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Jane the virgin

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twinsrunmylife Wed 08-May-19 19:20:17

Hey, I am loving Jane the virgin at the moment and just wondered if anyone knows what time they are uploaded to Netflix?

Also it anyone has any thoughts on what's going to happen this season? Will she pick rafael or Michael and who do you want her to pick?

olderthanyouthink Wed 08-May-19 19:26:54

Don't know when they are uploaded but Netflix tricked me into thinking there was a new episode earliersad

DD 5 months loves it, it's quite bright and maybe she likes the Spanish better than Dora anyway

twinsrunmylife Wed 08-May-19 20:01:05

That's adorable!! My one year old DS sits and watches it with me, the only thing he'll actually sit through. I keep telling DH we'll have a little boy who is fluent in Spanish in no time 😂

I'm so hooked I want Netflix to upload them all. I've heard this is the last season though.

Sux2buthen Thu 09-May-19 08:23:24

Yes I believe they've filmed the finale. Love the show but weirdly dislike Jane. And the way her family never say you know what, you have a family, grow up! Lol

LemonBreeland Thu 09-May-19 08:26:50

I love this show. I started watching it with my DS a few months ago and we have now caught up and having to wait for a new episode each week. DS is team Michael, but I'm team Rafael.

@Sux2buthen I know what you mean about disliking Jane. The longer the show has gone on the more annoying she is. Just make a decision and stick with it.

I absolutely love Rogelio, he is my favourite character. I will miss it when this season ends.

MrsFionaCharming Thu 09-May-19 13:22:14

I’m so sad that this is the last season! I’m team Michael all the way.

IStillMissBlockbuster Thu 09-May-19 13:33:42

I'm first and foremost a Rogelio fan. But if I have to choose I'll be team Raf because he's hot and an underdog.

lauryloo Thu 09-May-19 17:27:43

has anyone watched the latest episode?

don't want to post spoilers....

bakebakebake Thu 09-May-19 17:44:09

I love Raf, always did!

I have watched the episode from today 😊

ArieltheMermaid1720 Thu 09-May-19 18:02:19

I think they put the episodes up at 8am. I too am not a massive Jane fan, she's just a bit smug and she lets Mateo away with some dreadful behaviour. Rogelio and Petra are my absolute faves. I have always been team Michael, but I think she'll end up with Raf. Haven't seen the episode from today yet, its my Thursday night treat .

twinsrunmylife Thu 09-May-19 19:58:50

I'm team Raf so I hope she ends up with him!! I agree though, Jane can be so annoying sometimes. Sometimes I feel like she shouldn't end up with either of them though. I think my overall favourite character is Petra.

KTD27 Thu 09-May-19 20:01:06

I binged watched the whole thing on Mat leave last summer. Loved it.
I’m team Raf. I think he’s endgame.
Hate having to wait for episodes every week!

twinsrunmylife Thu 09-May-19 20:11:01

I've watched the latest episode and I'm very ready to discuss it once everyone has!!

WitchyBollox Thu 09-May-19 21:55:15

I love Rogelio and Petra, they're fab. I am frustrated with Jane now, I really liked her but I agree with pp, her family enable her shitty behaviour. I hope she comes to her senses and picks Raf. I genuinely thinks she wants to be with him but is torn by how much she loved Michael in the past.

I am way too invested lol.

I think they are uploaded early on a Thursday morning.

WitchyBollox Thu 09-May-19 21:56:57

I am watching it right now.

EnglishGirlApproximately Thu 09-May-19 22:00:13

I haven’t watched it yet but if you don’t follow Justin Baldoni on instagram you’re missing out - I’m
Slightly obsessed with him blush

ArieltheMermaid1720 Fri 10-May-19 12:51:19

I've watched it now 😊.

nrpmum Fri 10-May-19 13:02:03

Binge watching with my husband ATM. I'm team Raf.

twinsrunmylife Fri 10-May-19 16:18:54

The new episode made me even more team Raf, I'm so glad he didn't just accept her back

lauryloo Fri 10-May-19 17:56:42

I'm team Michael

I'm heartbroken 😭

KTD27 Fri 10-May-19 18:54:24

I’m a bit sad that they’ve brought Michael back for this. I was literally bereft when he died it was such a shock and quite amazingly acted. But he’s back and it’s sort of... flat? I know the sin rostro thing has to play out but yeah. All a bit underwhelming for some reason for me. If she is team Michael now after they’ve all changed so much I’ll be disappointed.
God look at me talking about them like they’re real grin

jay55 Fri 10-May-19 19:36:50

Raf deserves so much better than Jane.
The Michael as a country bumpkin thing has been so annoying this season, I know they need telenovela drama but it works best when that comes from Petra and Rogelio.

IKnowYouAndYouCannotSing Fri 10-May-19 19:40:35

I love JtV. Watched s1-3 in one go on Netflix when I had pneumonia a couple of years ago and have watched as they’ve been on Netflix since. Am currently watching the new ones and rewatching from s1. I always have and always will be Team Rafael, but my very favourite character is Petra.

twinsrunmylife Fri 10-May-19 19:50:02

I totally agree with the return of Michael feeling pretty flat. And I really liked old Michael (was always team raf though) but I'm really not feeling this country Michael

Aimily Fri 10-May-19 19:53:59

I've actually gone off the whole show this season... I'm only keeping at it because it's the last season.
I really don't like Jane, she annoys the hell out of me.
Mateo is a horrible child, she let's him get away with too much.
The Michael storyline has been stupid.
I'm really hoping Raf stands his ground on the no, however Jane gets married at the end of the season as per the official Instagram posts and I think it's to Raf.
The Petra/JR storyline has been good although they seem to be pushing the exhusband and mum storylines under the radar.
The story between Jorge and Abuela has been heartbreaking at times same with Xo and Rogelio.

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