference though.

I think if there are 3 already back, and the minus number is a max (min?) of 2k, then that’s ‘only’ £500 less each, and a much greater chance of winning, with the extra step.

But, if they were completely useless and the minus figure is a big (small?) figure like 5k, then you’re right.

ZigZaggyZoo Fri 31-May-19 17:49:36

Nope. If they answer questions in the final, fair enough. I'd rather have 1/4 of something than win nothing.

planesinthesky Fri 31-May-19 21:48:29

It depends. Sometimes the minus offer is good gameplay. Like if you have £20k in the pot and the last player gets to choose between -£2K for the lower or £2K for the middle, then it would be a poor decision to go for the middle offer. You should either go high or low in that kind of scenario. And the minus offer person is often what tips the balance and secures a team win.

But then I saw an episode recently where two guys had got through with £9K combined, and then the last girl chose (and won) -£6K shock. I thought that was really bad, but the two guys didn’t seem bothered.

Rafflesway Sat 01-Jun-19 00:36:28

No sorry. I still think it is a really shitty thing to do.

If they aren't bright enough like the dimwit today then don't go on the flaming programme!

I could never live down the shame of taking a minus offer.

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EugenesAxe Sat 01-Jun-19 00:42:27

Also hate this - saw recently with a girl who took the low option obviously because she wanted to cash in on her colleague’s not insignificant brains. They didn’t win... if I saw anyone taking negative I’d be even more incensed!

planesinthesky Sat 01-Jun-19 02:03:39

Yeah but it’s not a shitty move if your teammates are actively encouraging you to take the minus offer, is it?

If you have a lot of money in the prize fund and there’s little difference between the minus and the middle offer then it would be bad gameplay to go for the middle (as the Chasers frequently point out).

BitOfFun Sat 01-Jun-19 02:47:10

Don't watch this contestant then, Rafflesway, it will really give you the rage grin

Birdie6 Sat 01-Jun-19 03:02:44

BitOfFun that gave me the best laugh of the day !

LawnsLT Sat 01-Jun-19 03:07:46

I thought you was going to say the questions on the celebrity version is so much easier grin
I’m hoping for the day everyone takes a minus - imagine winning a quiz and owing it money!

RiversDisguise Sat 01-Jun-19 03:16:10


BitOfFun Sat 01-Jun-19 04:05:29

LawnsLT grin

RebootYourEngine Sat 01-Jun-19 04:13:59

I agree.

Flavabobble Sun 02-Jun-19 04:35:04

I only watch it now and again, so I’ve only seen someone take a minus figure once (£4000). I was incensed!!
Not sure I’d have able to handle it if they’d won the final round.

SlipperOrchid Mon 03-Jun-19 12:41:03

I often think that having only one or two co contestants in the final (preferably one strong player) is better gameplay. When there are three or four, they waste too much time waiting to see if someone else knows the answer before someone finally buzzes just to say pass so they can ice on. I think the chaser always has the advantage simply by going solo!

anitagreen Mon 03-Jun-19 15:09:26

Has anybody seen that famous episode of the guy who was outraged that his team mate accepted the minus offer and won, and turned his back in the next set of questions and wouldn't help his team mates answer any questions? Loved that episode what a knob grin

Gth1234 Tue 11-Jun-19 12:02:05

Yep. Go big or go home. It's never memorable when they win £3000 each.

And if you're lucky get Shawn - because at times he's a total dope. Easily the worst chaser.

Gth1234 Tue 11-Jun-19 12:02:56


wasn't that a very early episode?

anitagreen Tue 11-Jun-19 12:18:09

@Gth1234 i think it may of been I remember seeing it about 3 years ago now it might be on YouTube?

HollowTalk Tue 11-Jun-19 12:31:50

@anitagreen, I'd love to see that! Can you find it on YouTube?

HollowTalk Tue 11-Jun-19 12:32:18

Ooh just seen the helpful links when you press @!

HollowTalk Tue 11-Jun-19 12:32:51

Yes, Shawn's the guy you want up there - he's worse than I am!

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