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Netflix - Dead to Me

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KurriKawari Thu 16-May-19 19:14:46

Has anyone else watched this? I loved it!
Don't want to spoil it for those who haven't, but if you have please share your thoughts with me smile need to Google when/if series is coming.

AnyFucker Fri 17-May-19 10:39:20

Just watched the 1st episode and guessed the real situation with Judy straight away (no spoilers here)

Still enjoying it though, will continue with it

winklegirl Fri 17-May-19 21:29:04

Finished it last night. Loved it! Feeling bereft now, what can I watch next? Any recommendations?

ThatCurlyGirl Fri 17-May-19 21:53:58

@winklegirl Have you done Santa Clarita diet? It is fantastic I've been ill recently and already watched all three series three times OOPS!

Has the same dark humour, light moments and lots of fucking swearing. Right up my fucking street!

winklegirl Fri 17-May-19 21:58:01

@ThatCurlyGirl No, I've seen the ads, but not watched it yet - thanks! Will give it a try :-)

ThatCurlyGirl Fri 17-May-19 22:02:50

Be prepared to have a crush on both Sheila and Joel. My god I love them. And their daughter. And her friend.

Fuck it I'll integrate it into my project starting GOT from the start while I'm recovering from my accident.

3 x GOT per day, 1 x SC DIET, 1 x FRASIER

This is the first time I'm not working at a million miles an hour or in hospital not moving at all so until I'm allowed out and about I'm gonna make the most of it with some fucking good TV watching!

Oh and maybe learning another language.

Though it may end up being Dothraki, Serbian or Klingon depending on which series gets under my skin best smile

dudsville Fri 17-May-19 22:07:57

I'm on ep 5 or 6. Really enjoying it!

littlemisscynical Fri 17-May-19 22:13:50

I've been binge watching this most of today. Really enjoying it

WifeOfCheater Sun 19-May-19 04:05:18

I've just watched episode 3 and loving this. Christina Applegate is superb isn't she

Sunnysidegold Sun 19-May-19 07:00:03

Yes to finding it refreshing being about women in their 40s played by women who look like they're in their 40s.

Second series should be interesting now.

CruellaFeinberg Tue 28-May-19 20:59:03

eurf, not that keen on SCD, prefer this.. I think

just watching ep 4 with Bambi..... its growing on me

TracyBeakerSoYeah Fri 31-May-19 23:35:26

I binged watched the first 4 episodes of DTM yesterday. It's brilliant & the casting is great!

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